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  1. Tips not going through to star rating?
  2. Can't place carousel
  3. Problem with placing Dolphin Fountains
  4. Bug report: Game bringing up old quests that have already been completed
  5. goal expired early?
  6. force close ...unble to shrink/minimize
  7. Why do games crash at start up?
  8. Missing Goals
  9. Goals disappeared/No goals
  10. Display cases
  11. Gems
  12. Help!!!
  13. Love potion
  14. please help with bread oven
  15. not getting coins for completing dishes
  16. can't access all team lava game
  17. Watermelon soda not working.
  18. game wont let me purchase an item to complete goal
  19. Request isn't working
  20. My Game was Hacked!
  21. Black strips & invisible items
  22. iOS7 issue
  23. How do I sign in?
  24. New phone
  25. Need help with failed IOS 7 download on I pad 2
  26. Game loaded slow - accidently tapped design and used up all my diamonds
  27. Customers can't come in bakery
  28. Can I move my game between phones?
  29. i dont have any goals(except other story games goals)
  30. classic bread oven disappeared?
  31. goals
  32. Bought new Halloween wallpaper and old paper was not put in inventory.
  33. Goals for other games like candy mania....no rewards?
  34. Goal screen glitch??
  35. Can't store ovens
  36. 45000 plates in one night?!
  37. Food on counters disappeared!?
  38. Candy Co Goal
  39. Sweet Co. Wallpaper goal
  40. Disappearing furniture?
  41. someone else has access to my games
  42. Still waiting for transfer after ios 7 update reset games
  43. Request not going through
  44. Food dissapeared
  45. Messages unreadable?
  46. where can i find that green hostess ?
  47. goal expired early
  48. certain things not showing up
  49. Certain notifications are permanently in my newsfeed...
  50. constructable gifts accepted but cannot use.
  51. extremely late notifications of material requests....
  52. missing item
  53. Something seriously wrong with BS
  54. All Halloween counters suddenly empty ???
  55. No music
  56. Gem Purchase
  57. Invisible
  58. Unlock food
  59. Seriously bug again!!!
  60. Timed quest glitch
  61. Help since maintenance
  62. Ghost eating food
  63. please help
  64. Losing food when bakery door is blocked closed!
  65. Cranberry gift gone
  66. Missing race car float from either bakery or restaurant story
  67. Not tracking Word Scramble
  68. "This user has blocked you"??
  69. Earn free gems icon gone ...BUG?
  70. Blocked out of the games... ?
  71. Can't log in to the game
  72. Problem - Lose 24 gems
  73. Recipes disappeared
  74. Still having trouble logging into games
  75. Lost Royal Booth back into not made goals - urgent
  76. Insufficient privileges on Bugs Forums
  77. goals
  78. Server down? Cannot log in!
  79. Losing Neighbors
  80. In-App Purchases?
  81. Progress lost
  82. Goal Ovens
  83. My character disappeared!
  84. Can't see my items!!
  85. Game transfer
  86. missing counters and floors
  87. Any way to load Christmas version on my 1.6.8 version iPhone?
  88. during the quest : melt in the mouth BUG
  89. Halloween Items Gone?
  90. Can't complete building appliance..server ou of sync error!!!
  91. PLEASE HELP! How do i transfer my old account without a email
  92. Game keeps crashing
  93. Needing to sell wallpaper!
  94. Food spoiling b4 it should be
  95. Everything Else in Game Synchs so Why Doesn't This
  96. please help! I want to recover 1 item
  97. new Christmas edition
  98. Missing alerts / push notifications
  99. Gems not awarded for downloading promo apps
  100. Losing Gems
  101. wall not loading then crashes! HELP!!
  102. hi
  103. I'm in Level 99 On BS n RS...
  104. Money spent, no table
  105. Goals and wall have disappeared.
  106. keyboard gone on android
  107. Help: How to build oven
  108. Help ! Game not working it opens but there arent any customers and the food
  109. avator is missing
  110. Every goal repeated
  111. Black Screen!!!!!
  112. No gem promo quests?
  113. Missing items and coins
  114. Notifications out of sync
  115. Items required for goals not available
  116. food on counters disappearing
  117. Bakery Sharing?
  118. Cook book not isn't holding my place.
  119. Neighbors and Expansions
  120. No Notifications.
  121. Icicle lights.
  122. Delete and reinstall Bakery Story Failure
  123. New decor has glitch
  124. Stormy's Store Glitching...
  125. does everyone get themed and timed goals at the same time?
  126. Gems lost accindentely
  127. Fixed Not getting any coins for food on the new goal
  128. porcelain tables and chairs
  129. Material request lag.
  130. Open Issue Classic Bread Oven - Already Have 10 Mortar AND Brick, But Won't Unbox!?
  131. New update glitches
  132. Answered Installed springtime and current goal disappeared
  133. Level 99 - what now?
  134. no goal to install bakery story springtime
  135. Answered Loading of previously accomplished goals & lost gems
  136. help! no daily cash?
