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  1. Restaurant Story 2 : Current Bugs and Issues
  2. LOLOLOL!!! Bug
  3. I lost my seafood market!!!
  4. 2 issues:
  5. Tuna sandwich
  6. Help! One of my commercial ranges is gone
  7. All of my building upgrades are gone!
  8. Help? Unexpected changes in my restaurant
  9. Veggie Market needs Level 45?
  10. Glitches
  11. Pantry upgrade
  12. Garden isn't working
  13. Soup Du Jour! Quest
  14. Antipasto Platter
  15. Quick Serves
  16. Hamburger Quest
  17. Problem with posting on walls
  18. Restaurant Food Disappears When Closed
  19. Helping hand
  20. Helping hands and gifting...restaurant story2
  21. I can not buy potatoes at the vegetable market
  22. Invisible Soup!
  23. Where is Lilly the Gardener? And how do I get some ginger?
  24. Photo weirdness
  25. Vegetables disappear
  26. Why is the 'Make Desserts' in my trophy case not increasing?
  27. missing things
  28. Learning Recipes Glitch
  29. Multiple Problems...
  30. Cucumbers taking over street market
  31. Moving Items
  32. Tool box full but....
  33. iPhone > iPad
  34. Countdown for expansion not showing
  35. Construction items
  36. [Restaurant Story 2] Cannot enter the building "Street Market"
  37. How so I use th? herbs and garlic that Keep filling up my pantry?
  38. Mushrooms timer off
  39. food in counters are not consumed overnight
  40. Street market not working
  41. Street market problem
  42. Spices lady drops only basil
  43. Water Cart
  44. Constant refreshing
  45. Street market products
  46. Warning: Do not unlock cucumbers/mayo
  47. Recipe didn't register Sad
  48. Gem checker not working
  49. Wasting my food!
  50. Lily checks the toolbox not the pantry
  51. Purchased Gens, did not add to game
  52. Completed goals pop up everyday!
  53. Lilly does NOT EVER drop seeds!!! Can't complete goals
  54. Tasks not on Level?
  55. Game reloads at same place. Crashes after 2 minutes.
  56. Can't access the envelope icon
  57. Food not stacking
  58. Bug
  59. Paid to expand Marketplace slot - Crashed - Took gems but didn't add slot
  60. Help! I can't sell my decor!
  61. Fran's Family Recipe
  62. Message board bug
  63. Glitched and item gone
  64. Game won't recognize my gems
  65. About the New V. recipes.
  66. Salad station - grinding spices and won't reset
  67. No plank bug
  68. Locked by goal yet the goal is completed
  69. Just spent 30 gems by mistake!
  70. Marketplace ingredients
  71. Posted 1-25 re Lilly not dropping seeds...STILL NO SEEDS
  72. Why does Sid visit WAY more than Lilly ever does? Sid, y all the nails??
  73. Missing Seeds!!!!
  74. Crash and burn
  75. Customers not being served
  76. Cant buy the SValentine oven
  77. Expansion
  78. Redicious Mission
  79. Valentine Goals - The Big Day - waiting... waiting... waiting....
  80. Valinetines Oven Glitch
  81. Waitress Problems Help
  82. Last Lunar New Year goal
  83. iPhhone > facebook ?
  84. Coin Collection
  85. Please edit drop down box! Spelling/grammar!
  86. Game jumped back, lost resources
  87. Toolbox
  88. Frozen :(
  89. No money earned while not in game
  90. Cannot buy steaks
  91. xp to lvl 50?
  92. Need to log out of account
  93. Money gone!
  94. Full (but not really full) toolbox.
  95. Y R some of my guests being served 2x?
  96. New appliances not showing up.
  97. Someone please tell me I'm not crazy
  98. Game down?
  99. Mastering bug in new update
  100. Unable to download latest version of game
  101. Pizza oven n sauces pls help
  102. iPad 3: Trouble logging into game from home screen
  103. Bought Pkg for V Day Cards but cards disappeared
  104. My waiters are trapped behind my counters!
  105. I can not open the game
  106. Goal called Fran's recipe does not update
  107. not counting gifted hands anymore since update
  108. Can't update or download the app, so I've lost my game!
  109. Can't buy gems, it is loading and then away
  110. Green Spice in Butcher Shop
  111. New St Pattys Day Goals
  112. The game constantly loses connection and resets itself
  113. Accept gifts from friends and neighbors
  114. My restaurant is not selling food
  115. frozen grind button in spice station!!
