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  1. Blue Screen - Kingdom Clash
  2. No army being created
  3. Replays not working
  4. Kingdom clash won't open
  5. Attacked while online no Shield
  6. weird workshed prices.!
  7. 0 crowns
  8. Had to reset phone and lost account
  9. Connection problems
  10. Hacker/Glitch abuser
  11. Replays not working
  12. Disconnection during battle results in loss
  13. Shield Timer Issues
  14. Closing Mid Fight :@:@
  15. Screen is Frozen
  16. Not Being Awarded the Win and Losing Crowns
  17. Donating goal
  18. Game crash/ raid problems
  19. account disappeared
  20. Is my game now safe?
  21. Chat is split
  22. Attacking/clan troop bug.
  23. Wall Allotment Incorrect Between Players
  24. Chat Drops last Word
  25. Won a defence but lost crowns???
  26. Troops behaviour changed
  27. Lost double crowns pissed off
  28. Bears losing strength
  29. Yet again a bug
  30. Deleting Threads
  31. Ballista changes
  32. Game ruined
  33. Spell stone upgrades
  34. Attack mode glitched
  35. Missing Crowns
  36. Army is lost
  37. Red target when building troops
  38. Count of my troops in the army post is inflated
  39. Gems won't go over 100
  40. Can't Upgrade Royal Hall to 11?
  41. Promoted guy to clan leader
  42. Compatible with Ios7
  43. How do I play the game on the other device?
  44. How to transfer account
  45. Barracks disappeared
  46. "Lead your Kingdom to glory!" notification
  47. Getting attacked while Shield is active!
  48. Attacking army ignores Reinforcement Troops
  49. Thieves Path Finding
  50. Requesting Selected Troops Doesn't Work
  51. Dragons Suddenly Invisible
  52. Lost battle with 39%?
  53. Always matched to "Stormie"
  54. Can't Replay Lost Attack
  55. Major Hacks - Updates Needed
  56. Accepting Alliance Member Request When Full Rejects Them
  57. continuous losing crowns and army
  58. Mages Gone Crazy After Update
  59. Bad Path Finding After Update
  60. After updated IOS 7 on iPad, all progress GONE
  61. Account transfert? How we do this
  62. Sudden disappearance of Crowns, resources and troops
  63. Chat bug
  64. "your town is under attack"
  65. Can not attack
  66. not connecting/lost crowns
  67. Lost +300k resources but attacker got 0%.
  68. Won't connect, says not online
  69. cannot revenge anyone
  70. Stormie Loop
  71. My Troops are invisible
  72. Barracks lose their training order randomly
  73. Crowns disappeared
  74. Bug: Do not launch near big tree and rock
  75. Bug in Bear Upgrade from Level 2 to Level 3
  76. Opponents offer zero crowns?
  77. Continue playing with another device
  78. New Issue - Major Bug/Hack?
  79. Help 4 of us in the same alliance stuck in a stormie loop!
  80. Can't Summon Summoners
  81. No new summoner, no replay, icons show troops
  82. attacked but no record of it?
  83. Not Getting Attack Notifications After 1.3 Update?
  84. Units not moving but the towers are still attacking
  85. Possible Glitch - Got a never-ending defense troop?
  86. Is there a way to get a support ticket without going through the forums?
  87. Dragons as a defending troop?
  88. chat bug
  89. Alliance portal has dragons!?
  90. Troops won't move
  91. He used anny hack program
  92. Update 1.3 issues about royal hall level 99?
  93. Un-doing The Hacker Damage - An Idea
  94. Pop Quiz: Can you find the two things wrong with this picture?
  95. bomb / big bomb
  96. Sync Issues w Defeats & Sheilds
  97. Missing bomb traps
  98. A bug with the new troops
  99. Game won't load
  100. Is Stormie a bug or is it supposed to be that way?
  101. Hacked
  102. Lightning cannon bug
  103. Summoner Replays Are Bugged
  104. I'd like to start again!
  105. 2x Replay Speed Disabled!
  106. Stuck!
  107. How do you get 480 troops? Someone attack me
  108. Troop promotion
  109. Matching Flawed
  110. Replays Keep Getting Disabled
  111. Hacked. This loss is impossible
  112. All my games have been reset.
  113. Plz help I think I was attacked by a hacker !!!
  114. *****ing in Kingdom Clash
  115. The hacker report thread
  116. Missing loots and army
  117. Received a shield but didn't lose?
  118. No way possible I should defeat a player 3x in a row. They should be shielded.
  119. Resources from Camp Surroundings?
  120. Flawed percentage of building
  121. Replay Bug and Summoner / Healer Problem
  122. Yet another problem
  123. Getting tired of all the bugs in this game
  124. 98% loss = 8 hr shield?
