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  1. How to get Daily Bonus??
  2. aah events keep showing up as completed events/quest wont stop popping up , crazy! xO
  3. why???
  4. money??!
  5. Old candy cane ovens, marzipan ovens and fireplace ovens vanished
  6. missing christmas recipes
  7. Releasing fairy tale stuff
  8. finished products disappear??
  9. Deleting Gifts From Inventory
  10. Red Velvet Cookies disappeared from stove
  11. Bakery Story counters not emptying please help
  12. add me
  13. where's my CUPID reindeer?
  14. Problem with the counter
  15. Can you extend the time for the santa reindeer quest years
  16. "food ready" notification isn't working!!
  17. my quest disapeared
  18. my quest disapeared
  19. Quest Disappeared
  20. Game not recognizing Jewel Mania and other game progress for quests
  21. Help my shop keeper has vanished and nobody is being served food!
  22. Old goals return claiming as unfinished
  23. collectible not working
  24. Not quite sure if this is a bug. But......
  25. Moneys is always reduced twice
  26. Update
  27. winter oven and snowy counters goals?
  28. Items disappear and so do money
  29. Bug :(
  30. Gems missing?
  31. HELP!! Stored all appliances and bakery is shut down
  32. game not counting /shorting acquired items in goal tasks correctly
  33. Has my game been HACKED? Or vice versa????? Help!!!!!!!!
  34. Can't Download Bakery Story
  35. PB chocolate cake is gone?
  36. Red Velvet Cookies Gone
  37. Candy cane gone feom the Candy Cane oven
  38. Snowy Counters missing
  39. Missing Autumn Fireplace from inventory
  40. Gem trap! Where are my cupcakes i paid to bake??
  41. zooming in and out
  42. Click on food to serve it and it all disappears!
  43. inadvertent use of all my gems
  44. selling items
  45. Game doesn't synch when I decline gift
  46. Need help :'(
  47. Unwanted/unable to use gifts
  48. missing oven?
  49. When are the notifications going to be fixed?
  50. Nook devices
  51. valentine?
  52. Bakery story logging in to other people's accounts?
  53. Winter goals
  54. Valentine Box for Bakery Story
  55. Playing same game on 2 devices; Bakery Story
  56. Oven disappeared
  57. "In It Together" uncompletable goal
  58. Sell bought items.
  59. two seperate users for same bakery??
  60. Food disappearing
  61. Gifts
  62. Would like to see new recipes on basic oven
  63. renew goals
  64. Valentine
  65. All customer comes in my bakery and go out with blue broken heart before to sit.
  66. Loosing gifts every day
  67. Need help
  68. Item disappeared
  69. New suggestions for the bakery story and resturant story
  70. Valentines goal issues. Please help!!!
  71. Change name
  72. Help! I didn't mean to click on that & want my gems back!
  73. No updates
  74. goals
  75. Can you unstore an item
  76. Please create a function for cancel neighbor request
  77. When I buy something with gems it costs double the amount it says.
  78. My goals disappeared
  79. Strawberry Cheesecake?
  80. Valetines Table and Chair not in My Store anymore
  81. I want my gems back!
  82. Bakery Story Crashing When I Click to Play
  83. Disappearing Items
  84. no goals
  85. Restore data trough Icloud
  86. Valentines version iPhone
  87. Wedding Jitters
  88. problems with HTC desire c
  89. Expansion cost
  90. Very angry about gifts!!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!!!!
  91. Can't buy floor tiles
  92. Bakery Story issues with gifts
  93. Close Bakery but food disappears anyway
  94. Missing Avatar!!
  95. Rose oven items not centered.
  96. Not getting gems for goals
  97. rose cake goal bug
  98. invisible food and annoying pop ups.
  99. [failure] bakery story still showing "processing" for one day
  100. Missing Gems
  101. This is getting annoying...
  102. old goals keep flashing up
  103. Why is my money disappearing into thin air?
  104. Mission pop-ups won't stop!
  105. Trouble picking up tips.
  106. No new editions
  107. Feedback on Bakery Story
  108. Food that is being cooked, disappears!
  109. Gifts not available for viewing
  110. missing the girl from behind the cash register
  111. Items not centred, and ovens displaying bubbles over cooking items
  112. Holiday items
  113. bakery lookin' weird
  114. lost old bakery
  115. start again?
  116. please create a restart button!!!
  117. No More Appliance
  118. Gifts that won't be used
  119. Stuck in a loop
  120. can't decoratie my bakery.
