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  1. No notification for Android
  2. Please roll out the easy oven n ice cream machine to poor me..... Please?
  3. Where are the categories on my baking menu? Only got the ''ALL" menu...
  4. PLEASE HELP me to get the ice cream machine!!
  5. Mystery level missing for recipes of the new ice cream machine
  6. Suggestion for good neighbors
  7. Recipe Suggestion: Tiramisu
  8. New android device transfer.
  9. New Drink Appliance won't budge
  10. Neighbors requesting materials???
  11. Crashing
  12. offline and online
  13. Bad word filter
  14. No Update option , can I delete app and reinstall...
  15. bug with the easy appliances & mastery level notifications
  16. Android Users Shouldn't Be Dismissed And Left Out Of Game-Functionality Updates
  17. Bakery Story: A problem with gems
  18. gifting wrong nbrs
  19. Feedback concerning android users!!
  20. Game workings fine before, now it lags
  21. Accepted gifts not available
  22. Why can't we master the desserts on the ice cream machine?
  23. Paint, bolts, etc. What to do with them?
  24. Bakery story update
  25. Couldn't find the new food after Jul1's update, and no ice creamer status
  26. Only three recipes available?
  27. Bakery Story- Celebration Cupcake Image Not Completely Shown & No More Gem Sale Offer
  28. Bakery Story- Celebration Cupcake Image Not Completely Shown & No More Gem Sale Offer
  29. missing food
  30. Where is my money
  31. Food Placed on Counter Gone Missing
  32. Ice cream mastery and stove categories.
  33. Loosing Internet, or so the GAME thinks
  34. completed tasks not registering
  35. Quick lesson of the day
  36. Cookbook glitch
  37. Bugs with the ice cream maker and easy oven
  38. Something up with my Bakery :(
  39. Tap tap tap tap forever...
  40. my tips are gone
  41. should make a quick change :)
  42. Frozen game :(
  43. Bug, Brownie Break
  44. Can't scroll through cookbook since latest upgrade?!?
  45. New Breakfast Buffet is a little big
  46. Bring back cookbook tabs
  47. Mobster wars popup....
  48. :mad: "Oh No your bakery is out of sync"
  49. Items not loading..
  50. I don't have a lot of things on Bakery Story
  51. Suggestion : Sonic,Forever Ice Cream Maker
  52. Latest version of Bakery & Restaurant Story causing game to FREEZE UP!
  53. Missing Categories in Bakery Cookbook
  54. Placing all on one plate....
  55. messages
  56. Need android using neighbors
  57. Oven and Ice cream issues
  58. Froooooozen!
  59. cant buy gems!!!
  60. No customers
  61. Cannot buy gems
  62. Stuck At Title Screen Loading..
  63. A Couple More Suggestions
  64. Ipod music stops when food is ready
  65. ERROR! - Afternoon Tea: Buy a Drink Mixer - 0/1
  66. Gems are gone !!
  67. Recipe not in book- glitch/bug?
  68. Heart Wallpaper and Heart Carpet Floor Tiles
  69. Please add a warning sign team lava!! Please!
  70. no notifications popping up...
  71. "Tea Party" pop-up not comming up?
  72. Where is my Matcha?
  73. Coins keep looping when im about to reach 100,000 (restart at 99,000 sometimes 98,000
  74. Money Issue
  75. Candy Jar
  76. swap gifts with neighbours
  77. Mac App Store
  78. Why Isn't there more diversity for avatars
  79. Candle Heart Hangings
  80. broken hearts
  81. bug in the tips-system
  82. Gifys missing
  83. FROZEN Ice cream maker
  84. Group Foods / Tip Chart
  85. Unable to place candy carousel in bakery
  86. Force Closing!
  87. 20% off expansion
  88. Losing game $
  89. Ice cream maker
  90. When the ice cream machine will support the Android version?
  91. Deduct 10 gems for instantly for one dish
  92. Cakes disappeared ! Lot of cakes !
  93. Main icons disappear after visiting non-neighbors bakery and writing on their wall
  94. Main icons disappear after visiting non-neighbors bakery and writing on their wall
  95. An Idea for obtaining gems.
  96. Food Keeps Disappearing!!!!!!!!
  97. My account was lost while transfert to new iPhone
  98. Why they can't see???
  99. 999 bug
  100. Xp points keep changing
  101. Suggestion for Bakery Story!
  102. Yay!
  103. no herb garden for sale?
