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  1. Leave Dragon Story feedback here!
  2. Times for breeding/evolve/hatch changing
  3. Other gifts
  4. Habitat Coin Price Hike, Less Food For Same Price And Even More Gold!?
  5. Dragon Story Poll Re: Price Changes & Game Changes
  6. The new portal decor.
  7. New Gold Confirmation
  8. Feeding in Valentine
  9. unable to shrink/minimize farm
  10. Dragon Story Ideas and Suggestions!
  11. Second Evolution Temple Option
  12. Feedback: The most frustrating thing!!
  13. Android User TL why arent you playing fair?
  14. is there a big diamond habitat?
  15. Android Version Capabilities
  16. Suggestion for unwanted hatched eggs
  17. fun but too time consuming
  18. Unreasonable Costs
  19. Select all button
  20. Dragon story safety button!
  21. A few ideas I think would make the game even better!
  22. why only chinese???
  23. Diamond Mine
  24. New island running out of space
  25. Add features....
  26. Waiting
  27. Dragon story...taking long time getting to neighbors
  28. New stuff for dragon story. Anything new you want on YOUR dragon isle? Post here
  29. Dragon Story Suggestion Thread
  30. not fair!
  31. A Wonderful Idea for Dragon Story
  32. Need to cut down on the purchase's of habitats
  33. I cannot buy anymore habitats!!!!
  34. Quests.....
  35. Dragon races
  36. Possible "holding pen" for eggs????
  37. Necessary Name Change
  38. Decrease prices for clearing trees
  39. Diamond Temple is only temporary
  40. Boosted Breed Now 12 Gold?
  41. Latest update
  42. Dragon -New Poll 6-24-2013
  43. Can we have a maple leaf dragon?
  44. A suggestion?
  45. Restart
  46. slow slow slow!!! dragon story
  47. Help... new iphone... no Dragon story
  48. Goblin
  49. Ability to move dragons without having to look through dragons.
  50. In need of help for the colosseum.
  51. second breeding den please
  52. My Opinion
  53. The Old Times
  54. Dragon opinion
  55. New Update
  56. New Dragon Idea?
  57. More islands
  58. Crazy Gold Costs...
  59. Diamond dragon
  60. Select all box/ option, and more farms!
  61. How about answering a real question TL?
  62. Why are larger farms less efficient?
  63. Thank you tl
  64. Different possibilites in Dragon story with my Sony Smartphone as with an Iphone ?
  65. Where are the remaining 2 stone and 2 dino
  66. smart phone/android question
  67. One than 1 gold giving dragon?!
  68. Dragon poll and suggestion 7/23/13
  69. Not enough space to place a habitat!!!
  70. Food
  71. Increase number of dragons in each habitat
  72. Idea for Anniversary Dragon
  73. Kindle/Android Users
  74. Gold Habitat Exclusion
  75. Breeding times on common dragons
  76. Gemstone Habitat
  77. Can we have a break?
  78. I want to know!
  79. New Ideas!
  80. When can we expect to hear news of witch, boo, pump?
  81. Just an idea
  82. Does buying gold ruin your chances of breeding rare/super rare dragons?
  83. Jungle Type
  84. Gold type dragons breedable
  85. problems to send gold
  86. Trade Dragons
  87. Independence Dragon
  88. Healing Spring
  89. Android users
  90. Suggestions: Poll of Most Wanted Features
  91. Arctic Isles Suggestions
  92. regarding android users being screwed over
  93. Feeding Dragons
  94. Please add another prize for regular tournament
  95. Zoom on Kindle
  96. A few random suggestions
  97. Halloween suggestion!!!!
  98. craft
  99. Battle Arena Suggestion & Rainbow dragon
  100. pop-up notifications for Arctic Isles
  101. Are you kidding (brother can you spare half a million coins?)
  102. Big mistakes!
  103. Confirmation/Notice Before Deducting Gold
  104. just a wishful thinking
  105. Arctic isles -----plant food
  106. Shorten the breeding times on commons.
  107. Move the use gold button
  108. Stop
  109. a fair chance
  110. thank you.
  111. Virtue and Night Coin Boost Temples!
  112. Trade a Leo - why not?
  113. Expanding
  114. POLL = New Element Sets!
  115. New Mythic Dragons!
  116. Great, if you're just after a quick fix. Otherwise? Yeah, forget about it
  117. Zoom out function for IOS?
  118. Diamond/Topaz = Island.. Can island dragon plz be REMOVED 😡😡😡😡
  119. Please add iPhone features to Android
  120. Rainbow banner?
  121. "Check all" feature
  122. Android ONLY Feature Request
  123. what would everyone think
  124. Update suggestion
  125. Dragon Story Feedback
  126. Expanding that one last area..
  127. Halloween
  128. land tiles?
