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Thread: Excalibam sword

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    Question Excalibam sword

    I can't expand to the Troll King Liar because I'm waiting for the quest to forge the Excalibam sword. It says I can't expand or enter without the sword. Do I have to pay first and expand before forging the sword? Pls help. I'm stuck! I have completed Slaying the monsters quest and have place Thurston home but nothing it's popping up.

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    I'm in the same boat, I need only 1 more troll essence to forge that sword & I get troll by the dozen but haven't gotten the essence in a while. This game is past being boring. The goals should be worth gems sense it's raking forever to complete & not coins & ex. Several neighbors are thinking of deleting this game cas of it taking too much time, just like another game & that's DS.

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    You'll find info about excalibam in this thread:

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