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  1. problem
  2. problem
  3. Unacceptable food quests - iOS Restaurant Story version
  4. Ideas for new dishes!
  5. Bug - can't get chairs out of inventory - and because of that can't buy any, either
  6. Out of sink with server
  7. So mad i could delete restaurant story
  8. Frustrated!!!
  9. A problem of "out of sync with the server"
  10. Wow not very happy since the last update!!
  11. "out of sync" loosing gifts, food etc..
  12. Buying things and they don't pop up!
  13. mad!
  14. Help!
  15. dishes issue
  16. Bugs and feedback
  17. Suggestions
  18. Out of Sync/missing gems !?!
  19. Missing food
  20. Cannot complete the "buy an oven" task
  21. What happened to the floors??
  22. Free food to cook
  23. Phone shutting down completely?
  24. Messages on games for Samsung Fasinate
  25. Max Gift Reached?
  26. New Features Wanted
  27. Help
  28. Crashes and lag on Ipod touch 2nd generation
  29. How to block a person that you don't like/hate ?
  30. Adding store name & inviting new friends
  31. New Game for Android
  32. New update in Android Market
  33. Help me!!!
  34. Picking up stars
  35. 60 seconds vs 1 minute
  36. Changing name
  37. I change a new iphone
  38. New expansions available..?
  39. Holiday Suggestions
  40. News - new holiday box available. I KNOW!!
  41. Accepting gifts
  42. How do you sell flooring and wallpaper?
  43. Bug - restaurant story crashes whenever i try to make oysters
  44. Game crashed, is now out of whack.
  45. Can't save the game at all....always start from scratch
  46. Game always start from level 1 when I load it, it never remembers my storm8 ID
  47. Customers and Workers Have Disappeared!
  48. All neighbors gone!
  49. [SOLUTION] Transfer Farm/Bakery/Restaurant game to new android device
  50. Where did the fireplace go????
  51. 24/7
  52. How many want a coin and gem transfer feature?
  53. Hazzas
  54. Customers stuck at entrance
  55. push notifications
  56. rewards for mastery of an item? Is this a bug or did you mean to do this??
  57. Restaurant Gems not coming up
  58. Making screenshots with Galaxy S !!!
  59. Star rating going down
  60. My Account is in Deficit (What????)
  61. I don't have anything Wat so every and I only Have 300 Coins!!
  62. could i play restaurant story on my iphone and ipad by one account
  63. Select All option
  64. How Many People Want Different Weather In This Game ?
  65. Harassment, What to do??
  66. Menu Items
  67. mastery.....
  68. Push Notifications
  69. Design Issue
  70. my little people are stuck at the door?
  71. Menu Items Bugs (Level Up Items )
  72. Customers not fully entering the restaurant...
  73. lucky Gems & participation gems
  74. Apple say restaurant and bakery apps freeze up
  75. No fish and chips
  76. Windows and wall art!
  77. How to remove pending neighbour requests?
  78. HELP! Wall glitch.
  79. Can't buy gems.
  80. Glitch at the door.
  81. Divider problems
  82. 11-12 counters worth of food disappeared. HELP!!!
  83. all my dish gone!!!
  84. Lost my Coins
  85. My foods suddenly dissapear from the counters
  86. Tonight all my food on teh Counters dissappeared
  87. Make the Lobster Tank, Salad Bar and Cheese Cart More Useful.
  88. food not cooking!!! My stews have been on stove for 3 days!!
  89. gail66
  90. Whats going on with my restaurant story?????
  91. daily count keeps reseting
  92. Resolution Problem
  93. Food disappearing several times
  94. Alerts
  95. I can't see this bar why?
  96. all my tips disappeared!
  97. all my tips disappeared!
