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Thread: Castle Story: OLD Main Goal Guide - SUPERCEDED

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    Level Overview

    Level 1 Energy 25 XP 0
    Building: Farmhouse 500 coin (2x2); Royal Manor 150RP (4x4)
    Crop: Corn
    Decorations: Stone Path; Royal Road; Stone Wall; Stone Gate;
    Farm Plots: 4
    Nature: Cow; Patch of Tall Grass; Red Trillium;

    Level 2 Energy26 XP 15
    Farm Plots: 6
    Nature: Sap Tree;

    Level 3 Energy 27 XP 31
    Building: Watchtower, Library, Workshop-limit 2 (2x2),
    Crafts: Earth Wisps, Wisp Lanterns;
    Crop: Wheat
    Farm Plots: 9
    Decoration: Carriage15RP; Pink, Red,White orYellow Flower Bed;
    Nature: Chicken; Mushroom Patch, Willow Tree;
    Questline: Old Thomas CsG: page 2 Post #15-18
    Quests triggered by goal Search the Forest

    Level 4 Energy 28 XP 80
    Decoration: Feeding Trough;
    Farm Plots:
    Nature: White Cow; Iceland Poppy Patch, Oak Tree; Small Rock Pile

    Level 5 Energy 29 XP 165
    Building: Cottage, Lantern Spire 60RP (2x2) , Sparkling Mine-Limit 2 (2x2), Watchtower 60RP (2x2),
    - Wizard School (3x3)200 gem(Limit 2) - details
    Craft: Homemade Sword;
    Crops: Tomato
    Decoration: Wall; Wood Bench
    Farm Plots:
    Nature: Pig; Rock Outcropping;
    Plant: Bush; Elm Tree; Mushroom Circle;
    - Skunkupine start to appear in your crops. Thrash them with your homemade sword.
    - First Caravan appears Tip: Caravans require you to tap LOAD and takes the items from your inventory. Be sure you do not need the items for anything else first. No hurry, will remain on your Kingdom Goals list until your ready.

    Level 6 Energy 30 XP 303
    Building: Harvest Pergola-ready to place; Reindeer Stable-ready to place;
    Decoration: Gate; Street Torch; Tower; Winter Gate, Winter Tower, Winter Wall;
    Farm Plots:
    Festive Gate, Festive Tower, Festive Wall;
    Nature: Alicorn, Dragon, Black Cow; Talinum Auranticum, White Birch Tree, Plant in A Log.

    Level 7 Energy 31 XP 519
    Building: Library 90RP (3x3); Sawmill;
    Crafts: Banners, Banner Pole; Dyes, Alchemy:
    Crops: Sugar Cane
    Decorations: Blue, Green, Purple, Red or Yellow Banner; Topiary Gate, Topiary Wall;
    Farm Plots:
    Nature>Other: Sheep; Aspen Tree, Orange Tree; Mermaid Pond, Old Log;
    Questline: Ivy CsG: pg.4 Post #31-33
    Old Thomas goal #12 View to the North - 1st Expansion to the Tree Lady
    Takes 2 expansions to reach her, so if you started then, you should be able to do the 2nd expansion about now. Expand and Ivy's quests will appear.
    - #1 Potion Shop -Limit 2 (2x2)
    - goal #3 Wood to Flesh potion transforms Ivy to walk the kingdom.
    - goal #7 Ivy's Hut (2x2)- if you have reached level 12 by this point you can build, if not you will have to wait- requires Super Glue-available at level 12.

    Level 8 Energy 32 XP 790
    Building: Storage Cellar-goal Mystery Storage;
    Decoration: Rustic Well; Ivy Lamppost; Snowman; Wreath Lamppost;
    Farm Plots:
    Nature: Albino Pig; Lemon Tree, Red Acer Tree, White Trillium;
    Quests: The Baron appears after collecting a Prime Cut from a cow - goals start
    1.Prime Cuts 2. High Steaks 3 The Truffle Hustle. 4. Necessary Truffness
    Complete the goals - collect a Prime Cut - The Baron provides a recipe to the Kitchen ?Feed the Baron? - Rewards you with a random item. Could be anything!

    Level 9 Energy 33 XP 1113
    Building: Hatchery limit 2 (2x2), Jeweler 100RP (2x2), Market Place(3x3); Glimmerdust Trove(40 gem) Optional Glimmerdust Resource (1sq);
    Tip: at Lv.15 GT quest line available and one Trove is reward.
    Crafts: Fancy Beam; Fancy Block;
    Crops: Hot Pepper
    Decorations: Dragon Statue5RP, Floral Topiary Wall, Floral Archway,
    Farm Plots:
    Nature: Black Pig; Apple Tree; Crab Apple Tree;
    Sir Pigglesworth Quests - the item finding pig!
    1. Sir Pigglesworth 2. A New Home 3. Sir Pigglesworth Says Hello*
    Tip: - Golden apple-Apple Tree not crab apple tree, gold nugget -from mining and mines; golden egg from chickens and hatchery. All are rare finds and may take a while to collect.
    *you will need to feed him Strawberries a Lv.11 crop

