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  1. Problem with Baron's game quest
  2. Reactivate old Account on new IPhone!!
  3. Where is Ivy's house site?
  4. Sumocat52
  5. Grand Christmas Trees
  6. CS won't load
  7. Missing jewels! (Not gems) Farming question as well
  8. Fiery Potion Glitch
  9. Gifting limit glitch?
  10. Royal Exchange - Snowflakes
  11. No Trade Tickets at Exchange
  12. Cant sell/store an unbuilt reindeer stable
  13. All my wheat is gone
  14. Fang Beast in Unexpanded area, yet blocking crops
  15. No gems for home story
  16. pool & home design quest disappeared
  17. Crash during gem purchase now nearly everything is broken
  18. Not getting to download games for gems
  19. Grand christmas tree
  20. Gem Trap: Too Easy to Purchase Coins with Gems.
  21. Glimmer gate quest
  22. Can't buy gems
  23. 250 Gems lost
  24. Made Fiery Potion and it disappeared.
  25. Lost my account
  26. Impossible reindeer stable
  27. My Reindeer Dissapeared
  28. Game keeps crashing, lost my alicorn horn from adventure after reopening app
  29. Open Issue Trials and Tribute Quest/Knight Hall
  30. Answered Deep mine does not drop large diamonds
  31. Griselda becoming good?
  32. Lost coins
  33. No skunk tails
  34. Newly adult manticore disappeared?
  35. No game install quests
  36. Market Request: roast chicken - missing chicken
  37. Problem with jeweler
  38. Problems with Requests
  39. 10 messages from 20 & 21 of December 2013 do not go away
  40. "Traverse of the desert sands" still locked
  41. Level 31?
  42. Returning gifts not clearing pending list
  43. Doing a Trade through a Kitchen
  44. Lost gems??
  45. Mythic essence
  46. Glimmergate questline failure to start
  47. Answered No fortune teller goal
  48. My story games keep crashing
  49. Reindeer stables does not grey out when tapped
  50. Lady Finverra Statue-can not get
  51. Feed the Baron Bug.
  52. Can't click on Griselda - Evil Queen Showdown
  53. Unlock The Glimmergate - 'Go' takes me to original location of the Glimmergate
  54. Missing Coins
  55. Answered Stuck goal and half build reindeer stable
  56. Open Issue Games Quest Timers Resetting
  57. Accident
  58. The fang beast that won't go away
  59. Answered Transfer game to new phone
  60. Energy disappeared
  61. Transfer to new phone?!?!
  62. iTunes Store prompt
  63. Reduce the Game?s file size
  64. 2 Devices, 2 Kingdoms--1 kingdom disappeared!
