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  1. Farm Story 2 - game crashes when new neighbour request arrive
  2. Farm Story 2 questions/feedback/discussion
  3. Farm Story 2: Level 24 = "new" items are old ones
  4. Farm Story 2: New bug when harvesting crops since yesterday's update
  5. Farm Story 2: Missing water tower?
  6. Farm Story 2: Invisible kitchen?
  7. Farm Stormy 2 - banned words?
  8. Farm Story 2 - Selling Hedge decorations
  9. Farm Story 2: Game not connecting to FS2 server
  10. Farm Story 2 - Avatar Pic
  11. Can't buy fishing boat
  12. Farm story 2 - Level 30 - need 999,666,399 to level up again????
  13. Farm Story 2- Current Bugs and Issues (Thread 1)
  14. Game crashes farm story 2
  15. Hearts / Social rating dropping when relogging into game same day
  16. Side Shop geting worse...
  17. No actual hearts visible when visiting farms since update
  18. Extra Crafting Buildings?
  19. Neighbour Cap at 800?
  20. Newspaper Items NOT being delivered AFTER purchasing. Barn/Silo NOT FULL.
  21. Oddness With My Pizza Oven.
  22. Missing items, paint, nails and land certificates just gone!
  23. Sale time vs Collection time
  24. Playing fs2 on both ipad and iphone
  25. Can't see sparkles
  26. Wall posts missing last word
  27. Mine Crashes upon using a tool on the mine
  28. Not receiving coins for deli items
  29. Cannot login to facebook
  30. Invisible Forges
  31. Cannot fulfill train orders since update
  32. Lost Tools
  33. Honey is worth 21 coins?
  34. Won't let me plant crops
  35. Food and Feed Icons Fall Off Edge of Screen
  36. Barn upgrade
  37. Pigs disappearing, reappearing, and "ghost pigs"
  38. Didn't get any goods from delivery in a while :/
  39. Chocolate Machine
  40. Bought or harvested items disappear
  41. Adding neighbors button removed ?
  42. Issues with crafting
  43. Game shuts down every few minutes
  44. PLEASE HELP cannot open game at all, this is the 7th Storm8/TL game I can't play!
  45. Stuck because barn full.
  46. What a waste!
  47. Unable to buy items on newspaper
  48. Paid gems to upgrade barn & no upgrade occurred
  49. Unable to unlock beehive
  50. Harvested and Purchased crops Disappear. Now I can't plant anything Help!
  51. the bug of fishing shop
  52. Fish in the Pond?
  53. Not Receiving Crops
  54. Orange Chocolate
  55. Social Rating
  56. Butterflies not collecting!
  57. Help needed with Feed mill upgrade please
  58. My Game Has Disappeared After Upgrading to New Software version 7 on ipad
  59. Selling crops from silo vs. goods from barn
  60. Game keeps crashing
  61. Sheep have dissappeared only 4 shadows visable
  62. Cleared 1st junk pile but didn't receive items!
  63. Bugs
  64. Not receiving goods from mine
  65. Train Station
  66. Is there maintenance going on or something?
  67. Where is Stormie??
  68. Gems Vanished
  69. Facebook fs2 not working
  70. Herbs
  71. Newspaper always sticking
  72. The dog: it's simply not fair
  73. Corn disappears?
  74. Butterflie collection - got no gems
  75. Disappearing gem issue
  76. No expanding sign
  77. missing honey
  78. Hauntedhouse
  79. Disappearing land deeds
  80. Level 27, can't expand to train station
  81. Teamlava games wont instal on google playstore
  82. max number of farm plots
  83. Farm Story 2: Halloween Bug: Accidentally Moved NPC Characters!
  84. Where's my haunted house?
  85. My missing side shop coins
  86. Halloween version not working after maintenance
  87. How to uninstall farm2 Halloween version.
  88. Team lava games not working
  89. 2 gems have bee stolen. grrrr
  90. HELP!mummy dog ran away!
  91. Disappearing mining tools
  92. Ash Trees
  93. Refreshing stole my logs and didnt give me back my last saw!
  94. Facebook Login FIX?
  95. Need help In-Game!
  96. iPad system reset, farm gone
  97. Level 25 and wont let me repair thentrain station
  98. More Sturdy goal
  99. Missing pigs
  100. Unable to collect or feed from the dog house (Hidden icon)
  101. chicken vanished!
  102. IOS 7.0.4 update, games clocking
  103. cant acess any team lava games
  104. Expansion took diamonds and coins and no expansion
  105. spinach
  106. Is anyone else having problems getting onto FS2?
  107. Dissappearing minerals
  108. Problem with warehouse and missing pilot
  109. Is it normal at level 23 still no fish pound???
  110. Mine stopped working
  111. I Need Help Please-New to Farm Story 2
  112. My train left early!
  113. iOS Update: Fishing Pond Glitch
  114. iOS update November 21, 2013
  115. Delivery store phone doesn't ring when a delivery is ready to go!
  116. Starter pack 3 day offer
  117. Frantic Animals!
  118. Missing Cows and strange play
  119. Uh Oh! This is an game and requires internet access!
  120. Bought wrong item want to sell it but can't?
  121. Works on iPad but not iPhone?
  122. Fed pets screen blinks rinse repeat over and over
  123. Train expansion
  124. dark corgi at 750000!?!
