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  1. Inconsistency In Mastery
  2. Purchased 4 jasmine tables and 3 chairs - now missing!
  3. No Deactivate Option?
  4. Old Goal Pop Ups
  5. No prize at the end of goal
  6. Disappearing Requests
  7. Missing Ovens HELP!
  8. Aimless cookery
  9. Can't gift or send parts request
  10. Invisible Stone Pathway Tiles?
  11. How to buy locked goal items ?
  12. romantic pond
  13. Facebook
  14. Fixed chestnut roaster shows wrong food.
  15. Not receiving requests
  16. Snowman chef
  17. kids kitchen
  18. Need help in changing id and password for my sister
  19. Design tab reverts to first item every time
  20. Egg Stove Parts Gufts
  21. Design tab working in other players restaurants.
  22. oops!!
  23. dinosaur nugget showing up as mex choco drink
  24. do crates and chest have alliances in them?
  25. easter sale???
  26. Easter sale items bug!
  27. Spring Basket Not Available ANDROID
  28. Easter items as goals
  29. Bug about the screen
  30. Why are my messages disappearing from my Wall
  31. 7 Day items are locked
  32. RS can't complete goal
  33. Tambourine pie
  34. Answered Never received Herbology goals
  35. Temp goal stoves
  36. Help! Never got 4/29 updates!
  37. Blank gem sale screen
  38. Moving food to counter
  39. Answered Expansion new item added,changed after I got 35 neighbors
  40. Problem in gifts and requesting materials
  41. My chef is missing !
  42. Multiple problems.
  43. can't buy clown car
  44. build Kentucky stove
  45. goal disappeared
  46. PLS HELP! 10 gifts are missing from my gifts' list.
  47. Food not being eaten
  48. Trying to build appliances
  49. Missing Food
  50. not recieved item purchased from expand tab with 24 gems
  51. Answered Goal steps repeating
  52. Answered Bought item not showing up on mission
  53. Problem with the 16 Lemon Blueberries not being counted
  54. Unable to complete goal
  55. Only 7 Customers At A Time?
  56. Gifting
  57. Restaurant Story 1.7.6 Issues IOS
  58. A way to still copy and paste
  59. Message gifting knobs only
  60. iOS update!,
  61. Coins disappearing since update (ios)
  62. Neighbors not receiving requests for Sparklers.
  63. Watch video button not working
  64. can't buy the BBQ Stove
  65. A store glitch or Bug, help!
  66. Updated from original kindle fire to kindle fire hdx! Help
  67. Missing gems.
  68. Block button....... Help!!
  69. Video for gems not playing!!!
  70. Restaurant story
  71. July Oven Producing Incorrect Quantities
  72. Processing is too long
  73. No stove
  74. Crab grill locked recipes
  75. Not had a weekly goal for ages
  76. Missing Value Pack
  77. Goals
  78. teacher at desk in goal
  79. Teachers Desk Issue
  80. Can anybody else NOT see Meatloaf Day in the Cafeteria Oven
  81. Not so mysterious meat
  82. Teacher's Desk is Invisible
  83. spamming texts coming at almost midnight??
  84. Gem machine is Missing!
  85. Goals not finished
  86. Candy blast mania didn't appear in my Restaurant
  87. Not getting notifications with Ren Faire version
  88. Problema with RS AND BS
  89. Disappearing gifts and tips - able to tip and gift over and over again!
  90. Gem Sales Gone After Installing Bakery Story?
  91. Autumn Welcome Mat - warning, don't buy!
  92. Decreased Gem Coount
  93. please stop with the pop ups for a game that I can't even get.
  94. Wallpaper is invisible
  95. Not being notified about New updates
  96. Blinking Corner
  97. Disappearing goals
  98. help please
  99. Why I lost my ability to watch ads for gems?
  100. A problem with my account, not saving things corect
  101. Occasional freezing
  102. Game is lagging
  103. Unable to copy/paste, autocorrect not working
  104. Bakery and Restaurant Stiry
  105. Why does s8 hate Samsung devices????
  106. Issue with buying ovens
  107. Black Friday Sale Did Not Populate In My Restaurant
  108. Password
  109. Game won't install
  110. Popup for free gems for watching ads
  111. support.storm8.com ignoring me
  112. Gem dispenser missing?!
  113. Gem purchase on December 2 still not posted
  114. Cookbook Rearranging Issue
  115. Restaurant and bakery story
  116. other email - can't login
  117. Where'd Storm8 learn easy multiplication as applies to RS?
  118. Transferring games
  119. bug or idk what?
