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  1. Answered New bug from quest
  2. Answered Farm going OOS since update, saying I have no wifi connection
  3. Buildings
  4. Answered 100,000 coins missing??
  5. Answered Pic (and/or other stuff) disappearing from airplane delivery
  6. Fixed Wrong translation in 5-9-14 New Goal
  7. Answered Problem with buying items
  8. Answered Helloooooooooo Can I get a response please
  9. Fixed Farm store
  10. Answered Game crash
  11. Butterfly Bounty Bug
  12. Answered Buying salmon
  13. Answered Glitch with silo/barn.
  14. Train delivery requesting item i can't have
  15. New products in order warehouse
  16. Train Item with Zero Experience Points Again
  17. Answered Plz Help!!!
  18. Answered Mining bug
  19. Train deliveries require level 25...I'm on level 25
  20. Fixed Delilah's bug
  21. Fixed Close Button Grayed Out
  22. Fixed Getting Push Notifications
  23. Testőre ma old farm p?lda se
  24. Can't seem to level up
  25. Open Issue The blue bug - i'm blue dabadee dabada
  26. Answered Why can't I make connection to Facebook?
  27. Answered Blue farm,,
  28. Fixed Allow Quick Invite Turned Off
  29. Answered Level gone back to 35
  30. Answered Items disappearing on farm!
  31. Answered Cake pieces not registering
  32. Box on screen
  33. Farm Owner not Displayed on Side Shop
  34. Answered Mining message bug ("too far", "very close")
  35. Answered Reflection pond
  36. Fixed Social Invite shows 35 unknown people
  37. LOSING SAWS -Not in inventory
  38. On Screen Alert Causes Walking Chicken
  39. Answered updating birthday cake
  40. Otters not working
  41. Lost $100,000 after buying feed mill!!
  42. Answered unvisible buildings and white spots
  43. My store
  44. Sales of goods not always added to coins total
  45. Received one banner on first quest on iPad farm, two on iPhone.
  46. New pizza and egg-on-toast, but no ingredients?
  47. Answered Help please! Enter game- crashes immediately
  48. Help, carnival pony how can I use it?
  49. Sell Things - crush all the time
  50. Answered Dog does nothing except bark
  51. Gems from mine are not being added to my total.
  52. Answered Treehouse darts
  53. Gems not credited
  54. Answered Ticket Booth problem?
  55. Open Issue Everything keeps trying to move!
  56. Pony and dogs disappeared??
  57. Open Issue Will not run on certain tablets?
  58. Value pack
  59. Cellar problem
  60. Fixed Barking cat
  61. Train Glitch
  62. Fixed Dark grey bunny bug
  63. Answered 13 Tuna & 0 salmon, is this a bug?
  64. Answered Just collected tickets I made from ticket booth,but no more?
  65. Can't exit Fish Pond
  66. Open Issue Other teamlava games don't link in FS2.
  67. Game wont start...
  68. Answered Farm Story 2
  69. Answered Pets stopped giving gems after buying show pony. Bug or normal?
  70. Can't Install
  71. Rubies
  72. Answered 2 bugs on my android phone
  73. Fixed Empty Piece of Land Appeared
  74. Answered The hot air balloon will not accept the butter my dairy makes.
  75. Deliveries have stopped dropping shears
  76. HELP!!! I LOST 66 gems after I refreshed the game!!
  77. Treehouse
  78. Allow quick invite has been switched off
  79. Bought Shear Pack, but it wont deliver!
  80. Answered Didnt get bass after I caught it
  81. Answered The selling stand freezes after scrolling through
  82. Sheers drop rate so low
  83. Not showing Neighbor visits for Task
  84. iPad no reward for install other games and can't connect to multiple devices
  85. Alpaca Corral
  86. Gem missing issue
  87. Fixed My pony is not walking around
  88. Game Crashes Constantly
  89. Fixed Cows not showing up
  90. Fixed Pet food option is gone
  91. Answered How do I get rid of coconut & hibiscus trees?
  92. Fixed Mining message bug!
  93. Answered Candy shop stopped working
  94. Total of items not matching- Treehouse Game
  95. Answered Transfer my game to new iPad help please!!!
  96. Answered Since new storage feature bucket never goes away!
  97. Gems not going on
  98. Parts from deliveries
  99. Flower Tin pop up issue
  100. Game keep closing
  101. Not getting full coins from deliveries
  102. Mining tools drop rate has been lowered
  103. Answered Can't link to my Facebook
  104. Answered Can't feed cat, bunnies, dogs, etc
  105. No Gems
  106. Lost harvest kitty!!
  107. Why is salmon level 35 ?
  108. Lost My Hula Cat!
  109. Travelling Trader short-changed me!
  110. Poached eggs with pepper over
  111. the game doesnt work
  112. Still get Fall items in Stormy's shop
  113. Cannot See the Peanut Icon
  114. Servers down atm?
  115. Time issue question?
  116. Hot air balloon error?
  117. Answered mole mound
  118. Parts from barn deliveries
  119. Cannot buy gems
  120. Spook Trap a Trap??
  121. Answered Cherry trees?
  122. Fixed Halloween bugs
  123. Answered Cannot change skins on all my animals
  124. Fixed Treehouse prize is blank
  125. Pet Stuck in Dog House
  126. Expansions/gem confirmation
