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  1. Answered Help!! My blythewood sapling disappeared
  2. Answered Help! I've made 2 adamant reinforced hides...
  3. Fixed A Trove of Trolls
  4. Answered Game crashes every time I try to plant any crops
  5. Answered Bug with people who last visited kingdom list
  6. Answered Accidentally lost 280 Gems!
  7. Answered Castle won't download
  8. Answered Kaz Returns Goal
  9. Answered For want of a better term, picking where to press to harvest
  10. Answered Help please
  11. Answered Game Glitch or Account Hacked
  12. Answered Can't play castle story since updating to ios8
  13. Answered Boar pelts
  14. Answered Wedding Alicorn Availability
  15. Answered Trouble with In-App Purchases
  16. Answered No Notification Upon Level Up?
  17. Answered Missing Quest Line
  18. Answered Alicorn horn
  19. Answered Wedding Alicorn disappeared without notice
  20. Answered losing money
  21. Answered Castle Story Bug News Goals
  22. Answered Forum Avatar Glitch
  23. Answered Winter bakery resets selection
  24. Answered Disappearing alicorn horn
  25. Answered Castle story - goal: if you want to be happy
  26. Answered Help! Apple tree lost!
  27. Fixed Value Pack - Trying to buy causes app to crash
  28. Answered NOT getting install other game missions
  29. Answered 20 Gems dissapeared !
  30. Answered Confused. Garnet gem missing! Blythewood Sapling quest.
  31. Answered wedding alicorn has disappeared from my kingdom!!!
  32. Help: Meaning behind different gifting message
  33. Answered Romantic Gazebo
  34. Answered Dragon
  35. Answered Leveling up bug
  36. Answered Gifting error message
  37. Answered Missing gems
  38. Answered Crash Test Dummy Bug
  39. Answered How to delete supplies? Please help
  40. Answered Goal disapperared
  41. Answered Invite page?
  42. Answered Help! I lost an adamant
  43. Answered Wedding Bells
  44. What's going on with my crops
  45. Answered Pink alicorn quest
  46. Answered Vanilla flowers ... no more?
  47. Answered Cannot advance past the Carriage Conundrum quest.
  48. Level up to build more structures of this type
  49. Answered Knight hall not given
  50. Fixed Android. Can't get the latest update
  51. Answered clock stopped?
  52. Fixed Royal Exchange
  53. Answered Gems not applied after purchase?
  54. Answered Recent update?
  55. Fixed Flower frenzy issue.
  56. Answered Bug with "ghastly castle"
  57. Answered Missing faerie flowerbed
  58. Answered The bountiful table
  59. Answered Castle garden issue
  60. Answered Missing Flower Frenzy Community Event
  61. Fixed Wrong Description for Garden Clippers
  62. Answered Tulip collection not registering
  63. Answered Leveled up; energy disappeared
  64. Fixed Wrought-Iron Gate Rotation Issue
  65. Download Help
  66. No notifications today
  67. Gems spending themselves
  68. Didn't Cownt Dracula drop red items?
  69. Were tulip drops from crops and flowers reduced?
  70. game now crashes constantly - won't open
  71. Kaz's return
  72. Land open I did not open
  73. leveling up
  74. Ivy's hot sauce
  75. Help! Who stole my expansion?
  76. Onto Round 2 - Goal Bug
  77. All of my games are back to level 1
  78. Golden egg issue?
  79. I can't open my game:(
  80. The Lip Puckering Fortune
  81. Can't rotate CS to portrait
  82. Fixed Gifting issues since update
  83. Since update game crashing at messages screen
  84. Fixed Lost 10 million to new quest glitches
  85. The Baron tent
  86. Flags on the Baron's Tent don't take the Wind Direction into Account
  87. Problem with Energy
  88. Game has lost it
  89. The game shuts down after the load sceen
  90. My Jousting Arena Disappeared!
  91. Tent disappeared
  92. Lost gems
  93. Updating older iPod
  94. Game Crash
  95. Baron's Game Tent
  96. HELP! I can't no more play Castle Story after last update
  97. Problem with expansion
  98. First my game reset to the beginning, now...
  99. Lost pink pig
  100. Game crashes when trying to visit others?
  101. Gift back functio
  102. New 'EXPIREd' quest?
  103. Android: Unable to type uppercase characters or use underscores in invite names
  104. Odd behaviour, but recovered
  105. Fixed Bug in Goal description
  106. Fortune teller
  107. Barons Tent
  108. Did not receive letters of introduction with purchase of package
  109. Mistaken identity?
  110. Bug in 'If you want to be happy'
  111. repawn time on farm house wrong.