  116. Mastery spice
  117. Empty counters become occupied
  118. Pantry/Toolbox maximum!
  119. 1 Row of Tables and Chairs being IGNORED AT TIMES
  120. Spice Rack goal - now unattainable?
  121. We Weren't Able to Refresh the Supplier Right Now
  122. Help. Made Green Spice then Disappeared
  123. Servers serving empty tables and areas beyond
  124. Fruit Shop Early Unlock
  125. Koi Pond Glitch
  126. Game crashes when I add spice to Fajita
  127. No Pizza Dough Icon
  128. Very annoyed with stars not showing
  129. Glitch with repairing seafood shop
  130. Coins earned on certain dishes is changing....just me?
  131. Can't grind spices
  132. No Seeds
  133. No floor...
  134. No Sales Unless Playing
  135. Potato pesto pie not unlocked
  136. Master Spice Issue
  137. What is going on with all these refreshes?
  138. Customers not leaving
  139. Can't Purchase 2nd Door!!
  140. Some glitches happen at times
  141. Bluescreen of death occurs when you visit too many players
  142. A New appliance-level 25- not updating when I cook stuffed peppers
  143. Colours of fabrics underneath dishes
  144. App update 1.7 - Sync issues
  145. Sync issues
  146. Invisible garden
  147. mixer isn't working
  148. Pantry max
  149. Facebook not connecting
  150. Restaurant keeps disappearing
  151. About transfing data from another older account
  152. Food does not clear even after 10 hours
  153. Cannot remove neighbors
  154. ~ Missing Vanilla? ~
  155. Game freezing and locking up when clicking hula area
  156. Lucky Cat statue missing ears.
  157. Food all sold suddenly
  158. Waitresses Always Ending Up Behind Counters
  159. Finished the cruise ship but can't get Luana?
  160. food that makes no money
  161. Spice station isn't working
  162. Game stealing my ingredients!!
  163. Restaurant story 2 crasherps upon open
  164. No Expansion Maps
  165. Quick Serve Bug Pertaining to Quick Serve Gifts - Tropical Cruise Catering Game
  166. Luana does not show up after initial unlock
  167. Facebook
  168. XP bug (?)
  169. My ingredients disapeared
  170. Storage bug
  171. RESTAURANT STORY 2 helppppppppp!!!!!!
  172. Luana not dropping many coins
  173. I'm sick of losing my ingredients!
  174. In-app purchase failed for Starter Pack 2
  175. Can't collect helping hands
  176. Castle Story and no rewards
  178. Tragic Tale of Unrequited Love and Loss
  179. QUICK Serve Gifts and Luana Quick Serves Not Being Applied to Total
  180. Stupid Refreshing!
  181. New rock n roll event?
  182. Constant crashes + dishes keep disappearing
  183. Bugged Counter!
  184. Bought gem pack-no gems added to total?!
  185. My gem purchase won't add onto my gem total.
  186. Seeds added to wrong pantry
  187. Restaurant Story Problems
  188. Lost money
  189. Did not Get Gems
  190. Pig on a spit hogging my restaurant
  191. Luna helping hands do not get added onto my total
  192. Forgot password
  193. Ship counter stuck in my restaurant cannot delete . !!
  194. Dance Event Glitch
  195. New table chair terra cotta pots
  196. Fruit Market Moved
  197. Gems not appearing! Request #1750519 please
  198. Minor bug
  199. Did not receive purchased items
  200. Confetti cake glitch
  201. Frustrating. Not making any money.
  202. Breakfast sandwich locked
  203. Game crash
  204. Not getting trophies when I finish achievements!
  205. My neighbors cannot see my tables!!
  206. Mastery Spice NOT Working!
  207. minor bug
  208. Garlic/Vanilla Glitch
  209. sold food appears again!
  210. Please help my ship will soon expire and I still have 12 days for Nefertiti
  211. Has stolen the stove I bought AND the coins used to purchase
  212. When cruise events end game is always slow...
  213. Not registering root beers for step 4 of Father's Day quest.
  214. stolen food
  215. nefertiti stops showing up after the July 4 event update
  216. The Bugs after the update
  217. Collected 25 sauces, and then went to 0???
  218. HELP!!!! Spent Gems to upgrade but upgrade missing!!!
  219. Parts disappearing
  220. Can't Serve Water
  221. Not getting the gems after mastering foods
  222. Restaurant Story 2 don't work on android
  223. Where more than half of my gems has gone???????
  224. Servings taken away from me
  225. Cannot connect to Facebook using todo list,
  226. BBQ Grill gone from recipe book
  227. Still no seeds! Its getting ridiculous :-(
  228. Restaurant Story 2 Workers serving food to no one.
  229. Where is my food going?
  230. Alejandro Cruise Event
  231. customers not leaving tips after being served water
  232. On the cruise event...
  233. Why didn't I get Alejandro?
  234. Switched to android.. Games messed up!? Help!
  235. Appliance and coins used to purchase have disappeared.
  236. Second chef/wedding cake/water tips
  237. Cruise event bug
  238. Help! My commercial stoves are 'being built' months after actually being built!!
  239. Restaurant story 2 chicken quesadilla locked
  240. Vanilla
  241. Suggestion: Add an "Are you sure?" prompt for spending gems
  242. Cid not leaving parts b/c pantry incorrectly says "full"
  243. Turn OFF Allow Quick Invite
  244. STILL no queen!!
  245. Bingo
  246. New Japanese event
  247. No upgrade of street market after spending parts
  248. Bought deli counter and now it's gone!
  249. Jilted
  250. My Street Market Has Vanished!