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  1. Trees as future decorations?
  2. The Ability To Move the Tree of Life and the Breeding Garden.
  3. The Black Magic Habitat is way to expensive!
  4. Mining Fossils?
  5. Feedback
  6. Fantasy Forest Suggestions
  7. Price of Dark Cove habitat?? Really? This totally stopped being fun.
  8. Visited Option For Neighbor's Forest
  9. New Levels for Battlegrounds
  10. Increase storage allowance for explosives & runes
  11. Make Level 15 Recoloring Optional
  12. I'd like to see Monster Story content brought into Fantasy Forest Story
  13. updates needed: expansions and battles!
  14. [Suggestion] Regarding food
  15. Storage
  16. Suggestions
  17. Music Play at game startup?
  18. Decorations
  19. Ability to open "news" while visiting neighbors
  20. Runes
  21. The Wall is still not released...
  22. Would like multiple nests
  23. On/Off Switch for Battleground Push Notifications
  24. Full Album Award Decoration Please?
  25. New battle tournament rigged?!?!?!?!?
  26. Weekly New Animals
  27. Storage
  28. Polls, please?
  29. Suggestions & Polls
  30. Feedback on loooooooong breeding times
  31. There are too many sticky posts in there discussion thread.
  32. Active Users at Top of Neighbor List
  33. How about taking the good things from dragon story not just the bad
  34. Collecting from sparkling habitats
  35. Creature Habitats
  36. More battling please
  37. More nests?
  38. android option to play?
  39. An idea for farms
  40. Build time on Event Prize Habitat
  41. Always have "mine again" as an option
  42. Epic artwork
  43. 1st Ice Shelf Vacant Space
  44. Please don't cheapen what we work hard for
  45. New Animal Suggestions
  46. Being able to send more friends gems
  47. Evolving animals.
  48. Let us put seasonal animals in storage
  49. Revealing information on game dynamics and probabilities
  50. Wii there be a new animal today ?
  51. Please don't mislead us on animals that are limited again.
  52. 3 Strong Hits Should **** An Opponent (Tourneys & Battlegrounds)
  53. Needed MOVE/REORGANISE feature
  54. Retry option when breeding?
  55. Decrease breeding time for first few hybrids.
  56. Multi-battle mini bosses
  57. Automatic Mining feature.
  58. Permababies?
  59. New decorations please!
  60. Ability to Buy Realm Runes with Coins
  61. We need a longer newsfeed!!!
  62. Album Persistance
  63. Christmas Trees?
  64. Feedback: cost increase to speed up fruit.
  65. Android Version?
  66. tab showing scrollable list of your animals.
  67. Listing rarity everywhere
  68. Tl, stop messing with the odds!!
  69. Please un-blue the rest of the warm epic forms
  70. Feedback on Support
  71. Consider second breeding ground and tree of life.
  72. Can we suggest animails to you?
  73. Holiday Hamlet/Christmas Habitat
  74. Additional Evolution flower
  75. Matripony value pack
  76. FF long term retention of customers strategy
  77. Please make Flash Tournaments 48 hours instead of 36 hours
  78. Additional food type
  79. Tournament goals
  80. Half price for third animal in a trio
  81. TL / S8 please read: Good FFS 1st birthday anniversary suggestions! :P
  82. Losing a gift when someone is full is cruel
  83. Possible Spin the Wheel for Fantasy Forest Story?
  84. Allow us to store limited habitats purchased from Market
  85. Will they never learn from their mistakes?
  86. Suggestions for goals
  87. Egg Storage
  88. Capacity of holding runes
  89. Improvements in the album feature
  90. Collect All/Harvest All/Plant All Feature?
  91. 2 suggestions (trade feature and store animals, PLEASE!)
  92. suggestion for tournament prize or event prize
  93. Fighting Balance
  94. Storing Animals and Habitats
  95. Suggestions for new creatures
  96. What FFS Needs
  97. What country(ies)?
  98. Need other ways to earn runes
  99. Fantasy Forest and other games for PC!
  100. Farm Story Ad
  101. Watching ads for gems
  102. More config options for game notifications
  103. Please upgrade the storage feature!
  104. Deleted!
  105. Few feuters
  106. Fantasy Forest: Suggestion Thread
  107. Free space with future expansion or downloads
  108. Lower Rune Price for Expansion
  109. Future expansions ideas........
  110. What animals would you most like to see back
  111. Feedback, or: Why I am Uninstalling FFS
  112. A way to get retaired animals and a suggestion for the farms
  113. Lost Gems
  114. Zoom Out More
  115. Hibernation cave/temple
  116. Remove 15 bomb storage limitation, please
  117. Coins, coins and yet more coins!
  118. Fantasy Story Album Count
  119. Not enough premium electric habitats
  120. Which Halloween animals do you want to see?
  121. Festice Forest #2
  122. Improvments needed
  123. need wall so can communicate with nbrs
  124. Spin To Win
  125. Battles: Lower level animal defeating higher
  126. WAY Too Many Limited Animals at once/ too many quests to finish :(
  127. Collect All Coins Button
  128. Breeding gem animals
  129. Confirmation Button When Spending Gems
  130. Selling Storage Items
  131. Storybook
  132. Bring Confetti Yeti back!
  133. More vibrant colours
  134. Sell Living Wood Habitat
  135. Storage area for hatched animals
  136. Get a crystal unicorn with 200 gems
  137. Increase habitats limit
  138. Leaderboard Events
  139. Hit strength for Android
  140. Feedback for Storm8
  141. Increase limit on Fairy, Royal and Winter habitats
  142. Adventurnip nuisance
  143. Animal designs
  144. Zodiac habitats on sale
  145. Basic Habitat Expansion to Four Creatures Should Be Cheaper
  146. Remove Pretty Present and Stocking Stuffer
  147. World Event Woes and Wishes
  148. Land expansion
  149. Choosing animal to battle
  150. Storage Area or Trading Post
  151. Increase animals per habitat
  152. Bigger forest scale
  153. Creature Album Improvement Idea
  154. New events
  155. Features with talking to neighbors etc.
  156. Drowning in pink!
  157. Tournaments/RNG
  158. Chinese players can't log in to the game
  159. The end of this game?
  160. No updates or challenges?
  161. What's Happening w/Fantasy Forest Game
  162. Please bring back to life Fantasy Story! @storm8 2022
  163. Anyone work on this app
  164. Credit where credit is due