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  1. Unable to do side missions
  2. Please rate city story
  3. Library
  4. Setting contracts is taking FOREVER . !
  5. New bugs in last 24 hrs
  6. Oh, the irony!
  7. Contracts Resetting
  8. No notificaitons
  9. Can't buy City Cash!
  10. Do I want to install Fashion Story?
  11. Constant problems
  12. Out of Sync with Server, money & items missing
  13. Missing 3 NY Town Homes
  14. Purchased Mansion - NOW its GONE!!
  15. Graphical bugs
  16. Scary Design
  17. Poll regarding half-tile placements
  18. Restaruant and Bakery Graphic Bug
  19. my wishlist....
  20. Cannot place Aquarium in city - Android phone
  21. having trouble adding people
  22. Selling unused items...
  23. No notification for Android
  24. more decorations/expansions
  25. FEEDBACK on new buildings designs: realistic rooftops*****
  26. square recognition
  27. Where is all my city money TeamLava?!?
  28. XP display vs award amounts for buildings
  29. Let us reset our account/city
  30. How do you expand your city?
  31. City Cash?
  32. Unable to log in to the City Story - keep loading on the cover page
  33. Rotate Factories
  34. Impossible to collect from factories
  35. Lower level contracts
  36. BUG REPORT: Energy Drinks gives incorrect XP amount
  37. All changes gone
  38. Graphics incomplete in newly purchased and bought items
  39. bridge!!
  40. Single square movement not available
  41. 2x2 buildings
  42. Install to SD card
  43. Make population actually do something useful
  44. Annoying Color Schemes
  45. Fix your timing!
  46. Waiting on email response to missing city cash:
  47. NO QUESTS on Android 2.3.4 Nexus One
  48. City story: expanding city no longer option
  49. regarding my closed thread
  50. Popup message about 480 x 320 resolution:
  51. problem with xp - decreased
  52. Snap button in Android after update installed
  53. Just a few comments...
  54. Bankers city
  55. Factory "Bug"
  56. Purchased coin special with elite house. Did not get house!
  57. Recover or Abandon Contracts
  58. No More CSV, No more Half Tile Movement
  59. Giant construction sign in place of Meiji Shrine
  60. BUG REPORT: Grass hedge placement tile is off in city story. Photo attached
  61. Bridge stuck in inventory.
  62. More Expansions = Happier Players AND More $$$ for TL
  63. BUG REPORT: Golden Shrine off placement/too small for placement? Photo attached
  64. BUG REPORT: Park Bridge tile too small or off placement. Photo attached
  65. BUG REPORT: Meiji Shrine placement is off. Photo attached
  66. Still don't get the new update
  67. FEEDBACK: Capsule Hotel detail compared to previous residence offerings
  68. City Cash for Mastering Contracts
  69. cant access the game
  70. Missing Contracts
  71. Your downtime today
  72. Screenshot force closes
  73. where is my wall and newsfeed?
  74. No More Cleaning Factories, Please!
  75. Android, not getting notifactions
  76. Mastered 4th level of 1 min contract but no gem :(
  77. Please make items in surprise cases available for purchase
  78. City Story Option
  79. BUG REPORT: Colonial House
  80. cleaned buildings don't show up
  81. Please read this first before posting about bug reports
  82. Money Money Money
  83. Expansion?
  84. Cannot access the Internet on an iPhone?
  85. game won't load
  86. HELLO!!!! can someone PLEASE help me!?!?!?
  87. Different colors
  88. Bring back the River
  89. City story neighbors allowed
  90. No notification
  91. Please bring back the half spaces!!!
  92. Can't access CS from other TL games
  93. App crashes anyone?
  94. "Bug Fix" Update?
  95. Can't update
  96. Fantastic update
  97. New contracts
  98. Special factory
  99. Mall
  100. Would love for City Story to be able to rotate lots in all direction!
  101. Weekly update, really?
  102. Double scale concern
  103. Why Does the Game Crash?
  104. Missing Wall Posts
  105. new contracts?
  106. New Case
  107. Can't Build College Stadium
  108. Big issue with cases and city size restrictions
  109. Lost all progress
  110. College Stadium-Just how big is it?
  111. Notifications
  112. Build menues not working
  113. restart game
  114. Issues with accepting Materials Requests
  115. Listening to Forum Members!
  116. CS is NOT Working!
  117. No notifications=expired contracts
  118. Slow response when setting up new contracts
  119. Can't post on neighbours wall - Bug
  120. Another way to complete contracts please
  121. Petition For Getting Half Tile Movement Back
  122. missed option
  123. No more expansion
  124. Withdraw invitation
  125. Current Bugs and Issues for City Story
  126. Can no longer visit certain neighbor
  127. please add a delete pending neighbor requests.
  128. game always stops when I go to market...
  129. My Money is GONE!
  130. A new HELPFUL idea
  131. City Cash Bug
  132. Sending Gifts To Neighbors Bug
  133. Offer to install Bakery Story keeps popping up
  134. Bug with factory coins
  135. Winter trees decoration missing
  136. My City Story keeps crashing
  137. Cant use material gifts
  138. Dumb purchase that costs City Cash, need a refund.
  139. City story
  140. Wierd double up process with cleaning/collecting
  141. All Games will be Down Tonight
  142. No studio and Van. How to get it?
  143. problem purchasing
  144. Level 98...?
  145. Losing city cash
  146. City Story Crashes
  147. new update
  148. its Error,
  149. Metarial Problems for Android
  150. I want to more win Free City Cash
  151. Rotating Items
  152. Cannot Place Item
  153. Unable to place Santa s factory
  154. Help with Santa Factory
  155. Issue with new contracts
  156. ***Santa Factory now costs 20 cash instead of coins????!!!!***
  157. Toy Box withering prematurely
  158. now new update
  159. Santa's Factory.. City Cash AND build
  160. Snowy trees
  161. holiday box
  162. Problems running CITY STORY
  163. City cash bonus
  164. Santa Factory Graphic Broken?
  165. City Cash bonuses for Golden badges NOT credited
  166. missing city cash
  167. Cannot connect with WiFi - but only on this game
  168. Missing receipt from in-game purchase.
  169. More coin items please
  170. My goals have disappeared
  171. city story bug
  172. Item disappeared
  173. city story doesn't start
  174. Seriously?
  175. Where are my notifications?
  176. Out of Proportioned Items
  177. hockey rink
  178. have cross-gaming buildings
  179. Shrinked city
  180. Further expansion for city?
  181. Avatar won't change to a boy
  182. Request of expansion updated in the new version
  183. Why No new Contracts or goals for City Story??
  184. My phone broke - how do I migrate?
  185. Might be able to buy a first place item soon
  186. Quit cutting off my wall posts!
  187. Badges are gone???
  188. Current Known Bugs and Issues for City Story
  189. not able to find bunny house under featured icon
  190. City Story Item Suggestion Feedback
  191. Needs more expansion!!!!!
  192. City out of sync
  193. Need someone more expand.
  194. City Story Won't Launch
  195. New Expansion and Factory and $$$ Gone!!!
  196. No community?
  197. Factory taking too long to load
  198. Goal list disappeared, no gift button
  199. Dutch flag
  200. Start updating city story 1 petition!!
  201. transferring city story from one phone to another
  202. Updates!
  203. game doesn't fit on screen
  204. Seriously, TeamLava??
  205. Help!!!!!!!!
  206. Won't connect
  207. No longer supported error - Android version 1.0.8