  125. Trying to buy the diamonds on sale!
  126. Can't Feed Cat
  127. Help me mod !
  128. Changing from IPad to mini iPad
  129. Please help
  130. 25% sale
  131. My game progress all disappeared!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!
  132. Pickaxes
  133. Xmas theme
  134. My brown corgi is missing!!
  135. Can't load game
  136. lost sheep
  137. 60% off sale
  138. Can't purchase Victorian Set
  139. Can't complete mission "hunger pains"
  140. Game crashes after buying from neighbors
  141. Blackberry/Honeypot Issue
  142. Cant complete mission "Really Fun" , Game Promotion
  143. What is wrong with the game today????
  144. Cant expand train at lvl 25
  145. iTunes sign in box STILL APPEARS!!!!!!!!!
  146. Newspaper Not Selling
  147. Can't harvest peppermints
  148. Can't get to plant the spinach
  149. Can't craft any jelly from Jelly Maker
  150. Can't log into FB through game(Xmas version)
  151. Over 2,000 coins missing from my sales!
  152. "Really fun" goal
  153. Butterfly Collection
  154. Value Pack items purchased but not received
  155. Farm Story 2 keeps crashing
  156. Snicker challenge closed early
  157. Farm Story 2 Crashes Resolved??
  158. Can store or Sell Pet Houses
  159. buying christmas outfit for animal, stated coins, but deduct gems instead.
  160. Jewelry Maker bug
  161. Please fix the mine
  162. Can't fish
  163. Crashing Every Five Minutes...Literally!
  164. Christmas items have disappeared.
  165. Train Order Requesting Seasonal Items
  166. Fixed Missing Peppermint Pig
  167. New item from studio?!?and Alpaca??
  168. Items purchased from store but not delivered
  169. Barn capacity of out sync since update
  170. Can't get reward buying decor
  171. Maps lost trying to expand to the Alpaca
  172. Side Store Sync Issues
  173. CRASH..again
  174. Missing logs Grrrrrr
  175. more crashes with last update
  176. Issues collecting from Pets
  177. Fixed Pictures coming up as blank white squares.
  178. Can't scroll train order
  179. Game won't stay on
  180. Is this game going away because it crashes and crashes and crashes
  181. All my cow feed disapearred
  182. Fixed Cupid dog gives NOTHING!
  183. missing gems and plane coins
  184. Fixed Missing skins!
  185. Missing animals
  186. Open Issue FS2 closes when trying to mine
  187. Open Issue Messaging problem
  188. Expansion Disappeared
  189. Answered Level 25, but won't give me train station
  190. Pony pricing
  191. Answered Hello there! plzzzzzzzz help me ! there is an emergency!
  192. Fixed BUG in German version Quest
  193. another jewellery BUG - only one necklace
  194. Fixed Game reset?!
  195. use the cellar for more items - more space at stocks
  196. WISH/ suggestion for the mine/ earning /tools etc.
  197. Rose Petal Walkway Invisible
  198. Fixed title for fieldcrops have disappeared.
  199. Answered Chore time quest
  200. Blue Farm?
  201. Log out
  202. Constant crashing with latest st patties update
  203. No Leprechaun?
  204. Alpaca Food to the Pig
  205. Fixed Game crashed and started over from beginning
  206. Cant connect to Facebook
  207. Train Aggravation
  208. maintenance ?
  209. Lost game progress since past 5-6 hours
  210. Answered Problem collecting from side store
  211. Answered Saws disappearing
  212. Glitches with deliveries
  213. Answered HELP.. lost 50,000+++ coins
  214. Lost or losing crops
  215. Answered Please help! Did expansion, taken my permits etc but now not showing expansion!
  216. 扩张农场后,重新连接服务器,然后扩张失败,扩张用的道具没有被退&#
  217. Newspaper and Shop possible big/issue
  218. Game crashes with sheep
  219. Problem: items go missing
  220. Issue: Keeps crashing, losing tools and metals :/
  221. Answered Well that's a bit rude: my fish got away. Twice.
  222. Answered New bug. Side store
  223. Answered Seaweed not recognised at bakery
  224. Can't get to beehive since water garden update
  225. White pony
  226. My farm is lost after I updated my iPad to ios7
  227. 36 Salmon /Tuna for Train Order???
  228. Help please! I bought a show pony farm by mistake.
  229. Problems stocking the Side Shop
  230. Something wrong with the orders?
  231. Orders for Sushi
  232. Answered Finished bloom basket goal,but still locked!
  233. Easter Eggs disappear in the collections
  234. Did not get diamonds for goal
  235. Answered Losing hearts/ranking?
  236. Items that seem to be too rare and mining
  237. Answered Bengal cat
  238. Answered Crops not going into silo
  239. Pet food help.
  240. Cannot create food for Easter cat
  241. Answered Rice and seaweed not registering.
  242. Fixed Rice Cracker Gone From Bakery?
  243. Market does not work properly sometimes
  244. Game closed itself and I lost tool
  245. Answered No parts from my Easter dog
  246. Answered The program doesn't seem to feel that I've bought a cat.
  247. Answered Getting tired of constant loses of items
  248. Answered Help! Now I can't sell anything in the market!
  249. Fixed Textures going crazy
  250. Fixed Tuna and salmon bug?