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  1. How to Report Bugs
  2. Bingo reset after buying new iPad.
  3. Missing bingo cards
  4. Missing game pieces
  5. Daily Rewards keeps repeating
  6. Missing tickets
  7. Problems with Bingo!
  8. can NOT connecd to facebook
  9. New Monster School Bingo
  10. Missing Collection Pieces from Bingo Beach
  11. Monster school bingo
  12. Lost bingo cards when phone rang
  13. Daily rewards
  14. Easter Hills Collection
  15. Collection pieces
  16. loss of tickets
  17. Answered Collectibles not received in Bingo
  18. Lost 1000+ tickets after IOS7 update
  19. Lost tickets and gems!
  20. Wait 7050 days gor tickets.!!
  21. Answered No tickets for multiple bingos
  22. Rubies disappear
  23. Collection Pieces Disappear
  24. Friend not showing up under Social
  25. Missing rewards in tournament
  26. XP points earned are not registering to advance level
  27. Lost bingo cards
  28. Data Deleted! Help!!
  29. keeps saying lost internet connection
  30. High Stakes Tourney issue
  31. Can i reset my bingo account?
  32. Fixed Treasure chests are empty in tournament
  33. Took all my tickets, would'nt play. Very upset.
  34. Fixed Can't choose cards
  35. Fixed Daily tickets reduced?
  36. Fixed Daily tickets decreased!
  37. Answered Gems disappeared!!
  38. HOW TO Resolve Account Transfer Issues for BINGO!!
  39. Answered Rooms wont load anymore
  40. Answered Please help!! Purchased gems a no show!!!
  41. Answered Tickets disappeared after level up
  42. Bingo tournament leader?
  43. Answered My *****s for daily tournament disappeared & daily tickets disappeared too!
  44. Answered 600 coins for completing earth day collection?
  45. Answered Won't stop "LOADING"!!!!! Unable to play ANYTHING at all
  46. Answered Started a game, gave me no internet connection message, then stole my tickets without
  47. Answered Game froze
  48. Answered Can't earn daily tickets
  49. Answered Lost tickets and collection pieces
  50. Missing collection pieces in Bingo.
  51. iOS 8 beta and bingo
  52. Answered Lost tickets and diamonds
  53. Bingo force closing
  54. problem with bingo room"rio games world"
  55. Black screen lost Tickets
  56. need a confirmation button for conversions of gems/coins, etc. before changes made
  57. Bingo ticket ripoff
  58. I had enough :) kept losing my tickets
  59. Answered cannot play tournament
  60. Answered Bingo only plays theme music. No sound effects, no numbers called, etc. please help!!
  61. Lost Gems ,
  62. Answered Tournament "coming soon"
  63. Answered Bad bingo
  64. Answered very slow to load
  65. Lost all tickets when I changed phones
  66. Need to update bingo but no update available
  67. Not seeing new room treasure troves
  68. Game crashes after updating my Nexus 5
  69. Lost 56 tickets
  70. Facebook connect never fixed....
  71. Restart
  72. Can you increase the size of the cards on the screen?
  73. Why have two separate apps for Christmas room
  74. bingo! lock
  75. Christmas Bingo not loading in Classic
  76. logging in to my storm8 account on bingo
  77. trouble connecting to Facebook and logging into storm account
  78. My game history is gone, levels and credits
  79. Suddenly no sound on BINGO
  80. crash, then missing tickets
  81. Medieval Castle
  82. Not receiving winning gems
  83. New rooms
  84. Game keeps closing
  85. Loading.......... Forever
  86. Impossible Bingo Tourney Scores
  87. Reset bingo
  88. Boosts not working
  89. High roller room not available?
  90. Answered Houses and hotels
  91. Answered 3 days and still "Loading......."
  92. View of two cards at once
  93. Erroneous bad bingos
  94. Bingo games won't load
  95. Missing gems
  96. Lost bingo cards
  97. Gem rewards
  98. Not updating
  99. Can't get bingo to load
  100. Play more than 8 cards? And see more than 2?
  101. Stuck on a level
  102. No sound effects, no theme music, no numbers called
  103. Coin amount
  104. Game shuts down
  105. Game won't load
  106. Visual bug
  107. New iPhone
  108. dice disappeared
  109. Free Gems
  110. Answered Trouble seeing cards and only one card visible
  111. Glitch tournament
  112. Format change! Why????
  113. Support issue
  114. Latest Version Issues
  115. Collections
  116. Weekly Bingo Challenge Bug
  117. Bingo Update...Game will not load
  118. New Level-but no tickets and no change in counter
  119. Videos in Bingo fail to download
  120. Can't add or see my friends
  121. Ads don't load
  122. Demolition Boost missing on Android devices