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  1. Bakery Connoisseur (Giving Constructive Feedback)
  2. Bakery Story, Gifts reset time
  3. Mighty oven in bakery story
  4. Uninvited/delete friends that don't accept your neighbor request
  5. Truffle Chair
  6. Login option
  7. easy drink mixer
  8. Old parts that can no longer be used
  9. In Bakery Story--choosing what foods go on the right counters
  10. Invite Neighbor List
  11. Gifts need to be alphabetized
  12. Badges
  13. Gifting
  14. Block Feature
  15. UNDO Button Please!
  16. Access to same game from 2 devices at same time?
  17. Real recipes
  18. Bakery story- ovens from last season
  19. Transfer food from one counter to another without losing it
  20. Reset Time Period for Gifting
  21. Bakery Suggestion Thread
  22. Easy drink makers
  23. Gems!
  24. Please make right side of wall brighter!
  25. Amppliance - gif box
  26. Limited Edition List
  27. Customizable baker avatars?
  28. Venting: Tired of so many goals
  29. PLZ change order of gifts to newest FIRST!!!
  30. Transfer gems to new game & password without storm8 game....
  31. Adding Items/Cost
  32. оплата за кристаллы
  33. Profiles and menus
  34. Allow us to move food!
  35. Tea Time Oven
  36. Vintage Hollywood theme pleeeease
  37. Adding
  38. Please new counters
  39. Expired goals
  40. gem sales???
  41. Deleting neighbours?
  42. Storm ID problems
  43. Bakery Story Billboards
  44. Unable to finish the boardwalk goals in time
  45. Is the "must have ios 4.3" thing gonna happen to BS too?
  46. game inconsistencies
  47. Gift Request!
  48. Goals!
  49. equalize the gifts!
  50. Bring Back Old Appliances PLEASE You can even sell it all-built for gems!
  51. Tracking who you tipped and gifted in last 24 hrs
  52. Inactive Player indicator
  53. Sofas/love seats
  54. Ios7
  55. Bakery story reset game!!
  56. Material Request Purgatory
  57. The Content Removal Debacle of 2013
  58. 2013 BLACK Friday Wish List ---TL this is different then the suggestion thread
  59. Bakery for Windows Phones
  60. TeamLava, please consider.....
  61. Have a retro day where you sell discontinued items.
  62. Wall Papers & Floor Tiles
  63. 2011 and 2012 Halloween items
  64. Please Give us more Halloween Stuff Have. A Big Bakery and need more
  65. Increase expansion level
  66. Novice players need more specific information on goal locked merchandise.
  67. gift section
  68. Mardi Gras
  69. Only Wi-Fi option? Please TeamLava!
  70. Just my suggestion
  71. Next week update suggestion
  72. Menu Option And Menu screen location
  73. Please bring back pink starry wallpaper!!
  74. Gift all button
  75. When we will have some Eid staff For middle east staff
  76. Play without Internet
  77. BAKERY STORY Halloween
  78. Confirmation button please
  79. Asian furniture
  80. Gem reward for "installing other TL-games" goals
  81. Is there such thing as the oven and drink machine anymore?????
  82. Suggestion for goals
  83. Gifts for the maxed!
  84. Level cap update!
  85. Christmas Construction Parts
  86. Recipe Mastery
  87. Please bring back the red & white heart table & chair
  88. Gems
  89. Glad to see recipes back! Now......
  90. Malfunctioning app???
  91. Please add new recipes to existing machines
  92. close your shop
  93. Black Friday!
  94. Players above level 80
  95. Winter decor ideas
  96. Organizing My Gifts
  97. Please create a block feature
  98. Bakery story - deleting neighbors
  99. Bring back the Starry Pink Wallpaper!!!
  100. So Disappointed in Christmas Item Designs!!!!
  101. Matching Madatory Quest Purchases Please!
  102. "Collect all tips"