  104. too many icons
  105. disappearing xp gifts and coins
  106. reset score to 114008
  107. screen magnification
  108. bug i think
  109. Transfer my bakery thats on my android cell to itouch?
  110. Tipps that I give to neighbors disappear
  111. Bought cash register - remains unmanned!?
  112. Stars and Coins Popping Out!
  113. Pink Divider Does Not Go
  114. Can't BUY GEMS...
  115. Losing of Coins
  116. Food disappearing
  117. Easy appliances shortchange xp!
  118. Where has my character gone!?
  119. Guests
  120. Storm8 ID
  121. Brownie Break Achievement bug
  122. Still can't take pictures!!!
  123. BAKERY STORY* New Madeline Box! Not showing up in my expansion section for me to buy?
  124. Tables Disappeared!
  125. Android Push Notifications Help!
  126. Android Finally Gets Buildable Items!
  127. Missing Gems & Coins
  128. Received parts on my Android (great!) but I can't find them in my Gifts box !
  129. Can't update Bakery Story?
  130. Great Job Teamlava
  131. Items from mystery boxes disappear from inventory after you place them...
  132. Avatar gone !!
  133. new quest icon
  134. Not receiving coins
  135. Trouble Sending and Returning Gifts -- had to scroll down list of neighbors
  136. requesting materials
  137. Bakery story not working
  138. What's wrong with BS!!!!
  139. Can't open app.
  140. **Insert Panic Here**
  141. Bought gems, tried to buy item, took gems, no item.
  142. Game Restore
  143. star rating change
  144. ID problemssssss
  145. Game is stuck on gem sale
  146. goods not available
  147. Gem BANK
  148. Bakery RESET?!?!
  149. BS & RS - I HATE having gems STOLEN... all for NOTHING!!! ARGH!!
  150. uninstall and reinstall
  151. BugReport - Customers don't go into bakery
  152. Camera
  153. Update...But Not in Cookbook!
  154. Bakery Story Update Glitch
  155. Very Confused...Please help!
  156. Bakery story for iPhone
  157. Tremendous amounts of coins lost
  158. Not getting gifts even after accepting them
  159. Update bug
  160. Can't get into app
  161. A few RS items I'd love to see included in BS
  162. new constructable appliance question
  163. ATTN: GROUPMAGMA, Please Help!!
  164. Can u do this teamlava?
  165. TeamLava PLEASE, PLEASE make the News Feed LONGER!!!
  166. Material requests - inappropriate words???
  167. HELP......i dont have the ice-cream making machine in Bakery story :(
  168. Cannot send materials
  169. "New" Tasks
  170. Selling items to get gem refund
  171. Can't get into app.
  172. updates
  173. things i'd like to see in BS
  174. Edit button in bakery story?
  175. The new madelline cookies
  176. BS on Ipod Touch... keeps crashing and locking up... ???
  177. Still confused over material gifts/requests....
  178. Lost 40 gems after update!
  179. Food gifts disappearing
  180. I don't have new food to cook even i had update BS
  181. Unlock scam!!!!!
  182. out of sync bakery
  183. Upgrades for those above level 50+
  184. Please read this first before posting bug reports
  185. Blueberry Buckle?
  186. Out of sync issues making me go nuts.
  187. Please refrain from having so many popups!
  188. Bs bug
  189. Responding to Neighbor Material Requests is BROKE!!!
  190. Playing Bakery Story Online
  191. anyone else having issues with the flashing of the "to do" tasks?
  192. gem sale not showing up
  193. sale on gems not showing up
  194. Madeline tin problem! PLEASE READ
  195. Baking levels
  196. Two issues on my iTouch...
  197. need to expand again...
  198. what were mastery gifts all about in rs and bs?
  199. Does anyone else get only ONE quest at a time instead of three??
  200. Food on table selling slower
  201. Ice cream maker won't work
  202. better way to tip??
  203. white peach tea mastery doesn't give gem
  204. Help in bakery story!!!!
  205. Owed 1 gem
  206. theory about food consumption rates
  207. Bakery Story is just awesome!
  208. Tip related
  209. Items to add to Bakery Story's Ice Cream Maker
  210. Bakery Story Suggestion
  211. Update?
  212. BS on Tablet
  213. Gift with gem purchase there, then not
  214. Bakery no jobs
  215. Slow loading
  216. problem with changing floor
  217. Problem leveling up blueberry buckle?
  218. About the transfer ( on Android )
  219. Gift daily disappear after accept in Bakery story
  220. Moving counters
  221. Lost Gems and Coins
  222. Tasks not working
  223. Food selling EXTREMELY slow......
  224. Machine Parts
  225. Deleting pending neighbor requests
  226. Bouncing stars and coins
  227. all my desserts disappeared !!!
  228. BakeryStory Bug - Force Close/ Report Message - Not working anymore!
  229. Corkboard-Bakery Story
  230. Message delete option?
  231. Unlock for 50 gems?
  232. Got gipped on gems
  233. All but 3 messages were erased off my wall
  234. Not able to buy gems
  235. I want to start over! But how?
  236. just lost $134,000 bc of a FC!!!
  237. Not Receiving Gems
  238. Increasing the lvl cap
  239. TEAM LAVA Games corrupted OS per APPLE Store ...
  240. No Promotional Gift Pop-up
  241. No stars or gems for reaching 3rd level
  242. I am not able to place tile on certain areas of the floor in my Bakery.
  243. Oudated Menu
  244. Pending invitations
  245. Can't expand on bakery story
  246. Please mend. I want to see the menu.
  247. lost food items
  248. Odd gift accept message bug...
  249. Food disappearing and gifts that don't show even after accepted
  250. Food Resets Itself!!!!!!!