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  1. Getting booted off
  2. Leaderboard problems
  3. Cannot use makeover items
  4. Leprechaun Cati
  5. Stocked items in barn disappearing
  6. Game running slow
  7. Can't see buildings in the farm story 2
  8. A New Sale on Unfamiliar Items
  9. Solved 2015 Spring Blossom gem purchase not finishing
  10. Keep getting booted off
  11. No events on my farm!
  12. Lost my Pick for Mining
  13. Solved Slice of Cake where Maple Bread should be in Bakery.
  14. Known Stormie selling expired Event items
  15. Solved Country wedding event
  16. Screen resolution problem...
  17. Fish x2 bug ?
  18. Solved Scarin' in the Rain decoration missing
  19. Solved Yellow rain coat cows skin not working
  20. Solved Cannot receive feather from chicken
  21. Collection issue
  22. Solved Help please Farmers cat
  23. Gem Loss
  24. Solved Kitty-nip
  25. Help i lost all my gems.
  26. Solved Wight Husky Event - no craft option for husky
  27. Solved Parts disappearing for Beaver Dam Event
  28. Golden Aspen
  29. Solved No maple or maple leaves from trees
  30. Unable to place bought Golden Blossoms
  31. Probleem busy beavers
  32. Beaver Dam- Aspen's gathered but never showed as available
  33. Pigs not giving mud buckets
  34. Solved Beaver Dam storage issue
  35. Neighbors items missing in market that are for sale for last few days.
  36. Mr. Merriweather
  37. Dankbare bladeren probleem
  38. Probleem evenement
  39. Solved Plane deliveries ask for iOS crafts on Android farm
  40. HELP! - Pets stuck at home base
  41. Crafts with no xp points in Train Orders
  42. Farm Story 2: Current Bugs and Issues (Thread 2)
  43. Newspaper Refreshes with Items Already Bought
  44. Sweet Cake Pops: Goal 3 - no crafting option for Fried Pop Mix
  45. No internet?
  46. Unable to save game
  47. Sugar Spinner Event Returned
  48. Solved Cotton candy ice cream - ingredient level issue
  49. Flooded Farm!
  50. Cotton candy flower - level
  51. The Upside Down....
  52. New Skins And Decorations?
  53. Balloon tickets
  54. Did not receive music value pack after I paid for it.
  55. Full Screen App On iPhone X
  56. Not able to place characters?
  57. Deep fryer
  58. Hay There Farmer - Unlocking Day 9
  59. Hay There Farmer - Hippo bait
  60. Hay There Farmer - Level 10 not showing up
  61. Missing Lovebird (Love Bird)
  62. My farm reloads from a blank page at least 4 to 5 times a day.
  63. Didn?t get event prize
  64. Coins disappeared
  65. Help with game glitch
  66. Solved Missing fried mushroom in deep fryer
  67. Solved Jester Gnome Decoration isn't centered
  68. Game Freezing
  69. Solved Barn/Silo Upgrade Not Showing Up!
  70. No Drops!!
  71. Plots not dropping
  72. rose cottage isnt centered
  73. Dirt buckets (Without "Feather" Ado event)
  74. Solved Parakeet or Lovebird?
  75. Lovebird Tree
  76. Unicorns and Rainbows - Goal 1
  77. Investigating Video issues
  78. Prices of passion fruit and crafts have dropped
  79. Bait shop- please help quickly
  80. Market problem
  81. Can make hay
  82. Missing Blue Unicorn
  83. Rainbow stable says ?From the March 2018 Topiary Event?
  84. Succulent plants
  85. Train asks for honey from lower levels
  86. Solved Unable to Connect to Farm
  87. Lost my cat
  88. Solved Train deliveries asking for cinnamon milk
  89. Solved Bag of sweets - graphics issue
  90. Farm not loading on android
  91. Accidentally spent gems
  92. Best Jed Ever - no option to craft Chocolate Tool Box
  93. Beagle doesn't bark
  94. Best Jed Ever - Prize caption error
