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  1. Quest: Finding Earth Whisps
  2. rollback and rollback and rollback ! :mad:
  3. Enchanted minerals quest
  4. Insults on wall posts
  5. Google Play link
  6. Sparkling mines spawn boars, not lynx's
  7. Can't level up horse pasture
  8. When a storyline stops?
  9. Dire Boar from Ivy's cottage NOT a Shadow Lynx
  10. No lynx
  11. Old Thomas house and mines - no lynxes
  12. No Horseshoes??
  13. Lynx trap didn't work.
  14. Shadow pelts
  15. Game shutting when trying to visit neighbors
  16. In-game ad video crashing app
  17. Where is my trade wagon?
  18. Monster hunt season 7 finished early
  19. No green ticks or gem info on crafts with new update
  20. Expansion permits
  21. Mermaid' Brew & Perfume now gone!!
  22. Blue starfish not going into invemtory cannot upgrade Coral Castle
  23. Shut Down
  24. Purchased 15 min unlimited energy game crashed and lost 4 mins energy
  25. I bought the unlimited energy pack & my game froze!
  26. Celestine spires out focus
  27. Online Error
  28. Having trouble visiting neighbors
  29. North side missing from inventory
  30. Celestine - North Garden of Stars
  31. Anemones and corals are animals, not plants
  32. Swords to finish killing glimmertroll have gone
  33. Onyx Temple
  34. New creature in Mythic Research Centre?
  35. Can't find my cabbage Hut
  36. Can't Upgrade Onyx Temple
  37. synchronisation between 2 devices
  38. Game not completely exiting on quit
  39. Nectar locked but I'm on that goal
  40. Adventure locked - Crystal realm
  41. Crafting beam locked - Crystal realm event
  42. Black knight steed stopped giving energy
  43. Answers from neighbors are not counted
  44. Bug with Goal : Stamp of Approval
  45. Losing items😡😡😡😡😡
  46. Law office event - Mithril
  47. 2.54G for Castle Story ★ heavy app = frequent reset?
  48. Lawyers building giving less bobbins then it should 😡😡😡
  49. Plateau
  50. gem sales frozen?
