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  1. Multiple iTunes accounts on one device question
  2. Answered My Bakery/Account was modified/hacked
  3. Goals that are Locked
  4. Answered Transfer of Game Question
  5. Answered Unintentional item purchase.
  6. Repeat Quests
  7. gem sale
  8. Answered rose collectible
  9. Oh edible gifts, where art thou? :(
  10. 45 gems disappeared.
  11. Old Goal Pop Ups
  12. New phone lg g3 icons wayyy to small
  13. Answered Unintentional Purchase :( HELP!
  14. Giving gifts not received.
  15. Neighbor s' wall doesn't seem to work.
  16. snapshots
  17. Star rating
  18. Gem button pushed on accident!!!
  19. Problem When I Open My Bakery
  20. Fixed push notifications messed up
  21. gems going to restaurant story instead bakery
  22. iOS 8 - problems with buttons responding
  23. Answered Star rating problem
  24. My Coins are disappearing out of no where!!!
  25. Reoccurring Problem when I'm Trying to Serve an Item
  26. Food disappearing even if the door is blocked
  27. Please fix my "Story"
  28. Help with new goals The Halloween Spirit
  29. Answered Halloween Goals- No wallpaper and tiles
  30. Answered Deep sea shooter.
  31. star rating and cant buy helpful hazel or sweetco table
  32. Apple phone and iPad issues
  33. problem on "take a sweet seat" quest
  34. Answered Invisible Quest Item - halloween Goal Prize
  35. The Counter Moved
  36. Holiday boxes
  37. My level is saying 555!!!
  38. 6 potion bottles
  39. Crater Pond Glitch
  40. Fixed rose oven glitch
  41. expansion
  42. I touched accidentally the 49 gems to unlock ovens!!
  43. Rose Oven and Gems
  44. Level bugs 555
  45. Din't get gems
  46. Gems are gone - Again!
  47. Game does not open
  48. Check internet connection??
  49. Fixed Rose oven glitch
  50. Open Issue Kicking me out of game
  51. Unable to purchase gems
  52. Answered Neighbor Problem
  53. Items disappearing
  54. Not Making Coins When Away
  55. had to reset my kindle, and redownload
  56. 'Parfait and Potions' challenge disappeared
  57. missing gems
  58. My account was hacked
  59. Fixed Magical Witch Cat?
  60. Rotating Item- Changes Item
  61. My game just tried to erase itself/start over
  62. Systen Maintenance Message
  63. Bakery Story themes
  64. coffee create
  65. My game just erased itself!!
  66. Holiday Versions Of All Games
  67. Answered Bakery story Christmas
  68. Answered castle story.....
  69. Answered Not getting credited coins for goals and rewards!
  70. Hacked Account
  71. Gifting & Invites
  72. Answered Registers missing?
  73. Game's freezing up on iPhone
  74. Bakery resetting
  75. No goals?
  76. please provide info for android users re goals :-)
  77. Ovens & gems taken away.
  78. Update Issues 11/12/2014
  79. New Thanksgiving Version & Goals
  80. Problems with autumn goals!
  81. Answered Coffee Swirl door.
  82. Can't see the items in my bakery
  83. all Team Lava games shutting down/force close answer would be appreciated
  84. Can I get by bakery back?
  85. Answered Bakery Story Bug
  86. no goals
  87. Old goal pop ups--117 times!!
  88. games down
  89. iOS Christmas Version Doesn't Work!
