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  1. Game not saving last played time
  2. Pleaseeee help
  3. Extra sword not there
  4. Dragon stone bug
  5. Missing Manatone
  6. No Dragon Ritual--Help?
  7. Waiting
  8. Quest Bug
  9. No dragon egg
  10. Stuck at Carriage Conundrum even with Wedding Carriage ready
  11. Kicked off?
  12. Cooking camp intermittently not dropping food
  13. Can not get castle story
  14. Carriage Conundrum?
  15. storage issues plz help
  16. What happen Sir hamlet
  17. Faerie Feud
  18. Game Reloads When Watch Tower or Lantern Spire Added
  19. Value pack counters dont match up
  20. Golems keep appearing and no other trolls or skunkupines
  21. Search & Rescue part 3
  22. Game reset to level 1.
  23. Faerie Feud quest is still messed up.
  24. Fixed Sand Gate not aligned
  25. Update failure from to on Android
  26. Barracks sale glitch
  27. Barracks missing
  28. Lost ability craft soothing balm
  29. Forest adventure glitch
  30. The Forrest petal count is off
  31. Please Help
  32. Castle Story Progress is gone
  33. Completed Barons Royal Pet Quest and did not receive reward.
  34. Game won't let me collect more than two forest spirits
  35. neighbor list lag.
  36. Answered Envoy to Fur Burrow locked in barracks
  37. Stuck in chapter 6
  38. Can't play at all since update
  39. Game Crashing? | Can't log in? | Please read and try these tips before posting
  40. Daily bonus
  41. Gems + free gift Problems
  42. Purchased gems are not received
  43. Free gems not registering
  44. Missing nectar & requests
  45. Letter to Agnes
  46. Value Pack not showing
  47. Rotten cabbages accumulating in the tent
  48. arched are crooked
  49. 3 expansion permits lost
  50. stag disappeared
  51. Game crashing when I touch forest tree
  52. Naga from event went MIA
  53. The Royal Scholar quest
  54. Castle Story Faerie Quests Seem Stalled
  55. Colosseum not dropping mason's hammer or chisel
  56. Updated today and lost data
  57. Kicked out when visiting
  58. Gems from Glimmer Alicorns
  59. New Bug occurs after fast collecting, abnormal synch error
  60. Baron tent videos not working
  61. Gifting
  62. An orchestrated occasion
  63. Castle Story and Dream City
  64. My Simple Feasts are not updating in the quest counter.
  65. Requirements for level 30 and below (Timed event An Orchestrated Occasion)
  66. Unlimited Energy Glitch
  67. Musical maintenance IX
  68. kitchen drops wrong items
  69. Need to move Castle Story to new device
  70. Bugs??
  71. No Zabina
  72. Missing camel
  73. Possible sync problem resetting game progress by several seconds or several actions
  74. Crafted Garnet Trinket twice and not received
  75. Finished the quest but no genie
  76. Castle Story: Desert Nights Update Aug 15, 2016
  77. Seeing someone else's kingdom instead of my own
  78. Daily Videos ???
  79. Can't add neighbors- android device
  80. Castle Story on Android 6.0.1
  81. Grow Faeriebulb Seeds... steals energy back
  82. Desert Night gate
  83. very hard to open Castle story
  84. Desert Palace
  85. iPad crashed and died and I need help! Please?
  86. Wacky kingdom on new ipad
  87. Desert nights
  88. Game not loading, check connection and try again
  89. Potion of Gills
  90. Snaker Charmer
  91. Fire Dragon or Ice Dragon
  92. Trees Cut Off in Corner
  93. Game reloaded and 7 gems for completing task are gone
  94. Game NOT loading
  95. Completed quest but no alicolt
  96. Bug: Crafted supplies go into inventory; can't be used to build
  97. After iPad restore: cannot log in to my castle story account any more
  98. What is going on with this game, that it keeps freezing?
  99. Is CS down for anyone else?
  100. Please help an unfortunate Princess that has lost her Kingdom
  101. For 3 days on a row I not received my golden token....
  102. Jeweler Level 5 dropped to level 1?
  103. Glitch
  104. Game not loading
  105. Castle story android 6.0 marshmallow
  106. I was robbed
  107. Drop
  108. Missing building and expansion permit used
  109. Version on Android
  110. Again: problem switching accounts - does somebody else have this problem?
  111. Please, remove "news" button
  112. Beast statue bug
  113. Something wrong with X marks the spot
  114. Newsfeed posts
  115. Castle Story v1.6 - unstable
  116. Enormous size of application
  117. Can't access any Kingdom walls
  118. New Update: Backwards Crafting Menu
  119. Accessing existing game from a new phone?
  120. Game freezes when playing videos for free items
  121. Seeds are not registering
  122. My game keeps reloading Oct 5 2016 (Fixed)
  123. Haunted gazebo missing
  124. Not getting challenged items
  125. Elven outpost missing
  126. Lost Ability to keep all won Royal Buildings
  127. How To Sign in Storm8 ID?
  128. Help! My games randomly reverted to level 1!
  129. Haunted Stable really is haunted!!!
  130. IPAD Air 2 Storm8 games progress resets several actions back - anyone else?
  131. Can't send gifts
  132. Unable to see community event progress
  133. Help I can't buy gems
  134. 2 weeks trying to carry out the task. Support does not answer.
