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  1. Making glue etc??
  2. castle story crashed
  3. What's going on with Living Wood?
  4. Play Same Kingdom on Multiple Devices?
  5. What is a fluttermushring
  6. push notifications
  7. Royal Exchange not building
  8. Game download quests - farm story Christmas, bubble mania Christmas, Santa
  9. How do you lure Trolls?
  10. Add Friend??
  11. truffles
  12. Is the royal manor worth it
  13. goals
  14. Need help with what to do next
  15. Second reindeer
  16. Will there be a possible gem sale for a holiday special?
  17. castle story back on level 1
  18. Need help just find lost 250 GEMs
  19. sandy metal boots
  20. About baron quest
  21. A-Z Goal list
  22. Materials from neighbors?
  23. HELP! My Game Got Reset!
  24. Need help, new device can I swap my id ?
  25. Expansion ?
  26. Thurstons fort is locked.
  27. kindle fire
  28. Any way to get rid of sidebars?
  29. sap tree
  30. Menacing Art
  31. Fairie quest line?
  32. People have stopped playing
  33. Storing Reindeer Stable
  34. Will the expansion permit exchange disappear?
  35. Glimmer Golems
  36. Maximum Trade Tickets in storage/inventory?
  37. Missed quest lines and Gem items
  38. When do adventures start?
  39. worst fortune yet
  40. Spellbooks from high-level library
  41. Dragon Eggs
  42. Glimmergate quest
  43. Glimmer Shard/ Fragment
  44. What would you spend your gems on?
  45. Monsters from new buildings
  46. Level up
  47. Where is our sneak peek for this week
  48. Stairs?
  49. More expansions
  50. Accidentally declined a gift
  51. How to Maximize Stocking Up
  52. How do I log out of game?
  53. Tell me I'm not the only one...
  54. Golden Eggs
  55. Something is wrong with water sources?
  56. Items in my inventory that had suddenly gone
  57. Skunkupines without tails?
  58. XP and coins?! Is my game broken?
  59. Wouldn't it be nice if Kitchens had a queue like Farm Story buildings
  60. Living wood is hard to find
  61. How can I start over????
  62. Rotating walls
  63. Cottage keeps disappearing.
  64. Does the 200 gem Harvest Pagoda come at level 5?
  65. The mysterious egg
  66. Geting disappointed
  67. new to game - how do you make hand wisps to expand without potion shop?
  68. castle story
  69. What is the point of the troll pit?
  70. third shard
  71. People have vistied me and I have sparkles but can't clear them?
  72. No trolls, skunkupines, or any other creatures?
  73. Preparing for Valentines Day
  74. Topiary Walls and Arches
  75. How about a Magic potion to eliminate ads?
  76. Reindeer does not have a shadow
  77. What would you buy? Dragon or barracks?
  78. Barracks, Fortune Teller or Wizard School?
  79. new fortune help
  80. Reorganizing your kingdom? Here's what NOT to do
  81. Did not complete harvest pergola or kingdom inn or reindeer stable on time
  82. 40 milrith. Really!!
  83. Harvest Pergola
  84. Mythic Essence
  85. Cows and pigs only giving coins?
  86. Troll Essence
  87. Problem
  88. Castle Poll and Suggestion Thread 1-13-2014
  89. got a new phone....have to start over??
  90. Gold Items
  91. Valentine Castle Story
  92. Collecting Piles of Seeds
  93. Market Request Fish
  94. Gem Oops!
  95. Not getting enough fishes
  96. Your treasure box of the rarest items, how rich are you?
  97. Harvest Pergola - whats with the useless super common items?
  98. Killing beasts from not yet expanded area
  99. Cow hides never drop...
  100. Fey crystals from red peppers....
  101. glimmerdust trove
  102. Who Loves thursdays more than Fridays?? Waiting for new Update today??
  103. Pet Skunkupine
  104. Trying to craft glue
  105. Having problems
  106. is the only way to get gems by purchasing them?
  107. How long have you been playing Castle Story?
  108. Tips&Tricks?
  109. Undo a last action
  110. Server seems slow today
  111. 4th shard
  112. materials
  113. Max number of trade tickets?
  114. Missing Expansion Icon
  115. Pets ? of Castle Story
  116. Energy drop rate while visiting nbrs
  117. Glimmergate question
  118. Why level up an building
  119. Two Harvest Pergolas
  120. Legendary key scroll 15 adventures and still nothing?
  121. Neighbors
  122. Kingdom Inn and Reindeer Stable at level 5 for purchase in Market?
  123. How long did you have to wait for.....?
  124. Castle Story for Android?
  125. Castle Story: Update 01/23/014 Fruit Crate Trade/Monster Traps
  126. Does the red mushroom circle have a better drop rate than regular mushroom circle?
  127. help with visiting...
