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  1. Quest "Flip Flop Shape" bugged
  2. Slots goal disappeared
  3. Mastery spice seems useless
  4. Chopping Tomato every Time I Start
  5. Salad bar
  6. No credit for completed items.
  7. No internet connection
  8. nooooooooo this is not right!!!!!
  9. Cruise event not accepting food already cooked
  10. Level 49 - 9million xp to move on?
  11. Delightful Decor Challenge - buy any decoration
  12. Where are my Gems
  13. Samsung Galaxy Core - "Your device is not compatible"?
  14. Alaskan Cruise Event
  15. Logging in on a new device
  16. No people in restaurant
  17. Gems keep disappearing; counters are empty then instantly full again when game lags!
  18. Event started -nothing to cook
  19. Timer on eggs and carrots have changed
  20. BBQ Grill Not In Cookbook
  21. I am confused
  22. Crazy notifications
  23. No gems reward for pistachio pyramid cake.
  24. Missing Raven Symbol
  25. "Apple pie of my eye"
  26. Can't Sell Modern Planter
  27. Shorted on value pack.
  28. Food on counters not being served to customers
  29. Value Pack
  30. Filled of Dreams
  31. Same dish taking up two counters
  32. Game Force Closes
  33. Blue Star XP keeps going back to Zero
  34. Can't see restaurants properly - everything in shadow
  35. Game wont play
  36. How do l serve water for "Rich in flavour" & "Big City Slice
  37. Game Center sign in
  38. My dishes are still on the Counters
  39. iOS vs android
  40. "When life gives you lemons..." Apple ?
  41. People problems
  42. Game is soooo slow...
  43. Bug
  44. Purchased gems but didn't receive them.
  45. Free Gift?
  46. Food reappearing
  47. Spooky Style Tile incorrect on Android
  48. Tools, hammers, etc
  49. Can't complete quest and pop-up won't go away!
  50. Knights Pail-Robo-Tricks-Jurassix Sweet goals
  51. Yellow floor tiles?!?
  52. How to stop the ship from stealing my food?!
  53. Bug lost Tart tonic plaque !!
  54. No supplies
  55. Lost catering helper!
  56. Game really slow and laggy
  57. Lose my gems
  58. Food not selling when app closed
  59. Shovel disappeared from toolbox
  60. Ghostly stove disappeared just after midnight
  61. Ghostly Stove for Android Users - Recipes or No Recipes?
  62. Ghost chef shows only occasionally
  63. Quick serve, not working for expansion
  64. Drinks machine
  65. Food cooking then all stoves empty after going back into the restaurant
  66. Mixer vanished
  67. The Tummy Rumble glitch
  68. Street market- weird view
  69. Food cooked and then disappears
  70. Waiters not serving food
  71. Restaurant Story 2- FOOD and CREDITS
  72. Restaurant Story 2
  73. Solved Bug for buying ingredients from market
  74. Solved Can't buy an aging barrel
  75. Can't update butcher
  76. Impossible download
  77. Wedding Cake
  78. Turkey does nothing
  79. thanksgiving cruise ship
  80. missing starter pack,demand refund!
  81. Spent 190 gems to finish the cruise event but disappeared after 2 hrs
  82. Turkey Cruise reset?
  83. Ingredients I bought and recipe made disappeared
  84. Bakery Story runs slow/Questions about transfering Account
  85. Restaurant story won't open
  86. rs2 difference on samsung and iphone
  87. Snack War
  88. Seven Leia Dip plaque is bugged?
  89. unable to load pictures of certain items
  90. To-Do List Quests for other Storm8 games don't ever go away.
  91. Help
  92. Help..!!!
  93. Can't get on games!
  94. Android Unstable, Please Fix
  95. Connecting to facebook
  96. Red cooking wine
  97. Bacon Wrapped Filet
  98. Snowball cookies doesn't show up on the oven when cooking
  99. missing commercial oven ticket not answered!!
  100. No Quick Serves
  101. Game keeps stealing my onions!!
  102. Why would the matrede be sending people away?
  103. Quest for Hungry Babies Mania level 16 problem
  104. Holiday update issues
  105. bug new oven.
  106. locked by expansion??