  120. Sitting space goal not clearing
  121. Restaurant Story - Blues Expansion issue
  122. Login Feature Lost
  123. A way to get the appliance back?
  124. Is there anyway I can get the password to my old account
  125. Game Reverting Valentines Items
  126. New APP Update Crashes Game
  127. Can't sign into my other account
  128. Game keeps kicking off
  129. Issues following release of iOS version 1.7.8
  130. Level 99 on my ipod, level 1 on phone
  131. Help! Game reset
  132. Can't Sign in to different Restaurant Story Accounts
  133. Rewards window keep popping up nonstop after installing a recommended game yesterday
  134. Can't Switch??
  135. Bugs
  136. Restaurant is Level 1 on Android
  137. Since the new update this week...
  138. What's w this?
  139. Processing......
  140. Restaurant Story disappeared
  141. Restaurant Story recovery needed
  142. Gems disappeared
  143. Visibility Issues with Restaurant /Bakery/Fashion Story
  144. Kooky! Your PM inbox is full!
  145. No more free gem videos?
  146. Still no news from s8 on issues with after the update on the 9th??
  147. Sweetheart stool can not be rotated.
  148. Support not contacting me
  149. Older Kindle fire update today
  150. Mysterious Flashing Arrow
  151. My Account Settings
  152. Restaurant Story Went back to level 1
  153. Restaurant Story Error
  154. Problems with the stove
  155. Game not working
  156. Reward in loop after downloading Hungry Babies
  157. Problem with RS after installing Hungry Babies Wildlife
  158. Problem with RS after installing Hungry Babies Wildlife
  159. Gem Videos
  160. Where do the free gems go???????
  161. Lost access to my restaurant
  162. Open Issue Quest Bug "A Friendly Face" iOS 9.2.1
  163. Almost two months now
  164. Lost restaurant story ..Need help!!!
  165. My iPhone restaurant is now my iPad restaurant
  166. Almost 2 months
  167. Online Error
  168. Restaurant Story restarted...Please Help!!!
  169. Black screen on Galaxy S2
  170. 6.0 marshmallow trouble
  171. Restaurant Story
  172. Restaurant Reset Itself!!!
  173. Lost Restaurant :(
  174. RS don't tell when food is ready
  175. block a gamer
  176. My game has reset and I can't get my old stuff back
  177. Out of Sync with Server. Lose tons of money and food few times a day
  178. Need help
  179. Gem videos
  180. My restaurant is gone
  181. No communication with support re: no game access
  182. Goal wall sconces
  183. Old goals keep popping back up (Android)
  184. Still waiting for Support to respond
  185. Can't remove sign off wall
  186. Logging in with different device / Have a new device
  187. Lost All of My Game Progress!
  188. Fixed Can't purchase gems?!?!
  189. Has anyone on Android had their progress returned after losing it?
  190. Problem with account !!!
  191. Badges
  192. Help
  193. Still don't have my Restaurant Story back
  194. Unable to change restaurant name!
  195. Lost gems due to popup bug
  196. Cut off messages after last update!
  197. Id
  198. Pending neighbor requests
  199. Account settings button
  200. Changed my Storm8 ID, but it won't update on Restaurant Story
  201. No gift In RS when I play Dream City
  202. Game hacked
  203. It keeps saying my food is ready or overcooked when I already served it
  204. Served food, but it didn't show up on counter
  205. Not working right.
  206. Game wont let me log into my account
  207. Friend ID help
  208. Goals restaurant story
  209. Disappearing recipes
  210. Restaurant disappeared with iOS 10 update
  211. Why can't I transfer game from one phone to other phone?????
  212. IOS iPAD, what happened to the VIEW ads 4 gems? It vanished 8-2016 & never returned
  213. Food disappears - not blocking door
  214. No connection
  215. New update problem( Solved) Oct 5 2016
  216. Some Players Received Halloween Goals for 10-05-16 Update
  217. As I have seen I am not the only who lost his Restaurant .....
  218. Help please!
  219. Restaurant gone
  220. Android inventory quanity Glitch
  221. Cannot login in to restaurant story but I am logged in to bakery story
  222. Old notifications of completed goals keep popping up nonstop
  223. ANNOUNCEMENT - Contact Storm8 Support via Form
  224. Game Forgetting Memory
  225. Cannot buy Thanksgiving BBQ
  226. Answered Can't buy wallpaper in new update
  227. Cannot access game even though I'm logged into account
  228. Suddenly can only have 14 appliances showing instead of 18
  229. Tomato Bisque not showing!
  230. Stuff is missing since maintenance
  231. Fixed Missing mastery star/xps in Thankful Stove's recipes
  232. syncing account with facebook ... :(
  233. Can't open old account
  234. Updates?
  235. Storm 8 support help please
  236. Hours of decorating not "saved"...all progress LOST!!!
  237. Gem Dispenser is missing
  238. Recipes for quest not showing...
  239. Disappearing Coins
  240. Storing Glitch
  241. Certain recipes not available to me?
  242. Food disappearing
  243. Push Notifications
  244. Cannot place wall decor in top corner of restaurant
  245. Banquet seating invisible!
  246. New goals not appearing
  247. RS issue have to regularly restart device
  248. Videos not working
  249. Can not expand?
  250. Fixed Problem with food in new goal