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Thread: Stuck on level 166

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    Stuck on level 166

    I am losing my mind on level 166. I have been trying for a month to clear it and have never gotten even close. I have searched the fourms and it seems I am the only one who ever got stuck on this level. What is the strategy for clearing this level? Any help would be appreciated.

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    NVM Got it. WOW. LOL

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    How did you get it! I'm stuck on it too, usually I just keep trying and eventually get it but I haven't even gotten close not his level I keep running out of balls

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    Tips for 166:

    - Ignore the first fireworks bubble. Shoot the triangle of colored bubbles around it, trying to work your way up to the two fireworks bubbles surrounded by steel bubbles. Try not to leave too many other colored bubbles around, and try not to break any ice bubbles -- UNLESS you can get to the lightning bubbles faster that way. The key is, you are trying to get the fireworks bubbles to pop those 3 different colored bubbles above them, so they can drop all the ice bubbles around you.

    - Next, I actually recommend trying not to hit the fireworks bubbles at all, but rather trying to break the ice bubbles quickly by popping the colors below them. Especially on the right side, you will need to pop the ice bubbles and break through that one plugging the hole in between the stone bubbles, so you can save the two babies in the upper right corner.

    - For the left side, you will need to use bounce shots to clear a path up to the babies. Try to use the same color that they are trapped in, that way the ice bubbles will eventually connect to them.

    - Don't worry about the upper fireworks bubbles because they probably won't help you. Too many other bubbles around for them to pop instead of the babies.

    - As always, in levels where you find yourself often running out of bubbles, try to be smart about each shot. Take your time, you don't get points for speed. And aim carefully, try not to make mistakes that waste bubbles.

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    Thanks I'll work on it!

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    Haha wow that was so much easier, thanks I was getting frustrated!

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