  95. Lovebird and Bird Tree Graphics Error
  96. Who to contact?
  97. on iOS12 Public beta
  98. Paid for but didn't receive gems
  99. Solved Party is no party
  100. Hot Air Balloon
  101. Solved Missing Archaeological Yurt
  102. Game bought wheelbarrow planter?
  103. Solved Welcome Summer Penguin Goal issue
  104. Forum post subbing ?question mark? for ?apostrophe?
  105. Solved Unable to cut Ash Tree with saw when placed on border of new land
  106. Can?t close out of Piper?s Tree House
  107. Tacky Tiki Party - Ginger Bait issue
  108. Game no longer opens
  109. Missing gems
  110. Solved Gnome Gathering
  111. Solved Missing Ginger Bait in LTO
  112. Green Parakeet - no Bird Tree
  113. Solved Can't Store The Tiki Stand
  114. Red bowl
  115. Accidentally spent gems
  116. Problem...
  117. Solved Missing Cinnamon Crafts options in Candy Maker
  118. Solved Missing Cinnamon Crafts options in Cafe
  119. Croissant level
  120. Pending neighbors
  121. Solved Pink Rubber Duckie not centered
  122. Free Gift videos not playing properly
  123. Too Cool For School - Glitch getting past Goal 9
  124. Ducks Leaderboard Event - points issue
  125. Solved No Duck Pond for me to place Mother Duck!
  126. Duck pond prize
  127. Schoolhouse - can't store
  128. Solved Game not working on iOS 12
  129. Farm Story 2 not really working since yesterday
  130. invisible buildings
  131. Solved No sand castle for blue turtle
  132. Meet Punkinhead - missing Library Kitten
  133. Weird one - apple butter disappearing.
  134. Gems
  135. Solved Can't store Dinosaur Penguin
  136. misssing tent
  137. FS2 game not progressing during challenges
  138. Solved Harvest Feast - Maize using barn space
  139. No mushroom soup recipe in the Bed and Breakfast
  140. Leaderboard points disappeared
  141. Please help, I can't see the the machine and products!
  142. Solved Pepper and Cheese Ravioli vanished
  143. Gift Station issue
  144. Mr Duck Leaderboard boost
  145. Solved Gift Station - unfinished building after event
  146. Mr Duck Leaderboard - ranked 1 but no prizes
  147. Winter Wonderland issues
  148. Tea bags
  149. Barn capacity bugged
  150. Help! Where is the reindeer post?
  151. Temporary account not merged with recovery account and lost all my progress
  152. Warehouse orders ask for expired event items
  153. Game didn?t count the six pink Sweetheart boxes I made
  154. Will not accept the baskets I've made for Josie the otter challenge when I tap give??
  155. Eclair problem
  156. Problems with sushi house
  157. Farm craft at wrong level
  158. Bridezilla Mailbox
  159. Solved Foxy?s Den
  160. Solved Lovely and Deluxe Mailboxes!
  161. Solved Cotton plant option is missing
  162. Can't buy gems, chicken just keeps running
  163. Cranberry count is wrong
  164. Solved finished cannery quest but no prize delivered
  165. Can?t Repair Truffle Forest
  166. Can't craft Exotic Pet Feed
  167. Outback plots.
  168. Progress getting reset
  169. Solved Train and Warehouse orders ask for Succulent from Down Under event items
  170. Farm Story 2 on Android, missing critical buildings compared to Ipad version
  171. Hickory Trees
  172. Solved Can't access game
  173. Gnome issue?
  174. Camera feature issue - cannot take screenshot
  175. Cleared land unusable
  176. Beaver stump
  177. Accessing Neighbor's Market
  178. Lost decorations
  179. Animation for Noodle House not working
  180. Not Receiving Leaderboard Points
  181. No beehive
  182. Scrolling out completely shows odd blue spot.
  183. MY cleared land is ALSO unusable
  184. Cleared land
  185. Invisible Items