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  1. TEAM LAVA games Corruption of iPhone OS per APPLE Store ...
  2. Not receiving gifts and free gift promos with gem purphase on Ipad
  3. When accepting gifts, if I try to gift back, game forces close everytime.
  4. Purchased Gems but didnt get the gems or the free item
  5. Cant find my gifts like paint
  6. Why are Gifts received from Neighbors now only "1 Plate?" etc.
  7. the game often forces close after updating
  8. Force close
  9. Please let us delete un-accepted invite
  10. HTC Evo 3D lag
  11. Max number of storage gifts
  12. 6 or 8 Hour Grill Items
  13. Purchased gems not showing up in restaurant
  14. magic mystery box
  15. Stuck in design mode
  16. missing menu items
  17. Restaurant Story Bug - Deleted 10 Gems in Exchange for $10,000
  18. help! accidentally bought Teddy bear with gems
  19. Android bug
  20. Amount of gifts received
  21. Impossible to receive Requested materials to build "easy items"!!!
  22. What happened to...
  23. Why I loss my some item
  24. Constant game reboot
  25. All My Stew Is Missing!
  26. Freeze
  27. Constant forceclose
  28. No customers
  29. is it just me
  30. design items or weekly updates
  31. Coins lost and become to negative(-26xxx) suddenly, than blocked server and tip.
  32. No quests?
  33. Do we want a "are you sure you want to use gems to _____" button?
  34. Do we want a "gift all" button?
  35. Do we want a "block" button?
  36. Do we want bouncing stars/coins?
  37. Negative coins bug?
  38. Food wont move to combine, or go on new serving counter but vaneshes.
  39. Where's the bagels
  40. Making an easy stove with nuts and bolts!
  41. Lockups with Asus eeepad Transformer BF-101 Tablet
  42. My gift stew doesn't come
  43. Screen Resolution Issue
  44. there is a glitch on mine
  45. Lemon-lime soda
  46. Current Known Bugs and Issues for RS
  47. expanding.
  48. Can't connect with Facebook
  49. problem with the floor tile
  50. Ideas for upgrades to improve user interaction
  51. "We were unable to send the material to your friend" message
  52. Gift exchange for Christms celebration?
  53. New Badges feature??? Huh??
  54. Anyone else having problems getting into the game?
  55. cant re-download app for RS
  56. i am having multiple problems
  57. Restaurant story
  58. gifts
  59. Suggestion
  60. No Tasks/Missions
  61. No latest update
  62. Not receiving gems for level 4 mastery
  63. All my food on a counter is gone :-(
  64. Greeting message- on the wall tab???
  65. Gift requests
  66. Automatically tip all neighbours- and having favourite neighbours at the top of list
  67. Want my gems back
  68. Didn't get drinking machine built but gave me a new box
  69. Accidently purchased 10000 gold for 10 Diamonds.
  70. Got Gold Badge...Then lost Gem!
  71. Drink machine HELLP!!!
  72. Huge appliance complaint!!
  73. food on counters disappear when i exit out of design tab
  74. Easy stoves and ovens disappeared on me :(
  75. gifting
  76. new phone..wheres my restaurant?
  77. My game has no story.... please help
  78. All my food disappeared
  79. accessing appliances...:)
  80. No access to Halloween recipies
  81. Can't cook! what happened??????
  82. did anyone buy gems today and received the gift (cabana lounge)???
  83. Help!!! I did not received free gem gifts!!
  84. Gift problems
  85. badges
  86. Expansion Glitch
  87. Gems disappearing
  88. no gem offer?
  89. Recieving only 20 gifts per 24 hour  independant of accepting or not
  90. RS Game not starting - Frozen welcome screen
  91. Coin Glitching in my restaurant story :(
  92. too much food!
  93. moving account to a different iphone
  94. Counters are clearing all food
  95. gifting bug
  96. Screen went big somehow in my Restaurant Story!
  97. I can't buy gem,why?
  98. Gem with free gift, but no pop up
  99. NEW parts request issue after update...
  100. Collected Collectibles Disappear After Every Out of Sync Message
  101. How to delete materials gifts from gifts
  102. Restaurant Story Android in unsupported country help
  103. Marble Madness task resets every time I open RS
  104. No Kalua Pig?
  105. More culture More People of the world
  106. out of sync
  107. why
  108. Cabana lounge popup
  109. Can't 'use' parts recvd in messages
  110. Task not registering
  111. Potential Collectibles Bug?
  112. Gems disappeared!
  113. Collectibles issue
  114. Sushi bar
  115. Sushi bar bug
  116. why my RS cannot auto pickup star and item
  117. Marble Table and Green Chair Glithc
  118. Sushi bar needs a chef
  119. Where is the soda machine?
  120. Problems with constructing sushi bar
  121. Stupid pop up on message screen!!!
  122. I have a new phone how do i transfer my id
  123. 10 years to achieve next level?!?!?!