  90. Gem purchase problem
  91. Gem problem, please consider
  92. Fixed I bought the Christmas tree on Black Friday sale for 32 gems and got charged 45 gems
  93. MY GIFTS ARE GONE FROM tinkerbell12898 (muffins 'n more)
  94. More items on iOS than Android?
  95. Not earning coins
  96. Can't send a message with this word although it's harmless
  97. Connection issues
  98. Goal items locked!! Please help
  99. No gems
  100. Accidentally purchased something with gems
  101. SweetCo Table - Locked with Goal written Across
  102. SweetCo Table - Locked with Goal
  103. Fixed Gifts removed from bakery story
  104. lost 1 million coins worth of decor
  105. update 12-10-14 took citrine
  106. Since Christmas update I can't buy gems
  107. Goal-locked Christmas Recipes on Easy Oven (iOS)
  108. Customers freezing in doorway
  109. Answered Design tab bug
  110. Answered Not making Any coins while i'm Away
  111. Take a sweet seat challenge problem
  112. Ovens
  113. secret ingredient challenge problem
  114. Answered Item missing !! Immediate attention please !
  115. lost access to games with new phone
  116. Locked gifts
  117. Missing update items on Android
  118. Loss of more than 50 gems
  119. Food missing!
  120. Christmas Sale: Items deducted more gems from balance than advertised! HELP!!
  121. SweetCo goal is locked...alreadybought the pink wallpaper
  122. I can't 'lock/block' my door anymore.
  123. Sweetco Goal
  124. Appliance parts
  125. Bakery items won't load
  126. When is next gem sale?
  127. My bakery reverted back to a new bakery
  128. Log in feature for kindle, will it ever happen?
  129. Trying to buy gems..."Processing" frozen
  130. I have 102 rolling pins, system continually shows 10......
  131. Ugh rustic couch turned into huge winter dog
  132. Stone ground miche goal
  133. Logging in with different device / Have a new device
  134. Fixed Can't purchase soon to be removed items
  135. Help with Fryer or Appliance Parts
  136. Answered The game won't load
  137. Gem sale - no discount received
  138. / ignore
  139. Winter Branches WallPaper went missing...
  140. Most of my served foods disappeared after I served new dish ,, Why?
  141. Wrong gem prices!
  142. Cannot log into BS
  143. Goals Locked
  144. No respond need help from team support storm8!
  145. Game refreshed itself, lost some coins and went back to previous level.
  146. Did not receive gems for downloading
  147. my cashier went away
  148. Use of App Store/Gift cards for gens when managing more than 1 bakery
  149. New goals all storage gone
  150. Team lava games won't load
  151. disappearing gems loading valentine wallpaper
  152. Failure to load after android (lollipop) update.
  153. Monopoly Bingo
  154. Lost my gems!
  155. What is CURRENT way to transfer game from iPhone to new iPhone?
  156. Can't connect to all teamlava games
  157. losing money
  158. Challenge Glitches
  159. How do I unlock new stove on bakery story when I am already at max?
  160. Goal item locked
  161. Bakery Story
  162. Polka dot chairs missing
  163. Notifications randomly stopped
  164. no more goals....
  165. Bug :(
  166. Bakery Story Not loading
  167. Answered Gem issue
  168. Fixed Cannot build Lucky Oven in Bakery Story‏
  169. used gems to build lucky oven then bakery went out of sync and now it"s a box again
  170. Not seeing missions/tasks at all
  171. St. Patrick's Day
  172. Can't gift Steel Girder
  173. Glitch in March goals, pls help!
  174. Answered Can't Complete Tile Goal
  175. Disappearing Parts Requests
  176. Goal for gems not there
  177. can't get into bakery
  178. No system reset at midnight! can not request parts!
  179. Pop up offered buy goal prize for 31 gems, did not recieve!
  180. Bakery goal counter off
  181. My heart rating is stuck
  182. Not able to purchase appliance
  183. Candy Hatchery Oven not available on iPhone
  184. Only one customer is being allowed into bakery at a time
  185. Bakery Story all is lost opened to brand new bakery
  186. Bakery never in sync
  187. New (very specific) crashing issue
  188. Was NO longer able to buy Candy hatchery before reset
  189. Baseball stand gone
  190. can't sell
  191. Tips Flood!
  192. Problems with expansion
  193. Glitch
  194. I Hate the Salt Shaker!
  195. Unable to purchase gems
  196. Re-release of Puebla oven and drink maker
  197. Food recover popup
  198. What is going on with the time for goals?
  199. Answered Never received Ballet goals
  200. ballpark content no longer for sale
  201. Don't have new mission
  202. no goals for android?
  203. Movie Theater Seats
  204. Sweet Co goals
  205. Problem with a crate
  206. No clip board or new goals
  207. Winter Frost Oven
  208. Goal glitch?
  209. Can't progress from Baseball cakes in Bakery Story
  210. Fixed Did not receive the final goal prize
  211. Jar Of Hearts
  212. Will not stay connected to the internet
  213. Out of Sync
  214. Bakery names
  215. Missing yoga oven
  216. Tablet players not getting yoga oven either.
  217. Answered Challenge is incapable of being met under the conditions provided. Please advise!
  218. Cant buy Texas oven
  219. Answered Only receive requested items from friends at midnight
  220. Android, never getting updates for newer versions of Bakery story or Restaurant story
  221. Bakery Story: never received the 2nd recipe of present goal.
  222. Help! Unable to place Balloon Lanterns
  223. Server down?
  224. My new goals aren't showing
  225. Can't unlock 'Puff Oven'
  226. Cannot build deep fryer
  227. Items from 6/24 Gem box aren't showing up in my bakery!
  228. Pop up for mystery crate stole my gems
  229. App store update causing larger graphics on iPads.
  230. Bakery Story 1.7.6 Issues
  231. Factory Reset - Game erased??? Can you help, please?
  232. No gem videos
  233. Problems here getting worse!
  234. Where's my rainbow oven?
  235. Bakery update bugs
  236. I'm not getting new goal Rocket Oven!!
  237. Android Pop-Ups Out Of Control!
  238. Banner Oven locked despite goal completion
  239. Do not even have the new version and missing 3/4 parts daily.
  240. Watching videos to speed up dishes
  241. Video for gem not working
  242. Free Gems not available on all devices?
  243. Why can I only gift bricks?
  244. No Longer Receiving Gems For Leveling Up
  245. Peanut Pie
  246. Do not get goals!
  247. New update
  248. Prepared food disappears
  249. Why am I sending bricks only
  250. No stove