  51. Can't craft boosts, but runes are being taken
  52. Game crashes everytime I click toadbuildigs, fangpups, skunkupeas
  53. Please fix!
  54. My arrested development goal has it's development arrested...
  55. Videos for Coins not working
  56. Help!!! Game keeps crashing and freezing!!!
  57. Lemon Tree
  58. Lag and Issues with Closing Game and Saving
  59. bought the prize booth but game says i didnt buy it
  60. The builders guild goal
  61. Baron's 5th party - Not able to upgrade Baron's Carousel
  62. Videos are not loading
  63. Connection issues for S8 games
  64. Toadstool position shop
  65. Unlimited time
  66. Shroom caps not dropping from L7 toadstool cottage
  67. Heart of Stone goal not completing - RESOLVED
  68. Free gift videos not giving me prizes
  69. White Flyger
  70. The Toadstool Farmhouse now crashes the game.
  71. Pumpkins not doubling.
  72. Wereskunk fangs
  73. Wereskunk bug
  74. Treat bags not appearing anywhere...
  75. Cannot purchase Halloween watchtower/spires
  76. Fixed Skunk-O-lanterns count resetting
  77. Didn't get the Lair even though I got enough lanterns
  78. Lair of Beasts display issues
  79. Black roses not registered
  80. Sparkling mines level 7 is not dropping the Will pages
  81. Problems with crafting Skunkupops
  82. Offensive posts
  83. Value Pack did not provide the infinite energy
  84. Not a CS issue but can't post pics
  85. Help with goals
  86. Dire Wolf for 150 gems does nothing?
  87. Help out at the soup kitchen adventure drops not registered
  88. Alpaca craft still in the workshops
  89. Cannot craft Tuftkin
  90. Request for Elventrade
  91. Ember event problem
  92. No sound
  93. Sawmill Not Dropping Wood or Logs
  94. Progress reset help
  95. Missing reward from goal Tough Stuff
  96. Magic forge
  97. Dressing room
  98. Gems for a dressing room by mistake
  99. Has this happened to anyone
  100. Can't craft Lumi
  101. Garden Ceremony
  102. Monster problem
  103. Expansion completed and then disappeared
  104. Level 1 Deep Mine gives no coal
  105. Free gift videos are freezing game
  106. "A Hauntingly Good Look" Goal Still Shows
  107. "Animal Exodus" Goal Never Goes Away
  108. Just got an update from June 2017...why did it take so long for my Android tablet
  109. Vineyard Horse
  110. Poor Game performance "game being jumpy"
  111. Town Square | Maya goals auto starting incorrectly
  112. Timers messed up
  113. Free Gems
  114. Sweetheart?s pillar
  115. Castle Story- neighbor list
  116. Fangbeasts from pink chickens? | why are chocolate eggs dropping?
  117. Game recovery
  118. Smoochie booth upgrade
  119. Not able to gift
  120. Free cabbage video fails to load on Android
  121. Level 6 library does not drop spellbooks
  122. Game reloading
  123. Shroom caps & Toadstool cottage drops stopped
  124. Sweetheart Trade III
  125. Toadstool spires causes reloads
  126. Game crashing
  127. Royal Manor
  128. Level 7 cottage have stopped dropping
  129. Lost trinket
  130. what is going on with our games
  131. Cant collect the bronze egg token!
  132. Maya bug
  133. android question
  134. How do I contact s8 bought rainbow pots and had reset issue
  135. Mermaid mayhem no final boost
  136. Can't buy Green Leprechaun Fairy Aideen
  137. Level 7 farm houses have stopped dropping crops
  138. What's going on with the Apothecary?????
  139. I did not receive any crowns through this event
  140. Didn?t get final Gnome reward
  141. Bad update - iOS app version 2.2 graphic issues
  142. Cross Quests for Gems Disappearing After I Start Them
  143. Mines dropping wood, living wood & sap!
  144. Didn?t get unlimited energy on weekend warrior goals
  145. Castle story
  146. Gem purchase failed to post gems
  147. Levels
  148. Restart Game
  149. Lost all saved energy with weekend warrior
  150. transferring to Amazon fire 10
  151. Glimmer Golem Milk
  152. Monster Daily Goals not showing up.
  153. Purchased gems during sale on 4/13/18, but did not receive them
  154. Free Gift Videos will not run
  155. beastmaster game not giving points for swords and hammer
  156. my game didnt count all my gold troll tolkens
  157. Points being added after the event closed NOT FAIR!!
  158. Koi Pond missing?
  159. Out of focus
  160. Games offline - S8 investigating (all games affected)
  161. Garden Peacock and Mother Goose
  162. Missing pastel topiary
  163. Fairy Aideen has stopped dropping golden items
  164. Step 7 sequence issue
  165. Gold mine drop missing
  166. Free Gift (Coins)
  167. Have not spawned a pink marmosea in months!
  168. Help Please
  169. Help! Game will not load!!!
  170. Glitch
  171. Missing Prizes in LB event
  172. These Resets Have To Stop
  173. Town Square - Guardsman
  174. Tell No Tales
  175. Cottage stopped dropping veggies
  176. Prize Videos Causing Game Crash
  177. HELP!!! I Just Spent Expansion Tickets Ans Plot DID NOT OPEN!!!😡
  178. Start a new game?
  179. Pirate skeleton
  180. castle story having tech problems?
  181. The tradesman
  182. My faun is so sky he won't come out to play
  183. Quick invite
  184. 1 miss 100 gems
  185. A monkey monster appeared in a no expanded area
  186. Missing Meadow Wolf..
  187. Castle story wintet HELp PLEASE
  188. Missing Meadow Wolf spawns from Farm Houses/t-Farm Houses, Cottages /t-Cottages
  189. Game resetting after completing the same goal for 2+ days
  190. Plume hive
  191. Ch 10 keys
  192. Monsterhunt: Goldtokens
  193. present monster hunt delivery issue
  194. Resets stealing my good drops
  195. Can?t buy Beast Hunter bundle
  196. I could onle make 1 Giant Beans in the Beans Stak
  197. Do Cloudberries not get converted into coins after maxing on this item?
  198. Gifted Giant Bloom capped my game at 5
  199. Skunkupine has landed on the area outside my land and I can't fight it
  200. Buildings falling off the cliff
  201. How clean is your Library - L7 library drops
  202. Account logging problem
  203. Issue with purchases
  204. Gold tokens and points missing !!!
  205. Energy Disappeared
  206. castlestory - loading problem
  207. Apothecary Stuck In Uncleared Expansion Area
  208. Castle Story Account Missing. Please help.
  209. energy crate boxes - can't find
  210. Leader Board Gift Gone?
  211. Help regarding making a support ticket
  212. Anyone else have this issue?
  213. Game Resets and Expansion Permit Stealing
  214. How do I merge accounts?
  215. Royal Exchange
  216. Toadstool Potion shop craft not registering for goal
  217. Sweet surprises vii issue
  218. Survey Trickery
  219. Missing headless horseman after craft time
  220. Mermaid workshop change
  221. No unlimited energy
  222. Maxed at 1 baby photo but need 4
  223. Monster problem
  224. Boosts problem
  225. Unable to gift
  226. Trove of trolls problem
  227. Can't get into game
  228. Game SO SLOW since "maintenance"
  229. Really upset
  230. Free Gems Opportunities False Advertising?
  231. The-Great-Kitsuncorn Event
  232. Monster problem
  233. Where did the horse statue go?
  234. Gift today?
  235. Gingerbread Genealogy
  236. castle story dead slow
  237. Fiery Mystery Box
  238. Some buildings degraded & timer messed up
  239. I can?t make Third ornament
  240. Can't log in to game when using data connection
  241. Placing royal buildings keeps restting game
  242. Where can I find Faust
  243. Can't open game
  244. Celestine Cat
  245. Activated Expantion isnt working
  246. Glimmergate problem
  247. Can't upgrade carriage
  248. Videos not finishing
  249. Please help with a ticket for lost gems...
  250. Out of focus