  124. Question about the collectables
  125. Where did my food go?
  126. update???
  127. Bug, Glitch, Bad
  128. Please update avatars
  129. I'm thinking their should be a popcorn machine for restaurant story
  130. bug reports....
  131. Lost Gems
  132. Just a suggestion: Slots to acquire more ovens , stoves or other cooking items
  133. Halloween suggestions
  134. Suggestions: Counters
  135. New full screen pop-up ads
  136. Why can't I make Halloween items!?!?!?
  137. Easy oven not so easy.
  138. Select all box
  139. Material Requests have not been delivered while I got the message "they were sent"
  140. Oh Darn! and the Gems offer pops up
  141. Enhancement Requests needed for Restaurant Story
  142. Other's Storm8 ID on my Phone
  143. All food of the same automatically combined.
  144. All food desapeared
  145. Sorry I should report
  146. The lack of items
  147. Different versions
  148. food disappeared
  149. No internet access message.
  150. No Lemon Lime Soda
  151. Halloween items decorations
  152. why don't i have a sushi bar?
  153. Where to find these items in Resturant story
  154. Disappearing coins!
  155. Stuck on loading screen
  156. Expand buttons missing? Unable to expand.
  157. Losing Parts
  158. Missing Gems
  159. Design mode on neighbour's Restaurant!!!
  160. Game Progress/Storm ID
  161. When playing the Halloween version......
  162. why dont i have a badges button on android
  163. Wall post changes
  164. where do u get halloween version of this game?
  165. Advice please
  166. Help Resturant Offline Message
  167. No sushi bar for android?
  168. Black cat request
  169. Unstable
  170. The tip burglar needs help !
  171. I liked that...
  172. A date for last week update?
  173. Gem Purchases being cancelled
  174. Game says I am offline when I am online
  175. Negative 21000+ coins?? plz help
  176. cannot open restaurant story
  177. Crash
  178. No floor and door!!
  179. Connection Issues / Missing Wall, Floor & Door
  180. Restaurant Story Game Bug: Restaurant is distorted, missing wall, door, tile
  181. Cannot save the game progress
  182. force closes when visiting neighbors
  183. How about you hire people Team Lava?
  184. Notification
  185. A little respect please !!!
  186. Don't like the new Pop Ups
  187. Eyeball Stew spoiling TOO SOON!!!
  188. Green floor, Orange walls, And all of my stuff is gone..
  189. Internet access
  190. Suggestion for "send gift" menu
  191. Allow Us To Buy Gem Items With Coins
  192. Negative Coins?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
  193. No Quests / Tasks / Missions
  194. Force Close message, can't get into RS at all
  195. New Feature Badges Earn Rewards
  196. Thank you, TeamLava!!!
  197. My grill can't cook teriyaki skewers
  198. minestrone soup, grilled mushrooms, and lime soda never to be seen
  199. Poor Customer Service Issues
  200. Rollbacks in Rs Halloween /gems lost(?)
  201. Foods
  202. changed phone
  203. Major problem with restuarant please Help
  204. missing coins because of sync
  205. Missing coins awards
  206. STORM8 ID Login
  207. Make app available on Blackberry?
  208. Sushi counter
  209. Lost coins and food
  210. Lovely snowflake table and chair are no longer available!
  211. My Restaurant has all kinds of BUGS!
  212. Missing coins
  213. No tips are showing? Restaurant Story
  214. ANNOYING popups
  215. Sushi bars disappeared
  216. Negative Coins
  217. Spending gems
  218. expansion and friends
  219. Gifts/ parts
  220. Challenges?
  221. Not receiving materials
  222. Where's my stew?
  223. Connection issues
  224. Where is my Restaurant Story icon ?
  225. I don't get my coins or i'm losing my coins(?)
  226. I don't want Halloween items in menu
  227. Unable to play at certain times
  228. resturaunt dissapeared
  229. plum pudding went poof
  230. Missing food at restaurant story!!!!!
  231. Points for next level
  232. my money is -300k+
  233. All Games will be Down Tonight
  234. as i was collecting my tips
  235. Australian Flag
  236. BUG in 500,000 expansion 2x already
  237. Please give us Level 96 players something to work toward...
  238. Restaurant out of sync - money lost
  239. Can't play
  240. Push notification!
  241. Buggy Breakfast Tab?
  242. Host gone missing?
  243. i do not have the collectables in my menu screen!!
  244. Seafood Paella recipe not in RS Cookbook for Droid. Is there anything else I can do,
  245. Seafood Paella recipe not in RS Cookbook for Droid. Is there anything else I can do,
  246. Portebella mushrooms
  247. [Bug] Material parts requests not working properly (drink machine)
  248. Mastery not leveling up
  249. Sonic cooking appliances
  250. Transferring Game to Android Device