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  1. new player lies!
  2. Not able to reach TL servers/games not loading
  3. value pack offer
  4. I am not getting goals
  5. SweetCo cupcake trees show as available for purchase w/1 in storage, but won't place.
  6. Can't see my item since last week
  7. Lost Gems= 64
  8. Notifications Broken
  9. Notification is annoying
  10. Not receiving updates on android
  11. Can't log in to an old account?
  12. Disappearing wall decorations near corner
  13. Help! Fantom tip
  14. Missing fountain purchase
  15. Request for materials won't go through to neighbours
  16. Level 99
  17. Wall Decorations not appearing in corners
  18. Dim Sum Station not applying gems earned!!!
  19. This forum for Bugs & Issues isn't doing their job!!
  20. Not connecting with facebook
  21. HELP! Pinecone Counters
  22. Is this normal? 1,299 notifications in a week.
  23. Bakery Story Offline?
  24. Can this be fixed please.
  25. Missing gems
  26. Refund uminintentional purchase gems Due to "out of sinc"!!
  27. previously finished goals keep popping back up?
  28. Watching videos for gems
  29. not recieving gems
  30. Goal glitch with wallpaper?
  31. Less customers than before
  32. Can't place Festival Bakers
  33. PLEASE HELP! Clued Bingo
  34. Game unable to connect to internet
  35. So Sick of Mystery Boxes Stealing my Gems
  36. No goal reward given! Help!
  37. HELP! What happened to my wallpaper?
  38. Bakery Story breaks down
  39. Can't watch free gem videos anymore!
  40. 30% Gem Sale - Discount prices not correct in Orchard Fest version!
  41. App is constantly crashing on Android
  42. Glitch?
  43. fantasy forest pop up.
  44. Issue regarding goal
  45. Some issues at the reset today
  46. Bakery Story
  47. Friday download goals disappearing and no longer getting videos for gems
  48. Problem with Baker's Square
  49. Removed Updates
  50. bakery story locking out players.
  51. bakery disconnecting
  52. Bugs that aren't being fixed
  53. Baker's Square removed on device
  54. Why are my customers always unhappy?
  55. Item won't unlock
  56. November 25 update items not available!
  57. Gems not registering in account for video viewing
  58. why no full update?
  59. So I have 2 doors...
  60. No new goals just invitations to other games
  61. [Bug] [iOS: 9.1] Free Gems offer no longer displaying
  62. unable to send gifts
  63. Hungry Baby Goal
  64. Can't play bakery story on wifi
  65. 4 nights of games not loading
  66. Decorating Bug
  67. Can't open Bakery Story app.
  68. Mystery Crate Issues
  69. Tipping nbrs more than once?
  70. Listening to music while playing Bakery Story
  71. Can't watch video and get free gems.
  72. Accepted gift but not in gift list.
  73. goals
  74. Strange happenings
  75. goals
  76. No in-game credit for Solitaire goal??
  77. How do I accept rewards?!?!
  78. Gif is wrong for Hearty Muffins
  79. well, this is new...
