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  1. Thank u TL
  2. block button pretty plz
  3. Oh Darn
  4. Heads-up for goals!
  5. Goal molten lava cake which oven?
  6. Neighbour limit
  7. Goal parts and items requests
  8. dont get my earned coins!
  9. Coin is an increase will go down.
  10. Help! Lost gems!
  11. Placing machines for goals
  12. Bakery Story - Unable To Use Gifts
  13. Love the goals, I suggest more "items" as the reward even if small ones
  14. Bakery Story recipe books broken
  15. Ideas for having to much food
  16. Save me from myself!!!
  17. Restaraunt story problem again
  18. Goals, can be annoying
  19. Valentine's Day version But no Red??????!
  20. Vanilla scoop... How?
  21. Missing gems?!?!?!?!?!
  22. My BS camera doesn't work.. :(
  23. Did not receive credit in Goals
  24. Problems with Goals - I'm on level 12
  25. This is the reason why I REFUSE to actually BUY GEMS!
  26. ugly product
  27. being able to click design in other bakery AND MOVE THING
  28. App closing when visiting via News Feed
  29. Hey!!! Strawberry Scoop went from 8 hrs to 16 hrs!!!! WTH??
  30. Goals, HATE THEM
  31. Unlocking Molten Lava Cake
  32. Help with goal (Urgent!)
  33. Getting really annoyed
  34. Will not open
  35. Lost Limited Item
  36. Appliance will not make food anymore
  37. Use this thread to report how often (and how many) coins are lost
  38. Gem purchase discount deals
  39. Managing food on counters
  40. Goals went back a step ?!
  41. Material listing for machines
  42. Losing gems and money
  43. Pop-ups are seriously annoying
  44. Something to send all neighbors a gift @ once..
  45. Lost Gems! Lost Appliance!
  46. I so enjoy the goals and Thanks
  47. Tipping level
  48. Why can't we have matching furniture or walls, etc, etc?
  49. Truffle maker
  50. Game Crashed
  51. Food ideas
  52. Earning less coins in Bakery :(
  53. Stove Bug !
  54. Old/past Limited Tim Items!!
  55. Holiday Boxes!
  56. Bring back molten lava cake
  57. coco maker
  58. why do i have no goals on android?
  59. There has got to be a way to sell tiles.
  60. Completed truffle quest but no new recipe?
  61. May I please make a suggestion?
  62. No lava cakes, dark truffles, or love muffins!!!
  63. My cashier is missing???
  64. No Goals on IPad?
  65. Soo, the Collectibles are "random"?
  66. losting money
  67. Game suggestions 😊
  68. ice cream maker not working
  69. newby help request
  70. Inability to bake
  71. All overnight earnings not registering!
  72. Goal completion
  73. money made not registering!!!
  74. Please stop the popups/notifications when opening Bakery!
  75. Gifts not displaying on My Gifts
  76. Edit button for invite (feedback)
  77. Sync Bug ?! Please help !!!
  78. Frozen
  79. Phantom Food
  80. Too Many Customers At Once!
  81. Unable to login
  82. having to tap stars / coins to earn exp
  83. Drop in customer After reboot game
  84. Force close when try to tip
  85. Kindle Fire in-app purchases problem...
  86. Gem Prices plus money need to be lowered
  87. Food selling too slowly
  88. Missing overnight coins.
  89. Feedback: NOZZLES
  90. Explanation for random gem prices on the new expansions please!
  91. Chocolate Dipped Pineapple
  92. Gems/coins
  93. quest
  94. Oversized White Hot Cocoa Dishes
  96. To team lava: Lost all my overnight coins
  97. Someone else is playing my games!!!!
  98. Crossed wires when receiving gifts or requests...
  99. How do I get gems back
  100. I did not receive the dragon baker but my friends recieved
  101. Feedback and requests:
  102. android users disadvantage !! no updates nor goals!!
  103. iPad bakery story no goals
  104. any way to DEexpand?
  105. There is a bug or glitch w/ this game!!!!!!!!
  106. Fix the game from shutting off constantly!!
  107. Molten lava cakes
  108. Random crashes and trouble serving food
  109. Transferring gifts
  110. Unable to purchase gems
  111. Transferring bakery to iPad
  112. Request not received
  113. How to sell items quicker?
  114. it is not all complains and no compliments
  115. Why no new recipes for so long??
  116. Valentine version
  117. A reset button...
  118. Aidditional Items
  119. Have uoi lost gems due to "sticky" design menu bug? Me too.
  120. Impossible to play - Crashes
  121. Lost missions
  122. Not seeing gear in gifts
  123. No goals
  124. March 2012 Bugs
  125. My coins deducted in Rocket speed 20000 coins in less than 10 seconds.
  126. LOST ALL GOAL PROGRESS, no NEW goals just current goals RESET to ZERO PROGRESS
  127. Please add a warning when I am about
  128. No goal icons. Using iOS and Valentine Edition
  129. Recipes disappeared -candy canes and chocolate covered strawberries
  130. Shamrock
  131. Fewer customers D: !!!
  132. Emerald oven
  133. Is this the place for suggestions?
  134. I got no coins 
  135. Make sending out gifts easier
  136. Expansions now 40 gems
  137. goals list disappear!!!
