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Thread: Gems Gems Gems

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    Gems Gems Gems


    Just recently Teamlava have released Treasure Story. This game is different in that you can earn unlimited amounts of gems ingame. It means items cost more gems, but it also gives a chance to players who simply cannot afford gems but would be prepared to take the slow hard way to earning items ingame.

    In Bakery Story, and any other story for that matter, there is a very limited amount of gems/cash you can earn. Other than that you have to rely on blind luck doing forum competitions or hoping for a small hand out of gems every few months for downloading another game.

    Please add other ways for us to earn gems in Bakery Story.

    I really don't mind if it would go to 1,800 coins for a sonic oven, as long as there is a chance I can get there.

    I am also assuming that since those items are so much more expensive that you get more Gems for your money when making a purchase. This is just a guess though, as I don't want to download it yet incase there is an offer to download it for gems. If anybody could confirm or deny this for me I would appreciate it.

    You may think "But hang on! If Gems can be gotten for free how will Teamlava make any money!?"

    Well there are plenty of other developers out there with similar business models. In Pocket Frogs by Nimblebit you pretty much have access to the full game, with the ingame purchases allowing you to speed up gameplay. And yet the in app purchases can be found ingame by opening presents and playing mini games. They recently updated us on how business is going for them, and they are doing very well.

    Teamlava themselves also see the potential in this model, if they didn't, Treasure Story would not be what it is.

    IDEAS. I don't know much about city, farm and empire, so these ideas will only work around bakery/restaurant. These are only suggestions, Teamlava would probably have ideas of their own.

    Luck based - Restaurant Critic

    Every now and then a critic will visit your restaurant/bakery and leave a gem in your cash register as a reward on the following conditions:

    - Your bakery door is not blocked.
    - Your customers are happy.
    - There is food on the table.
    - Possibly there is a specific food he is looking for.

    You would have a limited time to look ingame and collect the gem, or it would vanish. (Stolen maybe? Lol, that's what you would get for leaving a shop open and unattended after all.)

    Mini-Game based - Decorating

    A minigame where you have to decorate a cakes (Bakery) or pizzas (Restaurant). A customer will tell you what they want and how many they want, you must decorate them accurately and within a certain amount of time. You would see a picture of the item in a thought bubble nearby.

    - Select Cake sponge/pizza base asked for, size, shape, colour, flavour, whatever.
    - Add icing to cake/tomato puree and cheese to pizza, of specific flavour asked for.
    - Place cake decorations/pizza toppings on food, arranged in the way the customer asks for it.

    The customer will then ask for the rest of the items they want in turn.

    Instead of just selecting items from a menu you would use the touch screen to spread the items on, and place them, making it more challenging.

    Time based

    A gem is rewarded once a day, or providing you have logged on consecutively.
    Although if an item costs 1,800 gems, I think 1 gem a day would be incredibly stingy.

    If anybody else has some ideas feel free to share.

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    Upon investigation it would seem that you do still get the same amount of gems as the other games when purchasing, so disregard that bit.

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    Treasure Story

    If you read the Treasure Story threads you will see that so far no one has earned any gems. One person said they had done 20 islands and had not found one gem yet. So far, Norman has not commented even though he is being asked about it.

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    Yes I saw that thread, Norman commented that it was very unusual and that they will investigate the issue.

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    Oh yeah, I'm sure team lava is just SHOCKED nobody has unearthed a single gem!

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    I'm sure they must be.

    Even Teamlava do not seriously expect anybody to buy a building with Hundreds of dollars. They would not have priced those buildings that high if they didn't have other ways to gain gems.

    I know a lot of people don't have much faith in them, and I can certainly see why, but it's only been out a few so lets see what happens.

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    Bumping thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    If you read the Treasure Story threads you will see that so far no one has earned any gems. One person said they had done 20 islands and had not found one gem yet. So far, Norman has not commented even though he is being asked about it.
    Level 22' on my 24th island hunt. Not one single gem has been found.

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    Bumping thread again.

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    Wow, awesome ideas!

    Those are awesome ideas, Amalah. I especially like the mini game for Bakery. Not only would I like to have chances to earn gems (I refuse to spend real money on fake things), but it would be nice to be able to do other things within the game besides make food. The best foods take the longest to cook and playing mini games in the meantime would be awesome. On a side note, I absolutely love Pocket Frogs! I haven't had a single complaint about that game...they seem to know how to get their money yet keep their customers happy at the same time.

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