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  1. hey
  2. Why does my valentine cupcake look like a pie?
  3. Raise the ammount of gifts we are allowed to accept
  4. have not received any updates in a few weeks
  5. what is this week's update
  6. Are the TL servers slow?
  7. Only 1 plate gifts?
  8. want old
  9. Unable to expand - please answer
  10. Confusing quest.
  11. My holiday donuts disappeared from my cookbook
  12. Can't open magic boxes??
  13. Can't bake the blueberry buckle coffe cake
  14. Request to TL Team
  15. Food Plates
  16. mini games included!
  17. emotions on messages?
  18. Green Tea Scoop turned into Strawberry Scoop
  19. gems taken
  20. Gifts Suggestion
  21. minimal overnight earnings
  22. Bakery story
  23. Your bakery is out of sync with the server
  24. Android and iphone possiblity?
  25. tips not showing on tables
  26. How to Gift building supplies..??? in Bakery Story..??
  27. Syncing problem--> lost gems
  28. No Mastery Pop-up After 8/26 Bakery Story Weekly Update
  29. Raspberry Macaroon bug
  30. pop up adds! gggrrrr!
  31. Gifts received showing wrong quantities
  32. Can't see who has tipped me
  33. Suspended? Why?!?!?
  34. Problems and Changes
  35. I cant buy gems?
  36. can't gift!!!! plz help!!!!
  37. No level bar for all food n drinks
  38. Impossible to receive Requested materials to build "easy items"!!!
  39. Is their a way to log-in from a different phone?
  40. can't get into the game (problem with message pop ups)
  41. Stored my heart wreath; now it's GONE!
  42. Loss gems
  43. Crash on Galaxy tab
  44. Can we please get a confirm button when using gems???
  45. Argh! Over 10,000 plates GONE in seconds!
  46. Constant game reboot
  47. I do not receive the item you purchase. I did not get a table, chairs and dishes I bo
  48. Can't play my own music while on bakery story on iPhone 4?
  49. Not earning mastery gifts
  50. Weekly Updates not coming through
  51. Bakery out of sync caused loss item/gems
  52. lost gems due to sync issues
  53. Semi missing food?
  54. PROBLEM!!! (sorta)
  55. Buying crystals
  56. Latte crazy
  57. Lost gems
  58. Force Closed
  59. What about coins purchasing gems?
  60. Out of sync problems
  61. The Donut Box! PERFECT! Thank You!
  62. I would like a cute puppy!!
  63. Bakery Story Game Music
  64. Filling Parts Requests
  65. Help/FAQ page in BS is for Farm...???
  66. Lets bake some donuts!!!
  67. Posting Pics of this week update...
  68. Bug report
  69. Coins bugged
  70. Can not return part requests since last update.
  71. Gifted food is the wrong quantity
  72. My avatar
  73. Push Notifications
  74. Massive collection of problems at once: can't gift parts, not getting new recipes,ect
  75. Donut Box
  76. GEMS Purchase Not Working
  77. Purshased items not delivered due to Out of Sync problems
  78. out of sync!! gems gone, money gone! help!
  79. 10 gems missing!
  80. Missing mats?
  81. wheres the deep fryer ??
  82. Tables Dissapear
  83. Not getting updates
  84. parts recived as gifts
  85. Lost Gems
  86. Unable to request for parts
  87. More value
  88. Help! My customers will not come in!
  89. update
  90. Unable to accept material requests again?
  91. BS crashing while starting up
  92. New problem.
  93. Gems spent but I didn't buy anything
  94. Can't send/receive any gift
  95. Bakery story
  96. Sorry! The application Bakery Story has stopped unexpectedly..."
  97. Stopped gettin popup with free gift
  98. pics of picnic basket
  99. Gift Bug
  100. Help me pls
  101. expansion sale?