  137. Help!!! I can't place The Eiffel Flowers in my bakery!!!
  138. Logging into my account in bakery story?
  139. Purchased gems not added to my account
  140. Answered Old challenges, plus where to download
  141. games
  142. Completed All goals But Items Remain Locked
  143. Lost some of my gems!
  144. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Not happy right now.
  145. Coin balance not increasing
  146. Customers are entering and leaving without buying food
  147. HELP ! Games got reset !
  148. had to restore ipad & now my games have reset?
  149. Answered TeamLava..FIX YOUR ISSUES!!!
  150. Get 45 neighbours to expand?????
  151. Different Versions of Bakery Story
  152. Help please!!!
  153. kicks me out when I try to get on any wall, even my own!!!
  154. ALL challenges in ALL team lava games pop up daily saying "ran out of time"
  155. Bakery Items Not Loading Everytime I Install New Version
  156. I got a new device
  157. Doesn't load properly
  158. Not getting notifications
  159. problems with happiness
  160. Answered jewel mania goal won't run out of time!
  161. cake and tea box bug?
  162. Food Not Showing Up
  163. Start a new Bakery
  164. notifications not showing up
  165. level 35 no more goals?
  166. Player with Level 100 can't access their games
  167. What has happened to Spring Edition?
  168. a way to access goal ovens.
  169. "Disappearing" Gifts?
  170. Syncing problem? No notifications
  171. finish a first goal to unlock oven for a second goal, can't see the first.
  172. old messeges
  173. XP balance has increased 900,000,000
  174. Answered Question Samsung galaxy now ipad
  175. Gift parts?
  176. 2 Bakeries w Same Name but have Different Players
  177. Answered Bakery Story crashes and never opens!
  178. Fixed Typographical error for a goal
  179. Sweet Co. goals not co-operating
  180. Fixed Account Settings - no longer there? cannot switch to other accounts
  181. Candy Blast Mania
  182. How do you relog into your acount??
  183. Answered new update bug
  184. Fixed Spring goals bugged
  185. Firefly goals gone!
  186. Neighbor gone?
  187. No block button
  188. Answered Android Players can't buy certain appliances?
  189. Answered Purchased gems, never received
  190. Answered Accidental gems spent
  191. Push notices disabled.
  192. Cant buy gems in bakery story
  193. Stolen Account
  194. Answered Gems missing
  195. Answered Accidental Diamonds spent
  196. Missing Goal Board(Bakery Story)
  197. Can't get updates 4.6.2014
  198. Petal Tables and Petal Stools not showing
  199. Fruit Splash Mania Goal
  200. Answered Connect iPhone and iPad
  201. Design Question
  202. Help!!!
  203. Goals gone
  204. Answered Sync Issues
  205. Answered unable to extend my bakery
  206. My food order disappeared from stove
  207. tips did not register on neighbors "News" tab
  208. Answered Food disappearing
  209. Pop Ups
  210. my peoples are not coming in
  211. Fixed please help bakery story issue
  212. Answered Palace Pillows Won't Unlock
  213. easy oven bug?
  214. Answered Where to get Podium Cake? Couldn't anywhere in menu.
  215. Notifications for requested materials
  216. Spam
  217. Why can't I buy gems at the special sale prices?
  218. Answered My Goal Disappeared!
  219. Issue.
  220. Goal glitch
  221. Farm Market
  222. Only One Quest
  223. farm market
  224. Is 1.7.1 the most current version for IOs?
  225. Wall character limit is inconsistent.
  226. Is there a July 2014 goal?
  227. Answered Selling wallpaper and tiles - any updates?
  228. Answered Missing purchases
  229. Gift loss bug - very recent
  230. Answered downloading team lavas apps to get Gems issue?!
  231. Star rating from tipping is decreasing?
  232. Old goals keep popping up?
  233. Answered All of my games are gone!!!!
  234. Answered Can't see applicances, decor, completed food
  235. Gems for download & play incentive...can it be extended due open issue Farm Story 2?
  236. Tips disappeared
  237. Fixed Christmas and Halloween bakery story for android version says no longer supported
  238. Posts threatening peoples lives on bakery walls!
  239. Answered Why Can't I Purchase Gems On Bakery Story
  240. Good slow to clear from counters
  241. Gift Requests Not Being Received
  242. What happen to my summer romance goal
  243. Answered can't buy gems
  244. Online Error, can't get into BS or RS
  245. Please I need your help. One box was on my floor instead of my machine.
  246. Answered The case of the lost goal items... Please help me recover them team lava!!!!!
  247. My "earn free gems" tab disappeared?
  248. Answered No notifications
  249. Spam
  250. food dissapearing from my counter even when I block the door to close my store.