    Level 10 Energy 34 XP 1491
    Adventure: Search the Ancient Vault -1st Adventure
    Building: Kitchen (Limit 2) (2x2); Queen's Court OR King's Keep 180RP (4x4); Kingdom Inn(200 gem) Optional Wisp Resource Bldg.(3x3) -ready to place;
    Harvest Pergola (200 gems) Optional Food Resource Bldg. ( 3x3)
    Reindeer Stables (200 gems) Optional Ice Cream Resource Bldg. (3x3)
    Tip: Glimmerbat Habitat Optional Fruit Resource Bldg. (3x3)
    Craft: Bread, Flour, Grits, Simple Feast, Sugar; Apple Pie, Lemonade, Orange Cobbler;
    Decoration: Fountain;
    Farm Plots:
    Nature: Royal Cow25RP; Manticore; Dead Tree; Fern Patch; Maple Tree; Multi-Color Hedge; Sap Tree; Iron Rich Rock;
    - Market Requests - details please read
    There are 10 timed goals - triggered by collecting from Market Place
    Tip: Do not tap LOAD unless you have all the item required.
    If the goal expires items are NOT returned to your inventory!
    Other sources for Gems - Nugget #6 - Gems

    Level 11 Energy 35 XP 1929
    Crafts: Breaded Fish; Meat Cleaver;
    Crops: Strawberry
    Decoration: Queen's Wall; Queen's Tower; Queen's Gate; Stone Bench
    Farm Plots: 28
    Nature: Royal Pig; Blue Flower Penstemon, Yellow Acer Tree;
    - Feed Old Thomas & Sir Pigglesworth Strawberries
    - Fangbeast begin to appear around the cows & chickens, hatchery & stables. Chase it away with your Meat Cleaver.

    Level 12 Energy 36 XP 2463
    Building: Ivy's Hut, Stable (Limit 2) (2x2), Royal Exchange (3x3)
    Crafts: Noodles; Super Glue;
    Decoration: Beast Statue;
    Nature: Black Sheep; Pine Tree;
    Farm Plots:
    - Build Ivy's Hut
    - Build Old Thomas House

    Questline: The Magic Garden CsG: pg.4 Post # 31 to 33
    - 3 quests triggered after collecting from Ivy's Hut 2x.
    - Expansion - may have to do more than 1 expansion to reach
    - goal #3 Potion of Clarity requires Enchanters Essence available at lv.15

    Questline: The Royal Exchange - CsG: pg.35 Post #343 to 348
    Buy & place to trigger related goals
    - Royal Chateau 120RP (requires Deed before build) (3x3); Tinker Camp(RE 99 tickets) (limit 1) (2x2);
    - Royal Exchange Trade Routes Csg: pg. 35 Post #348

    Questline: Tablet of Tabernum CsG: pg.4 post 35-37
    Quests triggered after collecting 2x from Old Thomas House.
    - Expand to the Tablet of Tabernum - Northeast corner of your game board
    - Goal #2 Translators Tome
    - collect Shards from Tablet to trigger the Tabernum Research quests
    Shard will appear in your inventory when you get one.
    Knowledge Shards - patience required may take months to collect Shards
    -Tabernum Research Quests require a lot of coin & resources
    -completed shard quests have different benefits

    Level 13 Energy 37 XP 3111
    Building: Conservatory 260RP (3x3) ; Faerie Skunkhouse
    Craft: Pasta
    Crops: Carrot
    Farm Plots:
    Nature: Rocket Larkspur; Pond, Tree Log;
    - Old Thomas opens Trade Routes if Royal Exchange built.

    Level 14 Energy 38 XP 3870
    Building: Tavern;
    Craft: Hearty Stew; Lumin Essence; Royal Beam, Royal Block;
    Decoration: Unicorn Statue12RP
    Farm Plots: 35
    Nature: Red Mushroom Circle;
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    Level Overview Lv. 15 to

    Level 15 Energy 39 XP 4730
    Adventure: Hunt the Roaming Bandits unlocked ;
    Magic Forge (Limit 2) (2x2);
    Fortune Teller(250 gem) Optional. (2x2);
    Barracks (2x2) 100RP (360 gem) optional purchase;
    Thurston's Fort- goal #20 (2x2)
    Craft: Hearty Feast; Enchanters Essence, Longsword;
    Decoration: Christmas Path; Hydrangea Hedge; Rainbow Hedge; Sunflower Hedge;
    Farm Plots: 36
    Nature: Living Tree, Magic Fruit Tree; Dark Cave Formation
    - finish & collect Potions of Clarity from Potion Shop & Tap arrow to unlock the Magic Garden

    Quests: The Purple Cow - details
    Must have a Faerie Jar - collect 2x from the Magic Garden
    - completed quest line rewards you with a Purple Cow