  125. Missed Defensive Battle Shows Up Late Without Shield
  126. Bugged player that is skipped automatically
  127. Replay ends after 20 seconds
  128. New Hack - Unable to attack (and new bug discovered as well)
  129. Even System Maintenance is buggy
  130. Is Deleting and Reinstalling a solution?
  131. Unable to battle as an android user
  132. Crowns lost before tourney..becoming a bad habit FM
  133. Migrating to new phone
  134. Internet
  135. No Reward after coming first
  136. Armory help !!!
  137. MisApplied Crowns to Victories & Losses
  138. Android
  139. American Flag missing after battle
  140. Dragon bug
  141. Lost crowns - game seized up
  142. Great Job Storm8, Im very happy
  143. troop promotion time and price
  144. the purple diamond can not be added up more than 9999
  145. Never get messages
  146. Town under attack but no log
  147. Back to level 1
  148. Portal army take down you hole army!
  149. Archers go past defenses to attack vaults
  150. Pit trap
  151. Troops place inside walls to start attacking
  152. Attacked by the same player TWICE in the space of 4 hours?!
  153. Inactive timer
  154. Only 92% ???
  155. What's Going on with archers?
  156. unable to login: disconnection error
  157. Attacked while in maintenance
  158. 0 Crowns Bug
  159. Game crash again
  160. 2x within a 6 hour period
  161. Help plz
  162. Questions Questions Can we please have answers? To each question? A real answer?
  163. Android
  164. Tree that grows back!
  165. PLEASE HELP !! I Unable to login 2 DAYS . WHAT UP ??
  166. Major *****er identified, please close his account
  167. Being attacked while system maintenance is on!
  168. Login issue
  169. A hacker ranked in top 50!!!
  170. All ground troops are weak!!!!!
  171. i lose 34 cr when my opponent hit 47% against me
  172. Kingdom Clash doesn't see internet connection
  173. Farming for fire mocha
  174. Attacked with shild up
  175. Enough with "Privacy Concerns". DevilsAdvocate alliance Harboring *****ERS
  176. Is someone from firemocha ever going to help me
  177. My game just got reset to Lv 1 help firemocha
  178. building update time problem
  179. Game keeps crashing for android
  180. Firemocha help plz my game reset to Lv 1
  181. bought gems but haven't recived them.
  182. You've been playing for 12 hours and your kingdom needs a break
  183. Porthole up grade lost
  184. Loss of Crowns on game crash when attacking
  185. Did not receive/download gems?
  186. 5 days i did not receive my gems in game
  187. Smurf... Erm, Champion Alter hack?
  188. Upgrade timer bug
  189. Suddenly my archers are losing games for me
  190. Problem with leader status
  191. Loss of crowns despite winning the battle
  192. WTH! Lost twice by same person.
  193. Sped up my barracks to level 7 by accident...
  194. Additional items on my playing field that should not be there...
  195. Game reset to lvl1 after IPad update
  196. Ranking glitch
  197. Unintended purchase of shield
  198. Get Offline When Attacking
  199. Bears not affective after update??
  200. Cannot logon
  201. Stuck in the game
  202. so close to quitting!
  203. Glitches Galore
  204. i didn't get gems that i bought..
  205. airships are bugged for Android
  206. Attacked while online
  207. Account reset on me and I lost all progress :( help get my kingdom back and friends.
  208. Keeps saying no internet connection when there clearly is.
  209. New hand phone
  210. bugs
  211. Got attacked, opponents destroy only 28%, but I loose and - 10 crowns....
  212. help please.
  213. Can't do anything please help
  214. Donation issues
  215. Getting disconnected after the attack
  216. Crown problem!!!
  217. Victim of "Loodi"?
  218. Blue Screen???
  219. Help. My upgrading Royal hall stopped on its own
  220. Android
  221. Always Disconnect
  222. Today, every match is 40 crowns, lose 1
  223. Trouble to buy gems????!!!???
  224. New updates on Kingdom Clash.
  225. Disconnect/reset After Wins Still Not Fixed!
  226. Bought upgrades and not getting them, But game subtracted my gems!
  227. Crashing - Losing Coins & Gems
  228. Got attacked by someone with 1463 Archers. Cool!!!
  229. I'm shielded but it's not my base in the replay
  230. A game with no bugs? Firemocha isn't interested.
  231. Can't purchase gems
  232. Unable to buy gems
  233. Lagging and very slow when attacking
  234. Bug in Portal Viewer
  235. Open Issue Troops training messed up?
  236. Bug the occurred while attacking. How to contact developers???
  237. Unable to sync old account to new phone
  238. Hacked by Lvl 22 D-Ville
  239. *****er with 1mil crowns!
  240. Mossad with more walls and weapons
  241. Lost but receive no shield? hack??
  242. Building/upgrading, attacking, etc broken!
  243. *****er!!!
  244. Low level bug
  245. Beware of him!
  246. Bugs ?
  247. Same account on two devices?
  248. Photoshoped?
  249. Keep getting matched with very low kingdoms.
  250. The training time of bear is wrong.Help me please.