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  1. is the moneycounter working precise?
  2. Game missing from my phone!
  3. Bakery Story App Keeps Crashing on iPhone 4
  4. Gifts that are gifted to you...to sell them or give em away?
  5. Bakery Story Issues :(
  6. Do they fix the Problem? And how do they fix it?
  7. Still tl!!?? (walls)
  8. incomplete menu
  9. my friends request took 2 days to reach me.
  10. Nbr suggestion
  11. Exchanging box items between neighbors
  12. Problem with the missions on the left
  13. Your Bakery is out of Sync .. WAHHHHHH
  14. Question about the collectibles !
  15. It keeps fore closing
  16. Money missing
  17. Can't buy gems
  18. missing gems
  19. Re: Ipod Problems
  20. Bakery Story - Force Close
  21. Come clean, Team Lava!
  22. gift problem
  23. Gems
  24. No Black Friday Update at my bakery
  25. Angelfood cake - Chef combines, servings go missing + tips missing as well
  26. Many days and no money increments
  27. I keep getting ejected from the game!
  28. Cant' login to bakery story
  29. How do I delete neighbors?
  30. Where's my wreath?!
  31. Android Droid X user cannot make certain items on Bakery and Rest.
  32. why no red stars?
  33. Item Appeared In Bakery Out Of Nowhere
  34. No more expansion
  35. i really want my bakery back
  36. Help! food doesn't stay on shelf.
  37. My cook disappear!
  38. Did not receive gem after purchase
  39. Not Enough Coin Items. Boring!!!
  40. Bakery Story
  41. Organizational Suggestions/Wants
  42. Was not adding coins, now not EARNING them!
  43. Lost news and wall features
  44. Being punished?
  45. force close
  46. Issues!!
  47. Purchase cancelled
  48. Lost diamonds?
  49. Problem with Christmas Version
  50. TL forcing out players???
  51. Candy cane maker
  52. The picture of marzipan is not showing
  53. I lost my name with the update!!!!
  54. PLEASE PLEASE TL get rid of having to tap on stars,coins
  55. Bakery story update problems
  56. HELP! Bakery Story lagging on HTC REZOUND
  57. A regular glitch(slightly annoying)
  58. Unable to read message or view gifted parts
  59. More Parisian Theme Items
  60. CandyCaneOven - Once Built Do Not Store
  61. CandyCane Oven-Once Built Do Not Store
  62. Collecting tips in iPad 2
  63. Gems are gone
  64. We have marzipan pictures!
  65. Christmas Bakery Story
  66. Not receiving food ready notifications
  67. Lost coins
  68. Where are my coins????
  69. Paid to Expand. Lost money and no changes!!!
  70. Candy Cane Oven
  71. Level 96?????
  72. goals gone
  73. trouble putting my storm id in messages/gift requests
  74. Important !!!! Curious Task ?
  75. Oven icon doesn't clear
  76. Sugar?
  77. The Bakery Story forced close.
  78. Tips not showing up - HELP
  79. Can not send sugar request?
  80. Money disappears and food goes back to original amount
  81. Crashing Issues
  82. Goals
  83. It's okay team lava, we don't mind not getting new content
  84. cannot find Christmas items
  85. Gems are not downloaded!!
  86. What's the point of giving users a recipe they can't even unlock?
  87. Can't use Candy Cane machine
  88. Neighbor List
  89. Goals appeared and then disappeared
  90. No goals
  91. So many bugs fo goal
  92. Wasted gems!!!!!
  93. Candy Cane Oven issues and appliance limit question...
  94. Gift all
  95. Bakery story candy cane maker
  96. ENOUGH with the in-game advertisements already!!
  97. New gifts missing?
  98. No Goals in Bakery Story!
  99. Goals have to be done a second time?
  100. Bakery story christmas ver.
  101. Cant select Nything to cook
  102. Which Update
  103. Gems Missing
  104. Notifications stopped working [again]
  105. Goals Not Working Properly
  106. Having issues with not receiving materials accepted - anyone else?
  107. what's the point of goals if gifting doesn't work? none us can cook the recipes
  108. No goals and black grass
  109. Another issue regarding the goals
  110. How to transfer a device ?
  111. Suggestion: to allow players to make more money
  112. Bouncing Stars & Coins
  113. after buying gems not working
  114. Can't delete friends
  115. Help my doors gone
  116. Apparently I have 51 invisible nbrs lol
  117. Bakery Story: Christmas, challenges not visible.
  118. question about goals.
  119. requesting for materials?
  120. Candy cane oven
  121. whats up with the coins i earn?