  138. St. Patty's day items! THANK YOU!
  139. Why do i keep crashing out of the game
  140. Coin bug
  141. Pop up boxes
  142. high level
  143. Gems disapearing ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  144. Pop Up Gift Requests
  145. way more food
  146. Bakery
  147. Materials Requests for Food
  148. Deleted neighbor still showing up on my newsfeed "gift back" list
  149. AGAIN Sync problems
  150. suggestion : be able to sell floor tiles
  151. Deleting Neighbour Requests
  152. Matching Free Items
  153. Visible strawberry over Creme Donut
  154. Gems dissapeared from my 10 year old daughter
  155. Completing goals
  156. A suggestion for wall/news section
  157. Kindle Fire Gift issues
  158. Out of sync, icon glitch
  159. Will there be any Easter chest?
  160. Force closing information and holiday items...
  161. Mystery box
  162. Request & Ideas
  163. Goal Deadlines
  164. Gifts Parts Not Showing Up
  165. Bakery Story: Current Bugs and Issues (Thread 1)
  166. Fairy Tale Box Gem Rip Off!!!
  167. Push Notifications never work
  168. Ideas for our beloved Bakery Story: Marketplace and Avatar creation?
  169. My goal box has gone missing :((((
  170. Kindle Fire earning gems?
  171. loosing money
  172. Cake and Tea Box bug!!!
  173. Missing Goals
  174. Expansion prices
  175. Levels 97-99 Now Appearing Repeatedly
  176. Lost tables :(
  177. Just thought of this!!!
  178. Material Requests
  179. Can't buy gems!!!!~
  180. No Up Date Again
  181. Select All Button, PLEASE!
  182. New Updates Please
  183. new updates-April 1, 2012
  184. My gems all disappeared!!
  185. Fairy Kitchen question
  186. losing chef points
  187. Have mastered white truffles but goal won't unlock
  188. My Honey and Jam has partly disappeared
  189. Gifts are all gone and new ones won't show up!
  190. All neighbors selected when gifting
  191. Bakery : Keep Playing Bakery Valentine for Now UPDATED 4-26
  192. Gem Sale..
  193. Inappropriate word(s) error!!!
  194. easter gifts
  195. coin bug on kindle fire
  196. Oven limitation
  197. Can we have a visit button on invites please!
  198. Bakery Story Item Suggestion Feedback
  199. goals for android
  200. i dont get notifications anymore
  201. Where are the easter items?
  202. Kindle Fire reset and account is gone?
  203. easter items wont Appear on my android!!!
  204. Have not received latest update
  205. Cannot get into my BS because of the Slots game pop-up
  206. Bakery Avatar Proposal
  207. Slots Game Ad wont close
  208. An "are you sure?" for instantly cooking a dish.
  209. Have not recieved my easter oven:(
  210. Why did u change the profit?
  211. Game closes me out sometimes when trying to visit a new/old nbr after they tip me
  212. I am losing coins, FIX IT!
  213. positive f?edback
  214. Again with the update
  215. I need help
  216. Too much food
  217. Please add a select all button for gifting!!
  218. food vanished
  219. 3bears oven too hot crash
  220. I bought the gems but it did not worked for my account.
  221. slots game ad
  222. I have not recieved the Weekly update
  223. Posting messages
  224. Neighbours bakery turns green when trying to tip
  225. Bonus's taken away
  226. Bakery Story always gets stuck every 4 seconds on my Iphone 3G!
  227. Updates needs to be changed
  228. Losing XP, Items, and Gems
  229. Bouncing stars and coins
  230. Design Bar Not Registering My Touch
  231. Accepted gift was not added in my gift inventory
  232. Spent LOTS of money on Gems - Bakery Story crashes every open
  233. Unaccepted friend request should be removed under "invite friends"
  234. bakery story doesn't work anymore after putting game on sd card
  235. Goals
  236. Can I downgrade the version of BAKERY STORY? it always crashes
  237. Unacceptable messages when posting
  238. my bakery is broken- customers wont enter!
  239. Game crashing when visiting people!!
  240. Bakery Story won't open!!
  241. Where are the goals?
  242. consumption of items even when doors are closed.
  243. Bring back rose column!
  244. Is anyone else having this problem?...
  245. Can't bake sheepish cupcakes!
  246. Where is the fruit chocolate dip oven?
  247. New Bakery Story version still has coin bug!
  248. Customers can't come in?
  249. HELP! I can't get past the Bakery Story Logo page since today's update!
  250. Bakery- Green Background