  112. Lost trade tickets
  113. Diamonds missing
  114. New update froze game in time
  115. Blocked account
  116. Game resetting itself during "Choose Your Steed"
  117. Horse quest not disappearing
  118. Can't rotate or move Baron's tent
  119. looking for trolls
  120. Equine education
  121. Lost my steed deed
  122. Pink Sheep Not Dropping Red Ribbons & Including Pink Animal Drops in Special Goals
  123. OK! This update fixed bugs. BUT......!!!!
  124. Lazy knights
  125. Horse Quest
  126. Need for steed follow up quests HELP!
  127. Game only loads backgound
  128. Pyre egg in inventory preventing roost drops?
  129. Energy not replenishing at end of timer when collecting
  130. Equine Education
  131. The new moats/moat corners
  132. dragon egg in inventory
  133. My game has been reloading a lot today
  134. Fixed Drawbridge goal
  135. Nbors getting kicked out!
  136. Hamme Fatale - Skunku-pies not registering
  137. Still an issue with moat alignment if corners turn opposite directions
  138. Grayed out but Uncollected...energy gone!
  139. Fixed Skipped a task
  140. Amber, dragon eggs and two accounts on one apple ID
  141. Answered Baron quest for prime cuts not showing and artisans not adding to total
  142. Lovecupine task not progressing
  143. Obtaining Giant Seeds
  144. What happened?
  145. Reversed payment
  146. Stuck at Hamme Fatale
  147. Barons tent disappeared
  148. Fixed Troll Sparing Pit infinit respaw
  149. Faerie Block doesn't follow item limit of 99
  150. Answered No Royal Chateau for "A Boarrage"
  151. Answered No seed piles
  152. Bought Value pack for 3.99 GBP, but charged 7.99 GBP by Team Lava/Apple?
  153. New device
  154. baron won't give me my winnings!
  155. Not loading!!
  156. Help!
  157. There is no 'Hunt Mountain Bandits' adventure
  158. Lady Pfefferknot's Visit on Android
  159. Game Crashing
  160. Cannot make woven cloth for Troll Tribe goal
  161. Fixed Pig does not count towards progress in Quest
  162. Pugs before bugs
  163. Stolen gems
  164. Missing Mount Despair adventure
  165. Using energy, but not getting anything
  166. Too many to craft more
  167. False advertising - ivy's Bakery
  168. Mythic essence to upgrade Royel Maze
  169. Posting photos to Facebook
  170. iOS gets daily grape bonus- none for Android
  171. Disappearing Gold
  172. Bad click
  173. Soggy Fortune
  174. Lost my entire game !!!!!!
  175. No menu, edit or market buttons
  176. Seeds limit
  177. Help, I lost most of my gems
  178. Golden Trade error
  179. Decorations on sale! And gem/coin Kingdom Inn/ Reindeer Stable
  180. screen stretch on Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T350)
  181. cannot get into castle story
  182. grapes community counter
  183. My Reindeer Stable shrunk!
  184. Can't find my community gift dog house in storage.
  185. Fixed Unable to Upgrade Glimmerbat Habitat
  186. My little dog disappeared from my storage!
  187. Answered Game resetting itself during play - again
  188. Wrong messages timeline
  189. My reindeer stable seems to have reverted to a prior level
  190. Closed game and lost gems
  191. Vanishing expansion
  192. Stuck on loading screen
  193. Problem
  194. Why does this game hate wi-fi?
  195. Got my last badge, but not the gems
  196. Problem with The Last Blessing
  197. Fortune teller quests missing rewards?
  198. Gem loss
  199. Answered Love Shack Glitch (Love Wood, Love Stone, Kissing Dust)
  200. Answered Sovereign Trade
  201. Open Issue Blue Dire Boar bug - changes to regular boar before kill
  202. Value Pack Changed Before Expiration
  203. Bug with Amber Augmentations
  204. My Baron tent disappeared!
  205. Castle Story v1.3.3 unstable
  206. Hamme Fatale - Boarina bugged?
  207. Lucky Token Exchange
  208. For a week I cant open Castle Story in the evening (Holland)
  209. Gifted tokens buggy
  210. Garment Trinket Bug
  211. Having a lot of trouble with my game
  212. Having trouble sending and receiving gifts
  213. naming Kingdom
  214. Dark Seeds not registering
  215. Need Boar Tusks, boars no longer appear or give up tusks
  216. not getting the blue dire boar
  217. Incorrect architecture?
  218. $1500 horse is FROZEN!
  219. Answered Buildings wont load
  220. castle story wont stay open
  221. Forgotten Roost
  222. Answered "Sandy Metal Boots" - unable to begin this quest
  223. Castle Story - stopped receiving Trade Wagon Coins
  224. Signing in on storm8
  225. I can't visit some of my neighbours!
  226. Answered Castle Story Gift Giving Problems
  227. Horse statue?
  228. finished quest to upgrade jousting arena but wont let me
  229. Adventures wont drop gems anymore?
  230. Shield coins not reflecting in my inventory
  231. Maxed on Super Glue
  232. Sold Sabrina's Castle by Accident
  233. Problem with Sir Daisy's skunkupies
  234. Disappearing game board
  235. How do I get my kingdom back?
  236. Help
  237. Disappearing Gems
  238. Cannot level up Jousting Arena in Castle Story
  239. Charged for gems I didnt get!
  240. Game glitching and loosin collections
  241. Super Yummy Pie
  242. Inventory messed up
  243. Haven't recieved my gems
  244. Whoa! My Newly-Expanded Lot Disappeared!
  245. Game keeps closing when I visit neighbours
  246. New update 9/3
  247. Stuck on Magic Collaboration Quest - Cannot Place the Faerie Bulb
  248. XP longer uodating Level 50
  249. Why did horseshoe jump suddenly shrink?
  250. Gems were taken for upgrade, but track never upgraded