  122. question to bakery story players! (android players)
  123. Goals
  124. Android Users, WAIT 2 Update
  125. Goal completed, item not recd
  126. Not enjoying the Xmas verson.
  127. Can' see parts accepted in my gifts
  128. big error
  129. emoticons and Bakery story
  130. When you download this game,
  131. Bakery Suggestions.....
  132. Gingerbread Wall Blackened & Choc Cherry Trifle invisible
  133. Not able to start a new game?
  134. Unavailable Gifts
  135. Got a new phone!
  136. Pop ups
  137. Quickly getting tired of the goals...
  138. Continued connection issues for Android - add you issues here. Is any help available
  139. Transfer ID from android phone to iPad2
  140. I would like my 10 gems back please.
  141. New Neighbors for Every Game?
  142. Not able to select gifts sometimes
  143. Ima B Sick now...55 gems gone!
  144. Disappearing neighbors?
  145. Candy Cane Cake...
  146. :mad: requesting items
  147. All names checked off (requesting)
  148. After 'oh oh, bakery is out of sinc....' al my products were gone.
  149. How am I supposed to complete Icecream Expert goal?!?!
  150. Missing goals
  151. My goal reversed itself to the previous one.
  152. What can i do???
  153. Loosing nbrs from list
  154. Level 96- Tip All
  155. nearly ready: TIME TABLES
  156. Money is disapearing in Bakery Story
  157. Please add a gem use confirmation button...
  158. Suggestion for new Features...
  159. Why make the Teddy bear only for 1 year?
  160. Notifications not working again
  161. Spent 10 gems by mistake!!
  162. Refund or update please.
  163. Candy canes, marzipans and quest? Please?
  164. Glitch?
  165. Lost all my $$
  166. Add me
  167. Suggestion & Question
  168. What about Australia Day?
  169. No dish 'level' at the bottom of the desserts
  170. Tips Counter rolling backwards
  171. Add cashier
  172. OMG!! I cannot received gift.
  173. Stuck ovens
  174. Instead of having the number of happy customers (100)
  175. Receipe Groupings
  176. Gingerbread Plan GOAL
  177. Unable to get food gifts....
  178. i can't wallpaper yellow
  179. Still having problems!
  180. Why there is no goals on my iPhone?
  181. The food I placed on my counter disappeared and I didn't sell it all
  182. Medals/Collectibles bug (Android)
  183. Game transfer
  184. Can't purchase gems
  185. bakery story issues
  186. Missing money!!!
  187. Buy gems with coins
  188. Missing Gems in BS
  189. Disappearing stoves and ovens
  190. Expanding
  191. Portion sizes and crashes
  192. New prices for baked items
  193. Anyone Else Seeing the Cooking Times Changing?
  194. Expired goals took gems from me and it didn't give me the reward back.
  195. Expired goals took my gems, it's not fair!
  196. Bakery story xmad n new year goals expired
  197. Sugar Coater gone and tool parts disappeared
  198. Level up until 96? Progress bar doesn't works.
  199. Transfer to New Phone
  200. Level system
  201. Goal system can't review and making loss
  202. Broadcast Function
  203. :mad: TRUFLE maker And CHOCOLATE FRUIT DIP dont work!
  204. Goal: March of the Penguin not removed and shows 20 days left?!
  205. Chocolate Fruit Dip Gone
  206. Fix the money-losing issue already
  207. No gem for level 4 mastery?!
  208. Where are the new machines?
  209. No people
  210. Anyone remember the heart table from last V Day? Mine is gone!
  211. Requests not working
  212. I lost my game! just disapeared!! Bakery story!!
  213. Device discrimination
  214. Bakery valentines goals???
  215. Quests Have Disappeared :(
  216. Access to another players account.
  217. Bakery tasks and goals
  218. A Message To The Staff
  219. Bakery new truffle oven
  220. Suggestion: longer tips visit history
  221. Suggestion: message all neighbors at same time
  222. Lost Gems, slowly hate the game even more, TL has it programmed for us to lose gems
  223. a new ideal.
  224. xp for items
  225. TL PLEASE Include Coin Option To Buy Heart Decorations!!!!
  226. Bakery Story
  227. Too Many Appliances with Too Little Recipes
  228. BS Valentine Version
  229. No Goals in Bakery Story
  230. Missing Gems from Christmas Goal Bug
  231. No notifications for build-able appliances
  232. Material Requests
  233. Now that's just messed up.
  234. Keep Christmas and regular bakery?
  235. lost gems
  236. Gift limit bug? 10-gift max?
  237. Droid v iOS...
  238. Candy cane maker
  239. The designs of people in bakery...
  240. Red velvet cookies not syncing in goals!
  241. A Straight 'Stache goal
  242. Tea time display
  243. Glitch in Bakery Story tutorial for new players.
  244. Red Velvet Cookies Cause My Game to Force Close
  245. Bakery story did not download
  246. Lost Gems due to strange Bug
  247. Candy cane maker/Yule logs
  248. I'm so sick of having to make so many foods/drinks I've mastered for the goals.
  249. Bakery Story Level 96 level up XP
  250. Bug report-All of my gems are jest gone