  98. were is the drinks in the restaurant story
  99. Stew wouldn't cook and customers stuck at door!!
  100. my floor is stuck on parquet :-(
  101. Freezing customers
  102. Negative Money MAJOR Bug
  103. Tips/money missing!
  104. Restaurant bugs
  105. Purple furniture?
  106. Suggestion to add a 30 minute item for stove and more grill items
  107. Can't see new counters.
  108. Rack of Lamb not showing on Oven.
  109. New unlocked food items
  110. Food disappears off of counters but money is increased...
  111. Update
  112. Did not get the new update
  113. Can't find Rack of Lamb
  114. Stuffed mushrooms?
  115. no rack of lamb
  116. Customers still getting stuck at door!!
  117. Update Rack of Lamb not there
  118. Compensation for maintenance?
  119. lost all my food
  120. Attention team lava,Norman, anyone. WTF game froze/ lost gems?????????
  121. bug or glitch
  122. Community Events and Cookoffs gone?
  123. Food Sale Speed
  124. S'mores
  125. Expand Restaurant
  126. Gem problem
  127. food is ready notifications not working
  128. posting more than one time in contest
  129. Android version 2.2.2
  130. Design glitch
  131. My game won't update
  132. Glitch
  133. Got no food and it always runs out? Here is how to do it.
  134. App Froze and Made Unintentional Purchase
  135. bug! Food disappearing
  136. New Decorations
  137. out of sync all the time :(
  138. Restaurant Story Drink Machines
  139. floor is going crazy
  140. Are you getting my 10+ crash reports every day?
  141. Lost food when accidentally "stored" a counter.
  142. Problems With Food
  143. Licence to Grill challenge
  144. When clearing tips ... what do you see?
  145. Steel counters lost
  146. lost granite counter
  147. materials request in restaurant story
  148. Game glitch to Resteraunt floor
  149. Cannot see Restaurant updates
  150. Gift Button Problem
  151. Anyone else getting/giving odd gifts like screws, metal sheets, springs?
  152. unable to access newsfeed to accept gifts
  153. Force Close when accepting gifts
  154. New Items for Grill
  155. just wondering
  156. Notifications?!?!
  157. Purchasing gems
  158. lastest update cant find easy appliance
  159. I lost my fruit basket (decoration) yesterday, can anybody help??????
  160. I lost my fruit basket (decoration) yesterday, can anybody help?? I am using Galaxy S
  161. Why don't the customers come in the door
  162. Restaurant Story AND Bakery Story STILL FREEZING for up to 30 seconds
  163. ? Bugs in restaurant story
  164. Post gift
  165. Purchases disappeared
  166. Request to Include a New Expansion Feature: Outside Patio or Deck for the Grassy area
  167. New food items not showing up menu??
  168. cannot buy appliances. force closes. food and gifts disappear after restart.
  169. Floor space with no walls
  170. Out of sync?
  171. My RS floor duplicated.
  172. Easy build appliances
  173. Easy Appliances not working
  174. Pleas fix bug: Invisible stoves!
  175. Pleas fix bug: Invisible counters!
  176. Customers can't get in
  177. zoom in/out
  178. Dishes Disappeared!!
  179. Can't see my floor !!!!
  180. new materials requesed by nbrs?
  181. Food is instantly eat by customers
  182. Food vs. Parts gifts. What's the limit?
  183. no new appliances
  184. Restaurant out of sync with the server
  185. Stuck in Design mode
  186. Wtf team lava fix my resteraunt
  187. Cannot purchase new stove and Inhave missing counters
  188. Bought something on purpose
  189. my game reset
  190. Easy Oven Making It Hard?
  191. Two easy appliances gone! And the food I was cooking on them!
  192. Weekly update
  193. my customers keep disappearing
  194. mixed up pictures
  195. Something weird about easy appliance after update...
  196. I do not have the 3 vertical icons on the top left screen. Help.
  197. I hate the new GIFT system!
  198. Easy appliances?
  199. No new Food
  200. Bugs....
  201. latest update
  202. Storage problem with wooden pillars
  203. Claim my coins
  204. Food lost!
  205. cant retrieve gifts
  206. uninstall
  207. New updates
  208. Two barrels missing from my stock
  209. Restaurant not in sync we have refreshed your restaurant.
  210. cannot see bruschetta
  211. fix this
  212. Weird tables I didn't buy
  213. I wish to have a separate owner's message line
  214. please help me weekly update!!
  215. I Just Lost Thousands of Plates of Food
  216. Tipping Neighbors
  217. Slow Customers
  218. 3 icons in the upper left corner not "working" properly
  219. Restaurant reset?
  220. gifts
  221. Goals
  222. Cant find cupcakes
  223. Can't Gift Neighbors
  224. not happy
  225. No xp or coins when visting Neighbours
  226. Copy/Paste?
  227. Force close
  228. Cooking Easy Appliance transformed into unfinished carton.
  229. New Bug - this is getting tiring
  230. How do I get my resto & bakery city back?!
  231. Where did my food go?
  232. My Chocolate Fountain gone!
  233. "Out of sync" is driving me crazy! - TO TEAMLAVA
  234. Bug??
  235. Crashing when trying to gift friends
  236. This game is a sham!
  237. Help I can't purchase any appliances it resets
  238. my restaurant clears
  239. sweetmissy8
  240. Out of sync and LOSING STARS
  241. A few bugs since the latest update
  242. Restaurant Story Description in Android Market
  243. Forces close when trying to send gifts
  244. Two easy grills were just gone forever!!!!
  245. Bug caused my purchase disappeared
  246. Inappropriate word annoyance
  247. Tables and chairs appearing at random
  248. Lost woodland box item
  249. New Update
  250. Restraunt Expansion Option Disappeared