  127. Dead Owl On Spooky Tree
  128. Answered Gifts
  129. Lost gems
  130. Fixed Levels - not working
  131. Fixed The Korean characters are broken.
  132. Fixed Fish Getting Away?
  133. Fishing not working correctly
  134. Android user and no halloween items ?
  135. mine keeps crashing
  136. invisible mining prize
  137. Fixed mine crashing
  138. Cocoa Default Price
  139. Game crashes
  140. Dragging from Market
  141. Answered 2 Day Expansion Sale Button not working
  142. Farm Story 2 Game Down for Maintenance
  143. Level 25 and no prompt to fix train station?
  144. What is the max expansion on the barn?
  145. Since Maintenance
  146. Answered cant craft
  147. Fixed Bee hive upgradable?
  148. Bee Hive Upgrade Not Working
  149. Expansion Permits Not Dropping
  150. Open Issue Honey now requires level 35
  151. Problem buying honey at levels 30 -34 that wasn't there before
  152. Answered Game continually refreshes and wont save progress
  153. Answered Thanksgiving 2-days quest not showing up
  154. Answered Team Lava - Please can we have instructions for the Thanksgiving Event
  155. Answered Reward not received after completing task
  156. Answered Bug Issues!
  157. Simple candle buying now requires level 34
  158. No Wifi! 2 day goal to complete!
  159. Game Resetting after purchasing from Newspaper
  160. Thanksgiving 2-day quests not appearing
  161. Answered How does this happen?
  162. I have a new phone
  163. Hot air balloon asking for items I dont have access to yet
  164. Answered Item gone missing
  165. Help new device
  166. Item missing and game rolling back continually.
  167. Answered Android device and pets
  168. Dog and cat do nothing
  169. Answered Tree House doesn't work
  170. Missing Tool Problem
  171. Alpaca Plushies in Orders but Not in My Crafting Options
  172. Still Waiting For Gems I Purchased To Show Up In Game
  173. All items of thanksgiving are back in my barn :(
  174. Hot Air Balloon filled, froze, then asked for more items?
  175. Won't Plant Covered Plot
  176. Can't Store Hawaiian Trees
  177. Balloon not registering fulfilled order to release it for ticket
  178. Tree House (Same Prize over and over)
  179. Answered Paid 30 gems, Holiday tree DID NOT upgrade to stage 11
  180. Incessant pop-ups for Christmas Bingo game - it's iPad only, I'm on iPhone.
  181. New Ad System: Are you trying to alienate long term players?
  182. some items are missing, what should i do?
  183. can't make rice crackers
  184. Fixed lose everything
  185. rewards area blank, no reward given when playing levels of other games
  186. Answered Parts From Deliveries???
  187. Answered Farm Story 2 keeps crashing
  188. Answered crash and sign in?
  189. Crash and disappear
  190. Messed up swiss mountain dog texture
  191. Open Issue Shops showing as full but slots are empty
  192. crops missing after collecting!
  193. Spinach Pizza not cooking
  194. placing benches
  195. Answered never see butterflies or shovels/paint
  196. Why can't I not login to facebook by this game?
  197. Fixed Game constantly reloading- Losing progress and items (rare/random drops)
  198. Expanded to Water Garden, Materials Gone, No Expansion
  199. Saw rate dropped
  200. can't level up
  201. Number of items in barn/silo don't match order numbers
  202. Return Gifts gone/collecting money
  203. Kick Bug
  204. Farm Story disappeared
  205. Please find my Santa's Village House!
  206. Gem purchase Failed
  207. Game reverted to Level 1 on New iPad!!
  208. Game reloading constantly
  209. farm story 2 keeps resetting
  210. Fixed Heart valentine tab gone
  211. level 23 resetting
  212. Resetting on level 22.
  213. not getting maps.
  214. Missing dart Help please
  215. My animals are starving
  216. Valentines Bait Not Good
  217. shovels aso
  218. Valentine bait
  219. Cupid giving only coins
  220. Limited play on FS2
  221. Prices on new sauce items - wrong?
  222. Open Issue Cannot see valentines kissing booth!
  223. Valentine bait problem
  224. Valentine's pets sound weird
  225. Fixed Unable to craft sauce item in cafe
  226. chinese bait problem
  227. New items can't be sold
  228. flowers for chinese event not going into storage
  229. Lucky Bait Not Working
  230. I can't Login Facebook to FARMSTORY 2.
  231. Answered Keeps refreshing
  232. Game shuts down whilst truffle hunting
  233. Chickens gone
  234. Fixed Unable to gift back - button greyed out
  235. Fixed Big black box on sauce maker
  236. Answered Treehouse prize that can't be won?!
  237. Fixed Easter update crashing
  238. Fixed St. Paddy's Pot of Gold issue
  239. Saws rate replenishment
  240. Gems task disappeared with 3 days still to go
  241. Fixed Pot o' Gold redux?
  242. Cant play for long
  243. Crashing treehouse
  244. barn full
  245. Missing item
  246. Bug report!!
  247. Hot Air Balloon issue
  248. Unable to craft items in kitchen and feed mill
  249. Neighbor Reports More Items than they Have
  250. Friend's farm disappeared