  121. No Customers
  122. Missing coins/decorations?
  123. dissapearing counters
  124. really need to report
  125. Missing Goal Reward - Valentine 2013
  126. force close
  127. New gift items
  128. Adding New Neighbors
  129. The goals remove early!
  130. my id
  131. Reward Gems Disappear
  132. St. Patricks edition startup crash
  133. Goals That Unlocks Decorations
  134. Lost gems
  135. Internet connection error issues for bakery story
  136. Items disappearing
  137. Appliances count Down
  138. Quest Items Locked so I can't buy them
  139. Device transfer
  140. Unable to collect money or sell food items
  141. Coins disappearing
  142. New Goals Disappearing
  143. please try this out it worked for me!
  144. Problem with goals!!
  145. where are my gems?????
  146. Encountered a bug need help!
  147. Gift Box & Special Chests
  148. Help~~!! My goal is disappeared!!
  149. Unable to connect to the Internet.
  150. Christmas version or original version???
  151. Can't decorate my bakery
  152. what is going on
  153. missing cooking tools
  154. Items on counter disappearing due to pop-ups
  155. Bakery story When do you collect coins for completed baked goods?
  156. cannot post storm id
  157. Confused
  158. waterslide is invisible
  159. Not getting dialogue box asking if I want to spend gems
  160. Can anyone tell me why?
  161. What's wrong ?
  162. problem with some cooking machines
  163. Help me
  164. Whimsical world goal
  165. what happened to my bakery?
  166. decrease in coins
  167. What happened to my diamonds?
  168. Sync error? Known glitch? Badge awarded, then taken back, twice
  169. Maxing out at 18 gifts
  170. Can't see material requests from neighbors
  171. gifting, should I or shouldn't I?
  172. Reconnect to my account?
  173. Bakery names showing up oddly
  174. Multiple issues with graphics - "invisible" counters ... ???
  175. Problems with Pubela drink maker
  176. cant buy tables in goals
  177. Old Goals - Locked Items/Ovens
  178. Where did my gems go?
  179. Food not clearing!
  180. Do I have rats? lol...
  181. Cinco de Mayo
  182. All items missing from storage in Bakery Story Mother's Day Edition!
  183. weird bug with objectives
  184. Bakery Story Crashes whenever I level up?
  185. Level 100?
  186. Bakery Story: What happens after you miss a goal deadline?
  187. Gifts dont keep last gift sent anymore
  188. Goal Progress Not Registering
  189. Goal Disappeared
  190. Can't get more tea time ovens!
  191. Eighteen of my gems vanished!!
  192. Bakery story
  193. limited sending or receiving gifts
  194. Upgraded to iphone 5 game is gone
  195. Money Disappeared!
  196. Bakery story help. Disappearing appliances.
  197. cookbook items missing again!
  198. Sugar cube chairs
  199. Icono Goals disappear
  200. Bakery story
  201. Lost. Over 100.00 in baked goods disappeared
  202. cant retrieve gifts in bakery story
  203. Not getting any new challanges
  204. old goals still popping up
  205. Mastery level stuck, in Bakery Story
  206. babygirl0902
  207. gems, xp disappearing
  208. Sophia's Buns
  209. Completed Goal but can't access my goal item
  210. bakery story help
  211. my games has automatically at high level o.0
  212. completed goals
  213. Bakery Story Question
  214. Pan Dulce
  215. 7 days for all teatime goals
  216. Bakery Story is stealing my gems!!!!
  217. trifle quest
  218. cannot buy new appliances or buy/change floor tiles
  219. 'Pirates Paradise' goal issue.
  220. Wow...really B.S.?
  221. Gift boxes?
  222. No goals
  223. Stormies Store Full
  224. Crops in the bakery?
  225. Didn't finish a goal
  226. Bad Bug! :(
  227. Introduce NEW Dishes!
  228. Building more ovens?
  229. Baker Disappeared, Customers Not Coming Inside
  230. problem with sweetco goals and my tables not unlocking.
  231. i have no goals posted on my bakery
  232. Do items gifted ever time out?
  233. Bakery Buglet: "Already making this CROP"
  234. Changing Phones
  235. Just A Thought, But...
  236. Covering up
  237. Do something with these unauthorized pop ups stealing gems!!!
  238. Bug w/ gem purchase!
  239. Boardwalk Railings
  240. Boardwalk counters
  241. ERROR: List does not exist on server
  242. Can't purchase Boardwalk Counters
  243. Purchased Items with Gems and Disappeared
  244. can't purchase sweet frosting waterfalls
  245. help with appliances needed
  246. Bakery Story Messages...
  247. Unintentional purchases very upsetting!
  248. Problem with my id
  249. Goals
  250. I downloaded Bakery Story and recieved some1 elses bakery.. How did this happen?