  102. Update causing bugs with gifting
  103. Current Bugs and Issues for Bakery Story
  104. Problem With New Recipes
  105. What the ?!?!!?
  106. Item not found
  107. CANNOT REinstall Bakery Story on Ipod
  108. Did not receive the 50 gems i purchased
  109. donut box and blueberry scone
  110. Bakery Story
  111. close bakery
  112. crashes when changing floortiles
  113. Scroll Lock on Neighbors List
  114. Bug with appliances not going into the machine
  115. Gift All....gray out visit button
  116. Inventory Tab
  117. Gifting and Tips
  118. Cash
  119. your bakery is out of sync, so all your coins are gone :(
  120. Food from appliances and food gifts missing
  121. Problem With New Update!!!!!
  122. Constructible Item Parts Help!
  123. Negative coins
  124. Lost gems when out of sync
  125. Force close
  126. Avatar Customization!!!
  127. Quest will not go away
  128. No People In Store
  129. No peanut butter cookies for me
  130. Just cooked 9 portions of Strawberry Cake, only one "serving" was actually put out
  131. My collectibles reverted
  132. constantly getting "out-of-sync" message
  133. Mastery on Android?
  134. Accepting gifts
  135. Accepting gifts
  136. Invisible drinks while cooking & on tables...
  137. Item is a constructible part, cant be served ???
  138. Can't leave editing mode
  139. slow customers/ internet pop up
  140. Collectibles Popup Bar & Collectibles Questing
  141. I can't play bakery story in my ipad
  142. Bakery story wont load
  143. Please update avatars
  144. Way to sign out of storm ID
  145. Game frequently goes offline
  146. Game Running Super Slow When Visiting Neighbors Bakeries
  147. Negative Coins?
  148. Some little issues... and one biggish one.
  149. No purchase offers in bakery
  150. Halloween Decorations & dishes
  151. Screen is green
  152. Why I can't I make Halloween items?
  153. Creme Dounts
  154. Chef Hats showing only 1! :o
  155. gems are disappearing
  156. Can't get in
  157. Not getting any quests
  158. Help please.........
  159. Food gowing slowly....
  160. Gifts locked
  161. Transfer
  162. Open Issue Emoji's in messages disappearing.
  163. The good and the bad about Bakery Story
  164. Purchased new iPod
  165. My star rating is going down
  166. Gifts can't be used...
  167. No medals tab
  168. Missing Gravestone Brownies recipe
  169. MAJOR bug in android bs.
  170. [SUGGESTION] Lift Expansion Limit
  171. Help!!! I'm at -192,000$!
  172. Halloween updates
  173. Wall decorations bugs
  174. Magic Act!
  175. no notification option?
  176. Force close
  177. Door, floor and wallpapers are lost
  178. Connection Issues / Missing Wall, Floor & Door
  179. Forclosing
  180. no connection
  181. delay in gifts sent / recieved, gifting bug.
  182. Bakery Storey lost floors, wall deco windows and gems
  183. Not receiving gem offers/updates
  184. Chef implements
  185. freezes
  186. Cannot connect to BS after iPad update?
  187. All cakes are gone after re-decorate cafe.
  188. Suggestion for send gift menu
  189. Bakery Story Update 10-21 didn't work 
  190. Expansion capabilities
  191. New Update! Mirror? I can buy a Door.
  192. Bakery Story Halloween loaded Valentine
  193. Does anyone else have the ice cream switching around constantly in the menu?
  194. New Feature Badges Earn Rewards
  195. pop ups for all the games
  196. A(nother) Suggestion For BS
  197. Oolong Green Tea - ut of order
  198. Select all feature for gifting please
  199. Bakery Story on 2 iOS devises?
  200. Collectible gems, Recipe mastery gems and Coins not accounted for in accounts
  201. update
  202. My Ice Cream Makers turned into White Ovens
  203. Lost game acct.
  204. Can Not Make Pumpkin Ice Cream
  205. mastery levels not loading
  206. Bakery Story LAGGGS as hell on my HTC Sensation XE..
  207. The little People won't come in even though I have tons of food
  208. cant buy gems :(
  209. Negative Coins
  210. Force Close, can't login?
  211. when will you have a matching chair for the Yellow and Pink table!??
  212. Bakery Story down for some users-Maintenance
  213. The amazing disappearing easy ovens
  214. force close!
  215. Ideas for a new and improved bakery story!!! Let's push for some new features!!!
  216. No mastery chef hat from candy corn.
  217. Easy oven isn't easy at all??still needs preparation??!!
  218. Pop-ups are FREAKING ANNOYING!!!!!!
  219. can't exit editing mode
  220. Mastered food
  221. :mad: no chefhats/mastery for cooking, ONLY for serving
  222. Money Doesn't Add On. Failed Server Sync?
  223. I'm new to Bakery Story/Halloween: The game is deleting my money:Examples:
  224. Money Taken Away
  225. Lost wall dcoration and floor tiles
  226. Coins not saving while not playing bakery story.... Help!!!
  227. Hey Team Lava a bit early for April Fools lol
  228. Food Rank indicator
  229. Negative coin
  230. All Games will be Down Tonight
  231. mulitiple problems for android
  232. New here & need some help.....
  233. Question,,,,,,!!
  234. Sonic Oven not working properly
  235. Halloween servings
  236. Pastry Couch
  237. All of my dishes have disappeared from counters
  238. bakery story stopped loading on my ipad
  239. Eclairs don't give mastery points
  240. New bugs, freezing, items will not load, strawberry cake wp black, and 5 gems gone!
  241. New recipe suggestions :)
  242. Took the gems but no material added.
  243. can you reset my acount to lvl0?
  244. I lost 24 gems thanks to a glitch..
  245. Invisible eclairs?
  246. switching devices
  247. What's the highest level?
  248. Making tipping our neighbours easier IDEA ...
  249. Almost at breaking point!
  250. Not getting limited offers