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Thread: Castle Story - FAQs - Improved

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    Castle Story - FAQs - Improved

    The information in the original FAQ has become a little lost as the thread got larger. I've decided to redo it and improve the layout.

    In the first post I am going to put a list of all the questions with a link to the answer. This will make it easy for people to scan and see if there question has already been asked and answered. In order to do this I will also only be putting 1 question and answer per post.

    I will close the thread and have a link to another thread where people can post questions that haven't already been answered. I'll then add the question and answer into this thread. (This is to keep the thread clean and easy to navigate).

    FAQ - Buildings
    Unlocking the Potion Shop
    Level up to build?
    Building limit but I've stored buildings
    What's the purpose of the kitchen?
    Materials needed to build . . .?
    Can I change my castle?
    Should I wait for a quest to build x?
    How do I get the deed to the royal chateau?
    Can't build/expand

    FAQ - Expanding
    How do I expand?
    Clear block
    Why is x still locked?

    FAQ - Monsters
    Monster - blocking building needed to craft sword/cleaver
    How do I trigger skunkupines?
    How do I trigger fangbeasts?
    How do I trigger glimmer trolls?
    How do I trigger lovecupines?
    How many monsters at at time?
    Can't reach monster

    FAQ - Resources
    Where do I get Red Petals?
    Where do I get glimmerdust?
    Where do I get bones/fur/rat tails etc?
    How do I get Living Wood?
    How do I get more Wood/Stone?
    Where do I get coal?
    How can I get jewels?
    How do I get bacon?
    How do I get prime cuts?
    How do I get truffles?
    Where do I get wool?
    How do I get mithril?
    How did I get over 99 items?

    FAQ - Social
    Maxed on gifts?
    Declining gifts
    Why have I received requests days later?
    Who is Stormie?
    What's the point of visiting?
    How many times can I help a kingdom?
    I was able to help more than 5 times

    FAQ - Quests
    What is needed for the Telescopes and Tablets quest?
    Telescopes and Tablet quest isn't recognising items in my inventory
    Harvest x crops isn't recognised
    Neighbours not responding to requests
    Why don't I have more quests?
    How do I get shards/tablet quests?
    How do I unlock the Magic Garden?
    Triggering quests when maxed on an item
    Where do I get the golden nugget?
    Where do I get the golden egg?
    Where do I get the Golden Apple?
    Can I let market requests expire?
    How do I wield Excalibam?
    How do I get the translator's tome?
    How do I get the fruit quests?
    Unlocking the alicorn
    Which adventure gives the alicorn parts?
    How do I unlock the pink rainbow?

    FAQ - Game Dynamics
    Different energy caps
    People getting different adventure rewards
    Rotating Walls
    Wall limits
    Requesting items
    Collecting sparkles/tips
    Storage Cellar doesn't increase storage
    Restoring Energy
    Do I have to spend gems?
    How does the newsfeed work?
    Level cap
    Different gem costs for different players

    FAQ - Crafting
    Recipe not in crafting building
    Unlocking the Hot Sauce
    How do I get the feed the baron recipe?
    I didn't get food from feed the baron
    Can't craft serenade items
    How do trades work?
    Why am I only getting 1 trade for upgraded trades?
    How do I avoid upgrading trades?

    FAQ - Miscellaneous
    Apple tree without spending gems
    What gives royal points?
    Purple cow
    Can I restart my game?
    How do I transfer my game?
    After Valentines can I still get . . .
    How do I do pictures in my messages?

    FAQ - Trouble Shooting
    Missing items
    Alicorn isn't giving me 40 energy
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    The Potion Shop is Locked by Goal. How do I get It?

    You need to expand to Ivy (the tree that looks like a lady). When you have expanded to her she will unlock the Potion Shop.

    Thanks to Dabag for the pictures below

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    How do I expand?

    These are the quests that you need to do before you can expand (to the tree lady etc):
    • Search the South East
    • A Cursed Scholar
    • Book Bound
    • The Cover
    • The Lost Pages
    • Book of Spells
    • The Royal Scholar
    • The Royal Tower
    • A View to the North
    • Finding Earth Wisps
    • Help with Earth Wisps
    • Shedding Light

    For details on these quests check out this section of Dabag's goal thread.
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    I just went up a level and it says I can get x building. When I try to buy it, it tells me I need to level up. Help

    There is a limit to the number of each type of building you can have per level. If you really want the new building you can sell one of the existing types.

    The types are Royal, Town, Resource, Crafting and Special. To see the different types of building go into the Market, click on Buildings then select the appropriate tab. This will show you all the buildings of that type.

    Resource buildings are limited to 2 of each type. Special resource buildings like reindeer stables, kingdom inns etc may be limited to buying one if you did not build one duri g the limited time events.

    Crafting buildings are also limited to 2 of each type with the exception of love shacks (no longer available) and tinker camps which are limited to 1.
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    A monster appeared and I cannot defeat it as it is blocking the building I need to craft the sword/cleaver etc

    You have two options with this:
    1. Build another building that crafts the sword (if you can)
    2. Email with your ID, game and issue

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    Where do I get Red Petals from?

    Red petals are random drops from:
    • Tall grass
    • Ferns
    • Old logs
    • Plant in log
    • Ivy's Hut
    • Valentine plants
    • Red Trillium - guaranteed
    • Flowering Hedge
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    Where do I get glimmerdust from?

    Glimmerdust is a random drop from:
    • Tall grass
    • Fern patch
    • Old log
    • Dead tree
    • Plant in a log
    • Mushroom patch
    • Mushroom circle
    • Red mushroom circle
    • Fluttermush ring (valentine plant)
    • Sir Pigglesworth
    • Feed the Baron recipe
    • Adventures
    • Trade with Belladonna (in the Royal Exchange)
    • Magic Garden
    • Ivy's Hut
    • Glimmer trolls
    • Glimmertrove
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    Why are all my neighbours maxed on gifts and why don't I get many gifts?

    The game is designed so that you can only send three gifts per day. If you try to send more than this the game will say that your neighbours are maxed.

    You will also see a message that your neighbours are maxed if they are maxed on the item (for some items like earth wisps this message appears when they have 80 or more in their inventory). Try sending them a different gift or go to their wall and ask them to use some of the items so you can gift them.

    With only three gifts/day they're pretty precious. Some people gift back in order, some people have agreements to only gift particular people in order. If you don't get too many gifts don't worry - most people are in the same boat. Treat any gift as a bonus.
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    What happens if I decline a gift?

    If you decline a gift it doesn't go into your inventory, no message is sent to the sender, the sender cannot send another gift. You would only want to decline a gift if you regularly got 20 gifts a day (the max) and one of the items was something you didn't want. If you declined it and then someone send you another gift you would receive that gift.

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    What is needed for the "Of Telescopes and Tablets" quest?

    Something that can be Polished to a Shine is Silver Ore.

    Something that Focuses Light is Jewels

    Something that Shimmers and Shines is Mermaid Scales

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