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  1. Forced reset
  2. Expired Olympic goal - took gems but Goal still locked
  3. Force closing!!!!! ipod touch
  4. Seeing stars and no food in menu
  5. Add a block User Option to Stop harrasing ex neighbors
  6. new phone
  7. Can we have game cards?
  8. Goals disappeared
  9. Bakery Sign Glitch
  10. So Tired.....
  11. Lost coins
  12. My goals are gone too!!!!
  13. The new ice cream counters are just too cute
  14. How can you justify this?
  15. Goals for Android?
  16. to good to be true
  17. Help me!
  18. new smart phone....
  19. Coins Earned While Away Not Counting
  20. okay someone tell me which gift card to buy
  21. You need to accept prepaid cards.
  22. Too much force closing :(
  23. Force closing leads to gem trap!!!!!
  24. frequency of play and neighbour requests...
  25. goal glitch
  26. Item baking issue
  27. Dish/drink selection resetting to the beginning of list.
  28. gifts
  29. Zoom is not completely working
  30. No Notification :(
  31. New stove.
  32. Goals Problem
  33. Can't use gifted parts to build oven
  34. didn't get daily bonus
  35. Synchronised sweets bug
  36. pls make figures (like candy princess) able to face all four directions
  37. No Mastery bar under Recipe on cookbook
  38. Having to scroll to find recipe every cooker
  39. New Android Version doesn't work!!!
  40. reinstallation
  41. new and old bakery story
  42. feedback for Android
  43. Cannot go to social tab from home with new update (Android)
  44. Pleased to have the update - but why is it even slower now?
  45. Gems disappearing!
  46. Bakery expansion in design mode
  47. No music on Bakery Story
  48. Purchased items are now 'goals'
  49. Why all the item prices doubled?
  50. When to fix the frequent problem: all the prices doubled
  51. How to delete Bakery story ( olympic)
  52. Unlocking goals after festival.
  53. no more goals?
  54. Bakery: Increase in Prices
  55. Cost of food
  56. I can't find 'Stone Ground Miche' anymore !!!
  57. Lost Bread-L'amour Special and Stone Ground Miche
  58. Missing Loretta
  59. Appliance Recipe Page Reset
  60. No classic bread oven
  61. Bakery Story Medals
  62. Bakery NOT opening after update
  63. Missing gems
  64. Completed Android Goals but Loretta Still Locked
  65. feedback/suggestion
  66. Can't Play Anymore - Screen Res. Error
  67. Updates for both Bakery & Restaurant
  68. just curious...why has every post with the word...
  69. where did all the appliances go?
  70. Well done TeamLava for the double price hike!
  71. OK... So now you know....
  72. Not really liking the update😔
  73. Do You Like the New Prices?
  74. Buying Gems
  75. Did You Close Your Bakery Due to Price Increase?
  76. Dissapointed Team Lava
  77. loss of gems, locked dishes I've already completed, no unlocking of goals/rewards
  78. Goals gone?
  79. Losing Neighbors....
  80. Chocolate Fountine Cost 5 Milion ??
  81. You wonder why you loosing money? Make you self test!!!
  82. Diminishing Coins
  83. Quests/tasks
  84. Bad Updates on Bakery and Resturaunt.
  85. The goal, The croissant and the Aunt, and about thin air tipping.
  86. Loss of Coins
  87. Counting tiles bug
  88. Android Frozen Goals
  89. Coin deduction for gifts
  90. New expansion levels...
  91. missing goal "ground miche"
  92. game shuts down when i use the bread oven
  93. Bugs
  94. 18gift
  95. So Tired of New Android Version Foreclosing
  96. Poseidon Fountain
  97. No confirm on gems? I lost 10gems!
  98. I can't post on anyone's wall
  99. No longer have goals
  100. expanions prices!!!!!!!!
  101. Empty Picnic Basket?
  102. Coin Deductions on Tips????
  103. cooked items not added to the items in the counter
  104. Bakery story bug
  105. Clicking prepare sometimes does nothing
  106. regular baking price back?