  103. select all button
  104. News Feed
  105. Login feature for Android
  106. Free Gems on level 99
  107. 99 LVL Reward
  108. Free Gems!
  109. Counter options
  110. Star rating
  111. Why did you have to remove the healthy sweets machine and the dehydrator??
  112. Please add a "Seasonal section" for each of the seasonal items
  113. Please add an unlock goal appliances and dishes (like cranberry cider) w. gems
  114. menu suggestion
  115. Emoji Display on Android
  116. Lotus Fountain
  117. Very disappointed in Christmas decors and new dull colors
  118. Clear All
  119. Gift Limit
  120. Mystery Boxes
  121. Who is the next great Baker - Bakery Story Style! - Friendly Competition!
  122. Problem!!! use gems unintentional buying unwanted items
  123. Petition for new recipes on existing appliances!
  124. new theme ideas
  125. Pretty tiles that doesn't cost gems
  126. Second door
  127. How to remove unwanted person from posting
  128. Gem sale along with mystery box sale!
  129. Lotus Fountain
  130. Two People at One Table?
  131. Candy hatchery stove
  132. Request suggestion
  133. Moving Items
  134. Why give us savoy foods for a bakery? Meats etc. Belong in a restaurant not bakery
  135. Marking neighbors as "tipped"...
  136. Team Lave - You can make players smile if.....
  137. How do you update bakery story?
  138. Food and Parts Under Separate Tabs/Serve All and Clear All Options/Brown Avatars
  139. Why is bakery story turning into a resturant!!!
  140. Hoping for An Easter Goal
  141. 'Grassy' tile for coins...
  142. Modifying Neighbor List
  143. who plays this
  144. How about some Passover items and recipes??
  145. Wouldn't It Be Cute If...
  146. Rearranging gift order (i.e. Dragon Scale)
  147. easter
  148. Please bring back Starry Pink wallpaper & floor tiles!!
  149. Clear All and Save/Cancel in Edit Mode
  150. Seriously??!!!!
  151. For ALL Team Lava games....
  152. Various colored/themed registers and Easy Mixer
  153. My Super Great Suggestion!!
  154. Food storage
  155. tiles too time consuming to place
  156. My new iOS device.
  157. Neighbor Deletion
  158. A confirmation button when spending gems
  159. Spring Goal Extension
  160. Block button needs to be moved.
  161. Personal Bakery Billboard
  162. Bakery Wall!!!!
  163. Bakery Story For Windows Phone?
  164. Bakery Patio
  165. How do I use conctruction items in gift box?
  166. Playing with money
  167. Storage
  168. blocking offenseive community and neighbors
  169. delete options for gifts
  170. Tipping and Gifting
  171. Tea Time Display - Android
  172. Lost my cashier
  173. Stars
  174. Coloured Cash Registers
  175. Bakery Story 2?
  176. Buying gems when on sale
  177. Tons of suggestions please read !
  178. Bakery Story missed goals and rewards
  179. Move table,chairs,counters,etc.
  180. Neighbor Detection And Gifting
  181. Expanding w neighbors
  182. help!!!!!
  183. Game suggestion
  184. Formulaic Goals and Counter Consolidation---Some Suggestions
  185. Ridiculous price inflation means I am earning slower than Restaurant Story!
  186. Gift sorting suggestion: food before materials
  187. Goals and rewards
  188. New dividers and fences
  189. Could we get some new recipes for the Cocoa Maker?
  190. It's expensive to run a bakery!
  191. Stop making design-specific goals
  192. Sell expired goal items for gems
  193. Please help terrible mistake
  194. unable to access current goal
  195. Show what's in the boxes!
  196. Suggestion: Gold for Gems!
  198. Suggestion: Tables for more than one
  199. Make items bigger. For instance.....
  200. Suggestion - Allow New Bakers Chance to Meet Old Goals
  201. Rose ovens
  202. Storage
  203. Australian goal
  204. Overflowing With Gifts
  205. The market
  206. Bakery Menu Board to indicate request
  207. Why selling 1st prize item from box??
  208. A way to change forum username?
  209. Gems price
  210. Accessing Stored Holiday Items
  211. More Avatars... Please?
  212. fluffalanche cupcakes
  213. Recognise Earlier Purchases
  214. Food and stoves only for goals
  215. having more stoves
  216. Some Old ovens i would like back!
  217. Suggestion for NEW GOAL..!
  218. Option for selling ALL items previously purchased
  219. Gifts
  220. Please Make Matching Tables & Chairs Similar in Currency Type!
  221. We need Christmas Decorations!
  222. Suggestions
  223. Locking A Comment
  224. why only brown tills?
  225. Goals?
  226. Discount for expansions from 12x15 onwards
  227. Message for TL - if we all vote, we will get it! Please have a look!
  228. Wth?
  229. It's Hanukkah Time!
  230. Suggestions To Improve Gamer Experience
  231. More colors, please
  232. Mystery Box Suggestion
  233. Logistics of goals
  234. More customers please
  235. Sound reminder please!!
  236. Release Bakers's Square?
  237. Sugesti?n for future ovens
  239. Double Tap or Confirm prompt for Cooking/Access to old quests
  240. lost
  241. Bakery Story
  242. Rose pillars
  243. Too many versions
  244. Cap Exp. at Lv. 100 or Higher
  245. 'Move to another counter' option
  246. New ovens or appliances
  247. Goals ...please have counters unlock earlier
  248. Decorating Bakery
  249. Food
  250. top of wall message