  135. Problem with earning cabbages through videos
  136. Just purchased Gems, got charged but didnt get any!
  137. Dragon statue bug
  138. Elven Outpost Causing Slowdown
  139. Version 1.6 keeps crashing when trying to load
  140. Bought the bundle but goodies never arrived
  141. Spooky Hollow Event
  142. Crashing on iPhone 4s
  143. Unable to buy haunted cottage due to reached limit on buildings 🙁
  144. Open Issue Issues about the Peacock Event
  145. Answered Spooky hollow chapter 8 stuck!
  146. Error occured
  147. Bought the energy crate/trade ticket bundle. No items in inventory
  148. Spooky hollow chapter 8 looping
  149. Can't build Morgaine's house
  150. Fixed Help with frog's breath
  151. Issues connecting to castle story?
  152. ANNOUNCEMENT - Contacting Storm8 Support | Contacting Fyber
  153. Cannot Open Game - Black Screen
  154. Is the server down?
  155. Answered Magic Fruit Trade - received 10 energy instead of 15
  156. Fixed Made 3 avian feasts, only 1 registered
  157. Answered Spooky traps and wearbeast traps
  158. I didnt get Morgaine
  159. Issue with quest requirement
  160. How to restart game
  161. BUG Going Stag Pt 1 - unable to cook Grits
  162. Castle Story Showing Halloween Still
  163. Issues with Goals
  164. Double charge of the Obelisk
  165. Fairies jars eluding me
  166. Glitches at the Royal exchange
  167. Black Friday Sale - Castle Gardens Glitch
  168. Answered Boost to speed up timer for harvesting
  169. No Kingdom For Young Fawns
  170. Oh, Come All Ye Reindeer goal
  171. Polar bear trap not spawning polar bear
  172. Minus hearts from monsters
  173. Beary scary blizzard
  174. Disappearing gems
  175. Where did my yerik bearson go?
  176. Names missing on News
  177. I lost my game
  178. Sold Yerik Bearson by mistake
  179. Icy Willow Trees unstorable?
  180. Game graphic glitch !
  181. Game won't open
  182. Help Needed - transfer game to new device
  183. Lost my Rainbow Pots!
  184. Gem missing
  185. Videos won't load
  186. dead forum link
  187. Game Cashes when I press "Marry" for Stanley and Cindy
  188. Sync error quests are gone
  189. Game Won't Close
  190. The troll troupe
  191. Christmas trees not storable
  192. I got a problem with new event
  193. Contact support j
  194. Side bar icons
  195. Where do I find Neva?
  196. Issue with Neighbor request!
  197. Snowy workshop problem
  198. Losing gems
  199. recover My game
  200. Stopped receiving faeriebulb seeds, and can't get any wedding invites
  201. Swan pink eggs not being counted towards inventory
  202. videos
  203. Castle story
  204. Forgot storm8 id password
  205. crashes and slow
  206. Gold Nuggets Glitch?
  207. Royal Games
  208. A Small Thing Regarding the Castle Prize from the Royal Games
  209. castlestory
  210. Game not loading at all
  211. Anyone else having problems getting a beastling???
  212. Castle Story has not let me log in since the begining of February very frustrating
  213. Castle Story uses A LOT of memory
  214. Can't visit anyone
  215. CS IOS app draining battery
  216. White Royal Road limit
  217. Can't collect Royal Points, Pls help!
  218. Can't buy the special just showed up today, help please.
  219. Log Paths can't be stored
  220. Traverse the desert sands
  221. leaderboard not showing
  222. How do I remove my photo on leaderboard
  223. Question about the Spring Faire event.
  224. Castle Story free gift videos locking up
  225. Missing Alicorn Energies ★
  226. Leader board event
  227. Unlucky trap
  228. Friend can't re-download game - Android player
  229. Gifting to neighbours
  230. Cannot get into CS/DS
  231. Help needed for removing Lantern from unwanted expansion lot!
  232. Leprechaun Faery challenge problems
  233. Trade Tickets in Castle Story
  234. Clovers missing
  235. Can't enter the game
  236. Bug in An Expert Opinion - or is it
  237. Help, please! Can't log in
  238. Signature
  239. The Fanged Forest Quest
  240. Game crashes at load up
  241. Missing Raccoon Reward
  242. Storm Game Notifications Appearing in Castle Story
  243. ★ Rune Market : pricing display misalignment ★
  244. ★ Frequent Offline Status : CS and DS ★
  245. Charm Checklist
  246. Help! Tea Cups stopped adding up!!!!!!!
  247. Tea party gem ups didn't take?
  248. Frizzly Bear reset
  249. Knights Writ
  250. Same kingdom on multiple devices?