  129. Don't abandon android!
  130. Blocking feature..
  131. Why no iPod music?
  132. New larger habits???
  133. Penalizing players without diamonds
  134. Gifts
  135. Healing den
  136. Bring on the Halloween dragons!!!
  137. Dragon Story Poll and Suggestion Thread 10-8-2013
  138. Is it possible to separate dragons per OS?
  139. Unattainable Dragon Goal
  140. halloween dragons
  141. Halloween, cute Witchy, a plethora of useless dragon & Team Lava as the wicked Witch
  142. Farms - the way they used to be, or even better!
  143. Things that could make even better Dragon Story!
  144. Boo Dragon Poll
  145. Suggestions
  146. Tournament that's fun for more
  147. Different prices sales dragons.
  148. Past-Time Goals Prices
  149. Dream Dragon's PETITION!
  150. Inbox?
  151. Suggestion: Inventory?
  152. Travel button is super annoying!
  153. "Display your Dragon" Structure.
  154. Want another gemstone dragon
  155. Android vs apple users and more suggestions ....
  156. Island View Interface
  157. Limited Dragons' Suggestions
  158. timers for android
  159. Dragon Update TEASERS! (Petition)
  160. Create an auction, TL
  161. Frankenstein Dragon
  162. Dragon Kindergarten
  163. NEW Diamond Dragon?
  164. New reasons for more habitats
  165. Leviathan Pearl, Morningstar, Spirit Scythe, Leaves
  166. New Suggestion for Dragon Story
  167. A Suggestion: Shut Android Version down.
  168. Spinning Wheel
  169. No sales !?!?
  170. Need an additional island!
  171. Some Thoughts and Maybe A Good Idea Or Two?!
  172. Tournament: Opt Out
  173. Shorten waiting times
  174. Android features?
  175. WELL and BAD designed Dragons!
  176. just saying
  177. Suggestion: Battle Arena Difficulty
  178. Christmas update!
  179. Snowman? Why can't i breed it????
  180. Habitat Limit
  181. New dragons are "super rare"
  182. iOS vs. Android Market share - a suggestion.
  183. RC
  184. How can I tell what is evolving?
  185. TeamLava Feedback & Android vs iOS Poll: Do any other Android users feel the same?
  186. Need more Room for my Dragons!
  187. transfer account
  188. Suggestion: Exchange Place
  189. Suggetion: opt out tournament button.
  190. New Building - Gold Bank
  191. The underground islands
  192. A dragon sale
  193. transfer from Android to iOS
  194. Buy Dragons with Coin
  195. Triple Type Dragons!!
  196. Real trade.
  197. Put Up or Shut Up
  198. The original food cost
  199. Expansion
  200. Ios better than Android
  201. Decorative Trees
  202. My compliments to the designers
  203. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL FOR .99 cents
  204. Tiny Dragons everywhere!!!!
  205. Win-win if habitats purchased with gold are made exempt from habitat limits
  206. Feedback: teddy/white rose collection
  207. Conglomerate Dragon
  208. Exculsive Coin Dragon.
  209. Dragons in Artic Islands
  210. Leveling Up
  211. Against the 21 hours tournaments.
  212. Neighbors
  213. We should have a luck wheel everyday!
  214. Gold Sale
  215. going from Apple to Galaxy-game play.
  216. NEED MORE FARMS!! Fruit produced per cost & time is making being a high lvl pointless
  217. :D Zodiac Zone I Love <3 you
  218. Will the dragons in the Spell Shop ever change?
  219. Force us to use the correct version of the game please
  220. more affordable dragons in dragon story
  221. Lightning Dragon Wing Bug!!
  222. Collecting gold from Treasure Terrace
  223. Arctic isles
  224. Sell The Eggs BEFORE THEY HATCH!
  225. Suggestion: Help Forum
  226. Add metal to Clockwork dragon
  227. Romantic Rocks and Four Leaf Forest BOOST TEMPLE
  228. Gifting
  229. Alliances and Houses
  230. Opt out of tournament button
  231. Very nice and Good Teamlava
  232. A few suggestions from a long time player
  233. Upgrades on Pink and Black habitats and a boost coin temple in the future
  234. Clicking on a neighbors habitat to find out what dragons are currently residing on it
  235. 😢Please start caring about your customers. Bring iOS features to Android
  236. display duration for evolution
  237. Tradeing
  238. Confirmation screen
  239. Want more habitats
  240. Every higher level fruit worse than the last
  241. DS back button
  242. Will the Palatial Plateau go on sale? Ever?
  243. Super rare weekend
  244. Idea for left-over stuff (Arrowheads, Templar Helms, Platinum Ingots, etc)
  245. Suggestion of next Valentines day...and mystic map requests
  246. Using coins to make purchases.
  247. Split Versions for Android and iOS
  248. Better navigation of dragon lists
  249. "select all" neiighbours
  250. Increase output value from Dragon Adventures