  128. Just got a Fey Crystal from killing a fangbeast
  129. Voices in my head
  130. Play both of Castle Story and Dragon Story
  131. Question for team lave
  132. For the life of me I can't expand! Grrr
  133. Castle Story: A Look Into February
  134. Bunch of Flowers
  135. adament quest
  136. Living Wood
  137. Fairebulb Seeds
  138. Glimmergate adventure
  139. Adamant or trade with Belladonna
  140. Chocolate crafting in workshop! :/
  141. MITHRIL? Faerie Respite
  142. How long does it take for TL support to respond?
  143. Inventory of crops when planting
  144. Alluring cheese
  145. Conservatory or Observatory
  146. Ivy
  147. Gem Drops
  148. Fangbeast getting rarer?
  149. Is anyone else's CS very glitchy today? I'm missing materials.
  150. How to view my own wall?
  151. 3 more tickets to exchange Tinker Camp so save up material for it or build Catherdral
  152. Game timers won't expire in goals book
  153. Neighbors needed
  154. what's up with Stormie?
  155. Neighbours needed
  156. The best thing to spend gems on?
  157. Second Burning Ember?
  158. Is it possible to get second dragon egg from Roost?
  159. Level 30- experience points question
  160. Goal just discovered fire help please
  161. How do you craft translators tome?
  162. Copying data from iPhone to new iPad
  163. Can I play the same Castle Story game on my Iphone and Ipad?
  164. Expanded to the Glimmergate, but no quests trigger
  165. Master botanist
  166. Glimmerdust?
  167. Where are the dragon scales
  168. What Adventure will have a higher chance to get a Valentine animal?
  169. Help- Greselda won't take the Potion
  170. Requirements for each building
  171. Besides buying the red flower with gems, any other ways to get red petal?
  172. Recommended stock piles?
  173. I've just got a Fey Crystle from the well, what is it form?
  174. Castle Story: 02/06/2014 Pink Alicorn-LIMITED
  175. dragon egg
  176. Greselda and her Castle
  177. Lovecupine !! HELP
  178. Great!!!!
  179. Question
  180. Forced to do auctioneers gold twice?
  181. Value pack offer
  182. How much willpower do YOU have?
  183. Two pink Alicorns?
  184. Time to do quests
  185. Cut TL some slack
  186. Mythic Essence
  187. Royal Defender Question, please help
  188. Red petals
  189. Question for teamlava
  190. Problem with getting a jewelry building
  191. Skunkupine, Troll and Fangbeast hated me!
  192. Bye Bye 50 gems
  193. Specialty Item Drop Rate on Adventures
  194. Faerie bulb Seeds?
  195. Stout axe
  196. Quickest way to obtain silver?
  197. What special gift box have you received from an adventure please post what adventure
  198. Question
  199. Question about prism
  200. Please Add Me: LissPriss
  201. Royal manor??
  202. Another question
  203. second pink Alicorn
  204. How do I hatch a dragon?
  205. Who has got the most alicorns?
  206. Who wants a Love Shack?
  207. Cheeky!!
  208. Yes, I'm Impatient. Griselda's Garden Done
  209. Potion shop
  210. Mercurial Apothecaries
  211. WHERE Is My Golden Apple?
  212. Changing storm ids?
  213. help!!!!!!!
  214. post this exact message and receive 540 gems ...
  215. Pile of seeds
  216. Royal buildings limit
  217. Castle Story
  218. Design teams layout
  219. Dragon egg in inventory. Why can't I hatch it?
  220. How long will Pink Ali b n store?
  221. XP levels
  222. "How Clean Is Your Library" Goal
  223. Is Ivy's Experiement the last task for the Magic Garden, what will happen next?
  224. Help! Jousting Arean Goal disappeared after I scream for Ice-cream
  225. Is the Castle Story Pumpkin Hutch still available?
  226. When will be the valentine's items moved?
  227. how to transfer the game from my old to may new iPhone?
  228. The Builder's Caravan
  229. Add me!
  230. I have pile of seeds, Fertilizer and Greenhouse built however can craft, advise pls
  231. R.I.P. Troll essence
  232. **Expansion Permits**
  233. Losing progress!!!???
  234. Dragons and Alicorns
  235. Limited of Royal Building ?
  236. Exspand
  237. What time today will Valentine items leave market?
  238. What was I thinking?
  239. This does not make sense!!!!
  240. Is there a way I can still finish my Reindeer Stable/Glimmerbat Habitat?
  241. Feed the Baron - +20 Favors?
  242. Haven't got Griselda free yet
  243. Castle story inventory list
  244. help.... where did my game go ?
  245. Fighting
  246. Item-list
  247. Baby dragon
  248. Where is my rat tail?
  249. Does anyone know
  250. New levels