  80. Online Error
  81. Can't login with storm8 id help pleas
  82. Valentine Cupcake Timer on Android
  83. Deleting
  84. Stormie's Store
  85. Making a Second/New Account
  86. can't send gifts
  87. What happened?
  88. When r they gonna fix?
  89. Valentines Day Goals: Goal item Sample of Love is not in proportion - too small
  90. I accidentally sold something - will they give it back?
  91. Free Gems for Watching Videos
  92. 20 Gifts Per Day/Gifts
  93. Gem Dispenser GONE!
  94. Lost Connection during login plz fix
  95. goals gone
  96. Can not buy/ place the bakery rack
  97. Why aren't my counters working?
  98. Android 6.0 marshmallow
  99. Gem dispensers are gone?
  100. Leprechaun deal
  101. Lost ALL my gems
  102. Did not get goal gems Solatire?
  103. No goal except download games in days
  104. Switch from Android to Iphone
  105. Gem Refund?
  106. videos 4 Gems showing White Screen
  107. Items coming and going
  108. Game wont load
  109. Non-stop Jewel Mania pop-ups disrupting game
  110. 22 hours do not make 1 day
  111. Not getting many customers??
  112. Bakery story
  113. Bakery Story goal not showing for me
  114. Negative money
  115. level-ups rewards
  116. How would I just cancel a request to support on Gems accidentally spent
  117. June Goals: Has anyone lost tiles & subsequently all goal cooking progress?
  118. Bakery remodeld now all my food is away
  119. Can't install Bakery Story: Cats Cafe
  120. Gifting back problem
  121. Cant see New Goals
  122. Speed up cooking with ads?
  123. Game won't load and blames my internet connection
  124. All my food disappeared!?
  125. Gems not being added
  126. Gem Price Removed
  127. Blocking people from commenting.
  128. Food disappeared
  129. Empty counters while it's not so.
  130. Game decor reset?
  131. I cant get rewards for downloading apps?
  132. Dark berry wallpaper is invisible
  133. Gift wont add to my inventory
  134. storage issue
  135. Mini Pies Timer Glitch?
  136. I need step by step instructions on how to transfer game from old phone to new phone.
  137. Profits not counting for food
  138. Gems disappeared
  139. Android 7 Nougat possible issue
  140. Halloween Goal Tables locked
  141. did not get new slime goal in bakery
  142. Unable to see how many of an item I have
  143. Game won't let me gift
  144. Notifications are not in real time!
  145. cursed stove disappeared
  146. Can't connect??
  147. A day's progress lost?
  148. Game exceptionally slow/can't connect
  149. ANNOUNCEMENT - Contact Storm8 Support via Form
  150. Game crashes frequently, message, gift issues
  151. Stuff is missing since update
  152. Lamposts Overlapping Bakery Walls in Camera Mode Glitch
  153. Accidentally spent my gems
  154. Loss of gems when transferring game?
  155. Disappeared
  156. Advertisements! Unable to change what I am baking
  157. Bakery Story won't stay connected to Game Center
  158. Contacted Support, No Response
  159. Videos to speed up cooking not working
  160. Accepting/Recieving Item Requests weeks later
  161. Answered Why am I getting golden knobs from some neighbors who send food??
  162. Game crashings
  163. Game play
  164. Missing Oven
  165. Account Help
  166. Videos not working
  167. My cashier is missing
  168. I can't post messages..Android 7.0
  169. Didn't get gems from yogurt chiller
  170. How do I get collectibles ?
  171. Bakery & Restaurant Story crash when trying to use gifted food items
  172. Is there a glitch with the goals?
  173. Hacker!
  174. No new goals/challenges
  175. Spammer
  176. Loosing money
  177. No response
  178. Not getting my gift request or coins!
  179. Why some ovens have no recipes on them
  180. Gift back feature is broken
  181. Machine with No Goal
  182. Caliente Oven Recipes Mastery were reset/no progression
  183. Video loading issue
  184. Videos with issues
  185. Lost my account after updating app/device OS
  186. Help!
  187. Messages in my wall won't appear
  188. No notifs when people tip
  189. Disappearing Easy Oven
  190. Gems
  191. Not Able to gift Jolly Rogers or Treasure Chest parts
  192. Food not visible, nor are many of my friends tables - etc
  193. Goal Flashing?
  194. Distorted Music
  195. Game Force Closing when accessing Badges tab
  196. Recent update caused off centering of a button
  197. Seriously!!!???? I am so quitting. :(
  198. Access Goal Ovens
  199. Unable to see Goal
  200. Stuck on I Vant to part 3
  201. No Oct 3 goal
  202. Missing Tables and Chairs
  203. Bakery Story
  204. Missing tables and money
  205. MissING food
  206. Server Update?
  207. Closed bakery glitch
  208. Fall Faucet not on gifts ribbon
  209. Disappearing Items
  210. I don't find my item
  211. Missing Goal Tab
  212. Wall decor not showing up on connecting corner walls
  213. Disappearing baked candy canes
  214. Issue submitting a support request
  215. Grape candy canes not showing up on the counter
  216. Bonus Gems
  217. Trend Setter Couple issue
  218. Page Restarts on Every Oven
  219. Maxed Gifts Glitch
  220. Unfair treatment of player
  221. Posting messages
  222. problem in gifting and visiting
  223. New buggy issue for iOS?
  224. Visiting Community
  225. WRONG Indication: Colorific Part One / Running Side Goal
  226. Festival of Color Reward not received
  227. Customers stop at door, and leave!
  228. Poseidon Fountain
  229. Goals
  230. The Golden Knob Glitch/Bug
  231. Is anyone else getting an iTunes message?
  232. No Sound Notifications at Night on Apple Device(s)
  233. Game Not Running On Full Screen
  234. Bakery Story Bugs
  235. Very Very slow processing
  236. Food selling slowly
  237. Game processing
  238. Flavor Button - unable to gift
  239. "bakery story was not sync" error
  240. Motherly Oven - can't build oven with gems
  241. Vertical Succulent
  242. Requests not working
  243. Blocking
  244. Screenshot Bug
  245. No EXP gained for making recipes
  246. Unlocked Goal items become locked
  247. Missing Decorations
  248. Report a player
  249. Unlocked Older Ovens?
  250. iOS update: locked out of other games