  107. Extreme crashing!!!!
  108. Over half my gems gone!!!
  109. Locked in Goal
  110. No Halloween stuff
  111. New Goals
  112. No logs
  113. Where have my tables gone?
  114. Halloween not loading
  115. Bought mummy chairs and not showing
  116. Android Bakery too laggy to be enjoyable
  117. bad money glitch
  118. I lost 2 Gems
  119. helpful Loretta
  120. Bakery story halloween items
  121. Invisible coffin drink mixer
  122. Sorry in advance if there is a thread about this
  123. If you really want my money...
  124. Bakery Story Halloween and Samsung Galaxy s3
  125. Can't update the Halloween edition
  126. HELP!coin glitch.
  127. Goal purchases not showing
  128. Miserable prices
  129. Lost coins again!!!
  130. Time Travelling Bakery After Reboot?
  131. I have HAD IT it with this misleading popup
  132. Completely addicted but can no longer make any recipes
  133. CookBook Can't Remempers The Previous Recipe Page !!
  134. decrease amount daily bonus
  135. Lost dishes
  136. Bigger Halloween decorations
  137. Not getting credit for Witch Hat Cookies
  138. C'mon TL, can't you cut us a break???
  139. Bakery story parts inventory bug
  140. Unfortunately, Bakery Story has stopped.
  141. game slow after addition of dragon story ads
  142. Is it possible to transfer data?
  143. Removing neighbors
  144. Halloween Update not available in the US?
  145. Glitch? Completed potion task but not advancing?
  146. New Notification Pop-up SUPER ANNOYING!
  147. Hello???? Halloween version for iPhone!
  148. Visiting neighbors not registering in goals
  149. mummy goal. wont show that i visit neighbours
  150. wall decor metal
  151. How long am I expected to wait for a response from the support team?
  152. Music glitch
  153. Discontinued Items
  154. Bakery 2011 Back On the App Store?
  155. Picking up tips
  156. Halp! My gems! D:
  157. Help!!! Big glitch
  158. Thank you!
  159. No credit for goals
  160. Maintaining star level
  161. No one is walking into my bakery
  162. Purchase of mystery fairytales box , only received one item ,pls advise
  163. LARGE notification pictures
  164. cant login to BS anymore since update in august played over a year to level 96!!!
  165. Cooking times decreased on some of my items
  166. Magic Snack Goal, Halloween edition, no reward receive.
  167. Kindle????
  168. Bakery Story Feedback
  169. Can't gift
  170. Why cant I bake?
  171. The Tipping
  172. Game Suggestion
  173. Food disappearing "processing" message appears b4
  174. Game crashing
  175. Baking slots?
  176. Beverage machine to counter = problem
  177. absurd goals
  178. Games are now force closing...cant even get in!
  179. Jumped from level 96 to 98 over night
  180. Slammers
  181. Block Button
  182. selling in bakery story
  183. Bakery story
  184. Bakery Story & Resturant Story
  185. No more goals?
  186. Loosing coins since reverting from halloween edition
  187. Cant connect to bakery story but connects to Restaurant story just fine.
  188. Crash and forced stop for 2 days now
  189. Help! Cannot see my food items (invisible)!!
  190. Maintenence again?
  191. Disappearing coins and tips
  192. Bakery Story-Game Suggestions
  193. Losing money
  194. Star Rating Glitch
  195. Pricing - AGAIN!
  196. Turkey Oven
  197. Help, Oh Darn message
  198. a question about thanksgiving goals
  199. baking contest
  200. Not getting any goals from other games?
  201. Food disappering after a minute! HELP!!!
  202. Two year player, stopped playing for a long time - explanation
  203. Frustrated.
  204. Suggestion: goals
  205. Will the Android games ever be fixed?
  206. Not getting gifts
  207. Decrease in Earnings after Expansion
  208. Annoyed.
  209. Old goals.. Popping Up
  210. Suggestion for Efficient Gifting
  211. I can't see my Marionette Show in the game
  212. BS: Halloween app disappears?
  213. Pop Ups Feedback
  214. A Great Idea When Changing Counters
  215. ....okay so 48 gems wasted :(
  216. my game keeps crashing every 5 minutes
  217. Reminders for dishes even after being served...
  218. be carfull if your low on $$
  219. $1 million coins disappeared
  220. Weird glitch?
  221. Not enough neighbors to expand?
  222. Gem sales
  223. Christmas version
  224. Okay, what about this?
  225. Response Time from TL Support
  226. not all the ppl who have left tips/helped are showing
  227. I want to quit! Tap to manage
  228. Accidentally Deleted a good neighbor
  229. Christmas
  230. Game Keeps Re-setting
  231. kindle fire 8.9 - can't view entire bakery
  232. iPhone 5 Bug
  233. All I want for Christmas is a 60% sale. Yes a 60% sale
  234. I had 6days left on a lucky slots quest and it disapeared.
  235. Gem sale 580 error.
  236. No Christmas
  237. Regular Bakery Story
  238. a possibility to log out the game
  239. force close unable to tip
  240. Last year's Goal Sleigh is GONE- Please Help!
  241. why can't I get Christmas recipes?
  242. No WiFi play?
  243. bake st?ry stuck at door
  244. Can Somebody tell me why everyone needs parts and i not ????
  245. Completed vixen goal but it won't move on
  246. android players r not gettg full usage of this game right now
  247. Lack of Christmas decorations
  248. Who cancelled Christmas? :-(
  249. Different ways to sort food
  250. Not optimised for iPhone 5?