  107. Deli counter is gone and so is my money
  108. My Drink Maker Disappeared!!!
  109. more holiday update issues
  110. Bought commercial oven and then it disappeared!
  111. Campfire fish
  112. Food is gone!!
  113. Gems Disappeared
  114. Safari cruise ship challenge
  115. Facebook
  116. Materials
  117. Missing gems and another slot has been purchased for cruise
  118. Five Star Finale quest bug
  119. Dish Doesn't Exist Glitch
  120. I cannot made the event dish I made before
  121. Puppy bowl bites not registering
  122. Invisible Guests?
  123. Dishes went poof
  124. Can't open value pack
  125. Nothing happening when game is in background
  126. I cannot find my facebook friends in the game
  127. All food on counters GONE!
  128. New Pumpkin showing as Black Square
  129. No response yet
  130. Can't receive quick serve gifts anymore
  131. Look the Part quest is incompletable
  132. No countdown on Valentine's items
  133. Easter Cruise Problem
  134. What's with diverting me to another game ?
  135. Unable to earn money when away
  136. T0-D0 LIST '"A bigger pantry"
  137. Easter cruise. Where is the bunny?
  138. Game not in Appstore
  139. Did anyone's floor change
  140. gems missing
  141. King Cake Disappeared
  142. Speeding up the Street Market bug?
  143. Japanese Quest
  144. Stock dissapearance
  145. When will there be an update to fix the game???
  146. Customers don't want to sit down on some of my tables.
  147. My whole counter of pink lemonade went poof!
  148. Santa's List disappeared
  149. Diner oven beignets recipe not showing
  150. Deleted neighbours keep coming back on neighbour list.
  151. Can't buy gems!
  152. Facebook log in not showing up
  153. Mexican spice
  154. Wasn't logged in with my storm id
  155. Constant refreshes
  156. Invisible Treehugger Taco Plaque
  157. Name restaurant
  158. Bug Spooky tile dont has the same look as before
  159. Cant Log In To Old Account
  160. Graphics gone awry - duplicating and images not showing
  161. Cheshire Cat
  162. Cheshire Cat bug - charged gems after prize won
  163. Mad Hatter Cruise Event
  164. Pancakes with Pierre
  165. My little builder friend is on holiday.
  166. Free gift video not loading
  167. Why give us goals that we can't complete for another level?
  168. Call me crazy ...
  169. Game transfer iOS to Android
  170. European Butter from Lani not showing cooked after it was done.
  171. Missing Wine Ingredients and Appliances
  172. Too much in the pantry
  173. [HELP] I spend 150 gems by mistake
  174. Not counting
  175. wheres the rainbow castle?
  176. Torches dropped by Olympian are not received in pantry.
  177. Community Resturant List is GONE?
  178. Chopping Tomatoes
  179. In game purchases missing.
  180. Game very slow to load
  181. Quick serve
  182. Tools disappeared
  183. Whoops!!
  184. Not seeing final Halloween goal
  185. ANNOUNCEMENT - Contact Storm8 Support via Form
  186. Extra farmstands showing up randomly
  187. Impossible A Special Menu for Lani Quest
  188. Gems Disappeared! Erasing this game from my ipad...
  189. Dishes are not selling
  190. Stuck: Tools Pantry full but not enough items to upgrade anything to use some.
  191. Australia Cruise complete but Crocodile Jack no show
  192. It's stinky to have to earn the mini pumpkin pie recipe again!
  193. Solved Timmy the turkey issues
  194. 500 gems...poof
  195. Completed wizard wonderland event but did not received Henry Potter
  196. New Phone, Wrong Game!
  197. Video rewards disappear during cruises?
  198. Missing host table! Food doesn't sell!
  199. Solved Reggie the Referee is missing
  200. Spicy Chicken Wings not giving gems?
  201. Samsung Tab S
  202. Heads up Storm8/game error?check your login
  203. Unvisible content of game - loading forever
  204. Frank's Valentines unusable in Valentine Oven
  205. I'm new here and I need some help
  206. Lost two vanilla to game glitch
  207. When will another cruise get underway?
  208. Cannot download game
  209. Quick serves disappearing
  210. Toolbox vol
  211. Solved Breanna the Bride is invisible
  212. Download for gems
  213. Solved Sally the Showgirl and orders to cook disappeared
  214. Solved Missing buffet plate in jubilee oven
  215. Game acting choppy
  216. Game reloading?
  217. Game will not let me expand markets
  218. Game skips, lost progress
  219. Cruise started without me? Lost days???
  220. i am in level 60 now. but i need 100 million blue stars!!!!! to get to level 61.
  221. Back to Outback Cruise - Goals ended early
  222. Back to Outback Cruise sailed away
  223. Stephen the Zoologist
  224. Staying in Paris Cruise - ended early
  225. No people showing up in my resturant.
  226. Pierre bringing the wrong item!
  227. Feels like I'm in Cairo Cruise - Helpers
  228. Feels like I'm in Cairo Cruise - Missing new recipes
  229. Snowy oven and goats stove
  230. Feels Like I'm In Cairo
  231. Cannot Remove Neighbor With Changed Restraunt Name
  232. Accidental purchase
  233. Can't cook on my oven
  234. Edgar the Guard lost after completing the cruise
  235. Game gets slower the more levels? Have you experienced this??
  236. Unable to expand restaurant
  237. Jubilee oven - missing recipe
  238. Cannot upgrade the Butcher
  239. The Tale of the Mad Doctor Cruise - No Essence
  240. cruise auto purchased
  241. Known Issues with iPhone X
  242. Food doesn?t sell unless the app is open
  243. Adding street market slots
  244. Solved Candied fruit bits - graphics issue
  245. Lani's Goals expired?
  246. Yancy only showed twice and now haven?t seen him in DAYS!!
  247. All my gems are gone!!!!
  248. Anyone else having problems with Elfie showing up
  249. New Year, New Me cruise - didn't receive Starlight prize
  250. Greeter issue