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  1. Kingdom Clash [Limited Release]
  2. A few suggestions
  3. Suggestions for thieves
  4. Frost Tower
  5. Visiting Peoples bases
  6. lightning cannon
  7. Troop looks
  8. Non updated players on the leaderboard
  9. Stop the screen shaking while attacking
  10. Crown losses
  11. Some feedback
  12. Troop upgrade in Armoury
  13. Wall in people's profile?..
  14. Suggestions on improving the gesture for moving wall items
  15. Number of troops remaining in a battle
  16. Loot bonuses
  17. Pls explain crowns given and taken
  18. Troops ****ed
  19. Shield
  20. Random Suggestions
  21. Tournament suggestion
  22. Weekly Best of the Best Tournament
  23. Defensive Buildings rate of fire...
  24. More Ways To Invite Alliance Members
  25. Time for upgrades is too long!!
  26. Option to rotate a group of walls horizontally or vertically
  27. Time, Costs and Winning
  28. please add a confirm button for walls
  29. Find friend to attack!
  30. Stop The Screen Shaking During Battles!
  31. Suggestion: Instant upgrade item
  32. Walls, Donations, Word Filter, Personal Messages
  33. Donation Record and Online Status
  34. Two requests
  35. Can not be attacked
  36. Suggestion: play a sound when troops are ready
  37. Identify alliance on battle page
  38. Add Options on Alliance Invitations
  39. Revenge Attacks
  40. How can the same person attack me three times?
  41. Buying Gems - adjustment badly needed
  42. Viewing other kingdoms - allow clicking.
  43. Alliance Chat - Overlay Chat on main window
  44. How about adding a bank...
  45. Elders need the ability to kick
  46. Loots are very small
  47. Add an ignore button
  48. Snuffles565's suggestions
  49. Summoners As Ground Units???
  50. Good job!
  51. accidentally spending gems...
  52. Social Features
  53. New Crown System
  54. The logic behind it all?
  55. Summoners vs. Walls
  56. Daily Bonus Gems
  57. Possible solution to summoner / healer combo.
  58. Troop Stupidity
  59. Alliance Portal graphics should reflect its level
  60. Listen to music while playing
  61. accepting Alliance Requests
  62. Scrolling in the attack log
  63. Food for thought.
  64. Larger NEXT Button
  65. Idea for revenge attacks
  66. Barracks upgrading to level 8
  67. Resources
  68. Gem sales!
  69. Several towers upgrade using ss
  70. Alliance donate window
  71. Spellstone Walls!
  72. Attack replays
  73. Too frustrating for high level players
  74. Still no way to private message? SERIOUSLY?
  75. Donations are creating conflicts between players
  76. Different tournament rules?
  77. Upgrade time is wrong
  78. Spellstones Instead of Coins for Attacks
  79. Dismiss the "online shield"!
  80. Spellstone/gold Exchange Center
  81. A way to know what troops will show up
  82. The thrill is gone
  83. Things that need to be tweaked
  84. More variety of buildings required
  85. How about a tweak to the currency...
  86. Inappropriate messages? Annoying
  87. Game word filter
  88. The 5th barrack
  89. Forum Enhancement Requests
  90. High priority target flag
  91. Can you raise the price of Dragons?
  92. Practice Arena
  93. Get rid of the chat filter
  94. A few suggestions on troop donations and air units
  95. Calling cards
  96. Revenge should return your crowns
  97. The alliance troops are too strong.
  98. French serveur
  99. Airships and flame thowers
  100. New upgrade system
  101. Co Leader for Alliances
  102. ✨DragonsWrath✨
  103. demolitioist pathing
  104. Tweak Ground Troops
  105. Bring back max troops stop demoting
  106. Why do my troops cost moore then others
  107. Improve Base Editing!!
  108. More walls please!
  109. Please option to reject donations or accept only highlighted troops
  110. Why can any member declare a war?
  111. Alliance name in global & War button.
  112. Show the # of donations sent/received in the alliance portal
  113. Grace Period Before War Starts
  114. Android Version?
  115. Couple ideas
  116. Resource sharing
  117. Alliance War Goals
  118. Please stop hackers on Kingdom Clash
  119. Crowns won/ lost seems inequitable
  120. Why not just ban hackers after they are caught?
  121. Alliance War
  122. Imbalanced Attacking Regime
  123. Method to see who donates troops.
  124. Clan wars imbalanced
  125. Donation Tracking
  126. Adding Alliance buildings
  127. Suggestions for New Features
  128. Missing stars
  129. Stickies
  130. Show requested troops, even if sender has none.
  131. New unit Indara
  132. Gem Sale
  133. RH 11 looks like patio furniture
  134. Second Armory
  135. Alliance Battle Master?
  136. Joining the Swarm!
  137. Glory Points in war figured out
  138. The alliance search dosen't work
  139. I am ready to get a tablet how I do for transfer all of my farm story and my bakery ?
  140. Allow war challenges
  141. Make war more interesting
  142. hello FM add something more interesting
  143. Kingdom clash
  144. Suggestion about Info Buttons
  145. Kingdom Clash 1.4 / Facebook Bug
  146. Return troops to original strength
  147. Reset all traps option?
  148. See Really!
  149. What kind of new Troops would you like to See?
  150. Ads remove
  151. Needs an update to fix major problems that are around.