  65. Answered Faeire Respite graphic glitch
  66. Fixed Topiary walls discolored and floating
  67. Fixed The Master Botanist Bug
  68. Answered I have lost all progress of the game, is there a way to recover?
  69. Answered Castle story
  70. Answered No new game goals
  71. Answered Energy!
  72. Fixed White Box
  73. Answered All games back to starting point after changing phine
  74. Answered pink animals not giving the right things
  75. Answered Large Pink Sapphire
  76. Answered Way too easy to accidentally use gems!!!
  77. Answered Large Pink Sapphire quest borked
  78. Answered Pink Sapphire - ingots - expired early!
  79. Fixed love shack building
  80. Answered A "Down With The Baron" Party - quest bug?
  81. Answered Glimmergate
  82. Answered No prism
  83. Answered New V-day items triggering old quests
  84. Answered Cant find blade of light
  85. Answered Cant find the sacred horn of mystic alicon
  86. Answered Unable to get new quest! I have greselda
  87. Answered Dark Seeds not registering in quest.
  88. Answered Fertilizer Sack
  89. Answered Can have any more royal walls
  90. Answered Faeriebulb Seeds
  91. Answered Greenhouse
  92. Answered Storm8 not registering
  93. Answered Goal locked! Should not be!
  94. Answered Evil Queen Showdown keeps resetting
  95. Answered Anyone Elses Pink Chicken & Heart Cow not dropping Chocolate Eggs and Milk Chocolate?
  96. Answered Can't send gifts help!!!
  97. Answered Adventure Collection Disappeared after Level Cap Increase
  98. Fixed Love spire won't upgrade
  99. Answered Not getting a dragon!
  100. Answered Energy crater disappeared!
  101. Answered I lost some lanterns, please help
  102. Answered Can't craft Mithril, can't exchange Forever Snow!
  103. Answered No arrow over the mermaild pond
  104. Answered Can't receive gifts
  105. Answered Kitchen producing wrong items
  106. Fixed My pink allicorn disappeared??
  107. User Leaving Rude Comments on Wall
  108. Fixed Crafting building materials using kitchen (able to craft items in wrong building)
  109. Answered Missing potion of gills
  110. Answered Missing vital essence
  111. Answered Fertilizer not dropping
  112. Answered Evil Queen Carriage and Statue
  113. Answered Finish goal but get no Gems
  114. Answered Received moonstone trinket,not showing up
  115. Answered Glimmerbat habitat
  116. Answered How can I change the Locatioin in my profile?
  117. Answered Castle Story won't open
  118. Answered Why skunkipine drops fur??
  119. Answered Potion of gills
  120. Answered Unable to Load Game
  121. Answered On my 7th garnet
  122. Answered Chang storm8 account
  123. Answered Fortune Tent possible error
  124. Answered What happened to my moonstone trinket?
  125. Answered Can't attack troll
  126. Answered Game repeatedly crashing!
  127. Answered Can't buy rainbow pot anymore?!
  128. Answered Lanterns and earth wisps
  129. Answered Constant internet-connection loss
  130. Answered ipad broken - can I play CS at the point where I left off on my new ipad?
  131. Answered Heart Cow not dropping milk chocolate
  132. Answered With Our Powers Combined...!
  133. Answered Lovecupine quest triggered
  134. Answered About quest Stamp Of Approvalol
  135. Goal "Stamp of Approval": Reach level 17 in Restaurant Story 2
  136. Answered Greselda had 11hits remaining, now has 99 again!
  137. Answered Question & Request to TL: Where are the boars??
  138. Answered Resetting last action for collection of pink unicorn in workshop
  139. Answered Status & Hearts !
  140. Answered Cannot Expand to Glimmer Gate
  141. Answered My signs to expand have disappeared!
  142. Answered Pink alicorn and disappearing energy
  143. Answered Lost diamond in dragon quest...
  144. Answered No Gold Nuggets and Mithril?
  145. Answered New expansion not accessible
  146. Answered New Starter Pack Issues
  147. Gems spent
  148. Dire Boar
  149. Answered Missing items in inventory
  150. Answered Fortune Teller Glitch
  151. Fixed One line only
  152. Answered Moving Castle Story game from one device to another.
  153. Fixed Apple pie cooking time decreased?
  154. fish market
  155. 1.1.7 Troll Glitch
  156. Open Issue Hazy game,,
  157. Cannot attack Dire Boars
  158. News feed cuts recent messages and stucked on old ones
  159. How Clean Is Your Library
  160. Losing Coins
  161. Phantom Troll/Fangbeast/Skunkupines
  162. Answered Crafting the Tome
  163. Answered Mining stones bug
  164. Answered Missing coin
  165. Need Adventure Help
  166. HELP!!! I just lost my whole game and I'm at level 30!
  167. Team Lava need your Help!
  168. Castle Story won't load on iPad 1
  169. Butterfish and catfish
  170. There is a troll stuck in my Kingdon
  171. Answered No gems
  172. Answered Conservatories... Help
  173. Answered Goals
  174. Answered Please help
  175. Answered Double +1 mysterious venom ??
  176. Fixed Kaz's abode
  177. Answered Last update
  178. Answered Yamike keeps coming back!
  179. Battle with Yamike
  180. Answered Can't reach troll
  181. Answered Combine accounts and game updates/offers
  182. Can not receive new goal
  183. Answered Help/Item requests not showing up until much later
  184. Answered Troll tribe???
  185. Fixed Quest 5 for trolls
  186. Answered My game is gone
  187. Answered Woven Cloth
  188. Help! Gems Disappearing!!
  189. Help! Can't craft the Garnet Trinket (possible Bug)
  190. Fixed Battle with Yamike problem!
  191. bugged quest
  192. Answered Picture problem
  193. Fixed Living tree typo
  194. How to Get Game to Load and Stay Loaded on iPad 1
  195. Fixed Please Help! I can't get to a Boar in my Kingdom!
  196. Expanded to troll king's lair but nothing happens
  197. Answered Stuck attack target
  198. Answered Sister, sister quest
  199. Answered New timed quest - issue with neighbour help
  200. Can't make mithril in magic forge
  201. Answered Game crashes when i accept requests for materials and when i hit the star
  202. Game resetting
  203. Dragon Quests expired early
  204. Fixed Updated iPhone ISO and now can't return to game
  205. Timer vs. Progress
  206. Answered Dragon egg
  207. Crashing is... picky?
  208. issue: lack of Gem sales??
  209. Work in progress
  210. Material requests mystery
  211. Missing gems
  212. Answered Jewels not counting right
  213. Answered Help!! I can't smack the Gremlin
  214. No free gem opportunities
  215. Answered Dragon Eggs from Pyre Question
  216. Answered All my Treasure Troves gone!
  217. Answered Please Help, possible glitch in Pyre Cavern "event"
  218. Answered Game crashes at certain times
  219. Answered Garden Gone Goofy
  220. Why have we got goals when we don't have the eggs?
  221. Stuck in What Came First
  222. Fixed Problems with Dragon Egg Quest
  223. News feed blocked
  224. Answered Starter pack Question
  225. Lost my game
  226. Bought Starter pack5, was billed, received no items!
  227. Answered Gave jewels to wrong quest
  228. Answered Energy glitch
  229. Answered Prior Inscriptions not Counting (sister Sister Goal )
  230. Answered Cannot get to Troll
  231. Answered Traverse Desert Sands
  232. Answered Gem store won't load.
  233. Answered With our powers combined
  234. Answered Griselda
  235. Answered Quest to download games that are not yet available in App Store
  236. Answered A Glitched Response to a Fixed Glitch?
  237. Answered Stolen Gems!!!
  238. Answered Royal Points
  239. Answered Blythewood sapling
  240. Answered Flowerbed disappeared
  241. Answered Cant open my fortune teller goal !!!
  242. Answered Evil Queen Showdown Restarted
  243. Answered Sped up the crafting for a Garnet Tree life Trinket.....
  244. Answered Missing Belladonna Inscriptions
  245. Answered Team Azalea or Team Lila
  246. Answered Have not gotten trolls for around 3 weeks now!
  247. Answered I sell alikorn
  248. Fixed Bug: cannot attack monster (appears out of bound)
  249. Answered Stuck on Ivy's Hungry Tummy Fortune
  250. Answered Evil queen Greselda restarted