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  1. lost all my data
  2. Text window problems
  3. Chicken & Dumplings display error
  4. Restaurant Story Not Sending Alerts When Food Is Done
  5. not syncing and gets stuck on processing screen
  6. Timed Goal expired extremely early
  7. Items bought with crystals not appearing !!
  8. Deleting unaccepted invites
  9. No new goals
  10. Wood chips as gifts not showing up
  11. Missing Fall Forest chairs that I purchased
  12. Missing purple Parade Car
  13. lost my 24 gems
  14. Still can't log onto games
  15. How do I access my own account without a password?
  16. Old Account
  17. 100% but hardly any customers
  18. Purchase of machine
  19. Can't purchase autumn lamps
  20. How do I log on, on my nook?
  21. Recently team lava's games quite troublesome !
  22. Server down? Cannot log in!
  23. restaurant story
  24. server crashed?
  25. Game ID Issue
  26. No customers in my restaurant.
  27. Cannot log into multiple IDs
  28. no alerts
  29. How to rotate counter?
  30. Not enough time to complete a goal
  31. Gems not downloading onto my game
  32. Missing Goal
  33. Goal disappeared?
  34. Mr Snowman goal disappeared
  35. disappearing gems
  36. Can't update RS
  37. Poker goal
  38. Missing alerts / push notifications
  39. Help, should have goals but don't
  40. !Snowed In Goal isn't appearing!
  41. Hope I have detailed my question to your satisfaction...
  42. Missing item won from box
  43. Customers issues
  44. 5 customers in restaurant
  45. Ornamental ball table gone
  46. Tomato juice bug.
  47. Losing Gems - May i have some help with this issue
  48. peppermint cake roll missing?
  49. Removed goal items before goals expire
  50. Ornamental Ball Table missing in store
  51. I want my 15 gems back and i did not spent theme bye mistake!
  52. a time for tradition goal wont complete...
  53. My game won't work correctly :(
  54. Stormy's Store is Glitching
  55. Not Receiving Gifts
  56. items to complete goals not found
  57. Transfering game to kindle
  58. resturaunt story. bakery story. fashion story. petshop story.
  59. I cant see the invite friends tab
  60. No Clam Tables or Chairs in Menu.
  61. Game not recognizing purchased new ovens.
  62. Can't see items in Restaurant?
  63. Now You're Ready goal - Chicken & Dumplings
  64. Is loss of gems common in the game?
  65. everyday goals!
  66. Material request lag
  67. Account glitch
  68. Answered Lost gifts (very specific circumstances)
  69. Missing Coins.
  70. Account Glitch
  71. restaurant story
  72. Game does not let me start Asian goals...
  73. My new easy grill disappeared
  74. Restaurant suddenly expanded twice
  75. Answered Goals disappeared
  76. Answered Account hijack
  77. Goal won't expire
  78. Food problem - can' find IT anymore in my oven
  79. Typo on wall decoration from this week
  80. Scoreboard not in inventory to buy??!!!
  81. Not having any customers other than neighbors
  82. Dance floor won't place
  83. Game center sign in bug
  84. Someone is playing under my id without permission
  85. Star Ratings quit working
  86. Food not appearing
  87. can't get gems from goals on farm story
  88. how to reset game? RS 2
  89. Tips coin and star pickups extremely small
  90. Purchase not working
  91. cant't buy extra water fountain
  92. app forces close everytime
  93. can't by tables for goals
  94. Lost my diamonds by accident
  95. Answered Lagging..slow
  96. Answered Does this happen to anyone else?
  97. Answered Gran Gran quest
  98. Recurring Gift Notifications
  99. Restaurant Lost?
  100. Glitch stole 70 gems.
  101. Fruit Challenge Over Already?
  102. Answered Add Me
  103. Slots invite
  104. Answered Game is slow
  105. "Processing"-pauses and I lose many coins and the last things I bought
  106. Annoying Quests/Goals keep reappearing
  107. My Goals are not appearing
  108. I Cannot Open Restaurant Story!
  109. Answered Do Not Like Block Neighbor Button
  110. Answered Restaurant Story doesn't acknowledge that I bought lace oven for my goal
  111. My restaurant been hacked
  112. disappearing food!
