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  1. Stars earned on a case doesn't work within another case!
  2. To hard to get stars!
  3. Frisk floral shop
  4. any chance for Android system?
  5. Energy Refill Times
  6. Interface gets in the way
  7. Reread
  8. Purchase stars with Gems.
  9. Ideas for new cases
  10. Can I replay a conversation from a finished case?
  11. Help with boosts. Please! :))
  12. Feedback for Upcoming Cases or Scenes
  13. Provide link to the forum in the FAQ.
  14. I personally play this game because of Lindsay
  15. Crime Scene Valentine edition vs. regular edition - can I delete one? Why have 2 aps?
  16. Level 11?
  17. Lindsay and Miranda
  18. Don't we get rewarded anymore in Hidden Mystery Crime Scene?
  19. Was case #16 the last one?