  113. Fixed Not receiving level 4 bonus on recipes?
  114. Answered Goal : It's Been Oolong Time
  115. Fixed Unchangeable wallpaper
  116. Neighbor "Remove" feature not working to dispense with useless neighbors!
  117. Newlyweds
  118. Not Receiving Gem Sale
  119. Neighbors cannot post on my wall
  120. Recipe for Goal is NOT available!
  121. losing gems due to popups
  122. Answered No notifications
  123. Answered expansion with more neighbors hoax
  124. Unblocking posters on my wall
  125. best of rest goal
  126. Help! My Restaurant is gone!
  127. Processing, food missing
  128. cannot collect tips from three tables
  129. Putting fondue on to cook, but coming back later to an empty stove.
  130. Cannot Install Fruit Splash Mania- Goal
  131. 23 hour Goal turns to 1 hour in seconds
  132. New crab grills not displaying notifications correctly for foods.
  133. Answered Restaurant goals disappeared.
  134. Answered Floor D?cor Glitch. It cost me 24 Gems!!!! Livid!!!
  135. Logged out of an account now I can't log on
  136. Gems disappeared?!
  137. Gems disappeared
  138. Is it possible to revisit/re-attempt a goal?
  139. Restaurant Assets not appearing! Invisible food, tables, decorations, etc.
  140. Answered made purchases and they disapeared
  141. Switched accounts - gems from previous account used?
  142. Answered not receiving any new goals
  143. unintentionally used germs
  144. instant expired goal
  145. Floor tiles missing
  146. Missing tables!
  147. 1000 restarts a day
  148. Goal bug!?
  149. cannot access my games after my nephew logged into his on my phone
  150. Riverside Goal
  151. Issue: Spanish message not being accepted?!
  152. Earn Free Gems Apps
  153. problems since android 4.4.2
  154. Garbage
  155. August 6th Egyptian goals glitch, please help? :)
  156. Egyptian desert hounds problem
  157. No customers coming in.
  158. Answered cannot cook anything
  159. Missin gems and gold
  160. Current Master Box List???
  161. i accidently expanded
  162. chicken and dumplings isn't showing in my oven
  163. Tables missing in my inventory :(
  164. Transferring game to new device.
  165. gems missing
  166. Answered Oven is out of synch
  167. Missing free gems
  168. Is my restaurant glitched?
  169. Answered ERROR: List does not exist on server.
  170. Fixed RS:Summer Fun Community members list
  171. Game Requires Internet Connection
  172. Open Issue "Main" Button Issue
  173. Answered Material Requests only filled at midnight
  174. Goal not seeing previously purchased grill.
  175. Notifications not working in RS & BS??
  176. Game Requires Internet Connection
  177. no show
  178. Answered Disappearing Food (Halloween Version)
  179. please.help
  180. collectibles not adding to totals
  181. Cannot add neighbors
  182. No Notifications
  183. Receiving duplicate gifts from same neighbor
  184. Badges/Magic Snowball
  185. Inappropriate words?
  186. Answered Expired Goals
  187. Answered The link doesn't work
  188. Answered Accidently stored a counter
  189. Have parts in inventory but they are not being used to build appliances
  190. Help Please
  191. Answered Limited Quests
  192. Can I get by restaurant back?
  193. Keep losing gold and food!
  194. Christmas update is not working
  195. Answered gem collecting by completing dishes - has this been removed?
  196. Missing 'goals' box?
  197. Fixed Black Friday Deals ended 4 hours early!
  198. Answered Lost Dog -- Reward if found! ;)
  199. Mastered Recipes Gone: FIX PLEASE
  200. Answered autumn Adornment
  201. Fixing garden problem
  202. Cannot move a stove.
  203. Fixed Snowflakes not in gifting options. Error or intentional?
  204. need help transferring game
  205. Food disappearing
  206. Goal-locked Christmas Recipes on Basic Oven (iOS)
  207. Missing prize from Holiday box in storage
  208. Missing prize from Holiday box in storage
  209. swing dance floor
  210. North Pole Sign and Christmas Reindeer rotation issue
  211. Sleigh bell garland issue
  212. Food selling out at an increased rate than usual
  213. Ovens
  214. No "free gems" on my device.
  215. Restart game
  216. Money vanishes
  217. Cowboy Stove and Frontier Breakfast message
  218. How can I close my restaurant?
  219. Announcements Misleading/Take Gems
  220. Help with frozen lake fountain....plz
  221. Spam from [] decor
  222. wird! tips
  223. Out of sync problem
  224. Fixed Soon-to-be removed items can't be purchased
  225. Add Me
  226. Answered Broccoli and Cheese please goal
  227. new collectible bean prize
  228. gem items dissappeared
  229. Can't Link Game to Facebook
  230. Bulgogi Disappearing
  231. Easy oven not giving me gems or notifications
  232. please last time
  233. gems gone
  234. Anyone else having problems purchasing
  235. Dividers don't line up at corners
  236. kindle fire hd
  237. What happened to all my money????
  238. Cannot Open Restaurant Story
  239. Open Issue Android 5.0 lollipop update.
  240. Romantic counters are INVISIBLE!!
  241. Customers are coming in but I get no money.!
  242. Y Do U Have to Pay For It
  243. Disappearing bundle (iOS)
  244. Help!!!!!!!! Need to transfer game to ipod without losing progress in new games
  245. Help!!!
  246. Why can't I go to common neighbour from their comment on my neighbours wall?
  247. Open Issue Emojis
  248. Fixed Kicked out of application when scrolling down neighbor's wall
  249. Am I playing an older version of Restaurant Story???
  250. Fixed can't build the new irish stove