    Questline: Thurston the Knight - CsG: pg. Post # 50 to 52
    The goal A Mysterious Sneeze appears & shows expansion to the boxer boy.
    Expand to the boxer boy to access quests.
    Glimmer Trolls 1st appearance. Battle them with your Enchanted Sword.
    Quest only Crafts: Enchanted Blade, Heavy Fishing Hook, Breastplate,
    - goal #9 Thurston Gets Dressed unlocks Thurston to walk around the kingdom.
    - Defeat the Troll King

    Quest: Trials and Tributes - update & details
    Quest appears after goal #9 Thurston gets Dressed
    Just play as you normally do and the badges will eventually be awarded
    Collect all the badges to unlock the Knights Hall 240RP 3x3

    Quests: The Barracks CsG: pg. Post #42
    Level 15 starts quests with appearance of goal Double the Adventures.
    - Purchase not required to advance in the game
    you are able to proceed with the goals once the timer expires
    - You will receive the coins & experience points only;
    - adventures will counts towards your Adventurer Badge (Trials & Tribute quest)
    - You do NOT receive the building (Barracks) at the end.

    Quest: The Fortune Teller - details
    - not required to advance in the game (250 gem) Optional. (2x2)
    List of Fortunes - The Hub Post #3

    Quests: The Glimmerdust Trove - update
    CsG pg.3 Post # 29 (40 gem) Optional Glimmerdust Resource (1sq)
    Enchanters Essence collected from the Potion Shop will trigger this quest line.
    - Quest only Adventure: Quest for the Trove
    - completing quest line rewards you with 1 Glimmerdust Trove.
    - additional Troves available since Lv.9 for gems at the Market,

    Level 16 Energy 40 XP 5703
    Building: Observatory 150RP 3x3 ;
    Farm Plots: 37
    Nature: Mithril Dragon; Skunkupine Trap; Fangbeast Trap;

    Level 17 Energy 40 XP 6837
    Crafts : Builders Paste; Ivy's Hot Sauce-Kitchen recipe triggered after harvesting a Hot Pepper;
    Crops: Cabbage
    Farm Plots: 38

    Level 18 Energy 40 XP 8135
    Building: Windmill(2x2);
    Farm Plots: 39
    - still working Questline: Thurston the Knight CsG: pg. Post # 50 to 52
    goals #11 to #20
    Quest only Crafts: Ballista; Excalibam
    Quest only Build: #16Thurston's Fort (2x2)
    - goal #14 upgrade a Tavern to Lv.4
    - goal #18 requires Adventure-Explore The Dark Caves
    - goal#19 Expand to Troll Pit-will also require Excalibam.
    - goal #20 Defeat Troll King - receive the BIG RUBY and 450 Royal Points!
    Note: Defeat Troll King is required to Start the Troll Tribe storyline

    Level 19 Energy 40 XP 9596
    Building: Theater 230RP (2x2)
    Crafts: Enchanted Beam, Enchanted Block;
    Farm Plots: 40

    Quests: Pet Skunkupine - update
    Must be level 19+ and have completed Thurston's Fort
    Not required to advance storyline
    Only required if you decided to do the Lv.30 Faerie Skunkhouse quests.
    also Not required to advance storyline - Skunkhouse is Not a reward.

    Level 20 Energy 40 XP 11,200
    Adventure: Explore the Dark Caves unlocked
    Building: Greenhouse - maximum of 2 Greenhouses allowed
    FYI: Greenhouse- Ready to craft: Faerie Elixir, Floral Glow , Vital Extract
    Locked by goal : Create Dark Seed, Grow Dark Seed
    A greenhouse is required during Troll Tribe Part 1 & Greselda Dark Garden quests.
    Craft: Spicy Feast;
    Crops: Glimmerbulb
    Farm Plots: 41

    Questline: Poof & Gone - update
    Goals appear at Lv.20. This quest line is a reminder that something important is missing.
    - The Recall Potion is a collection of GIVE items that you just tap Ivy's Hut to Brew(in goal only -no inventory or pretty bottle)

    Level 21 Energy 40 XP 12,993
    Farm Plots: 42

    Level 22 Energy 40 XP 14,992
    Building: Cathedral 260RP (3x3) ; Deep Mine (3x3)
    Deep Mine; Fish Market; Swampy Pond-goal;
    Crafts: Architects Paste;
    Farm Plots: 43
    Troll Tribe Story questline begins providing conditions have been met.

    Questline: Troll Tribe Part 1 - update
    For players Level 22+ who have defeated Troll King -goal #20 Thurston the Knight
    and defeat the new monster - Dire Boars first appearance
    Beating the Boar will trigger the new quests
    Reminder: beast/monsters will not appear/spawn if you currently have an active beast in your kingdom!
    So make sure all your beasts are cleared away before you try to spawn the Boar.
    Tips: see The HUB Nugget #5 - Beasts
    - goal #3 must plant & harvest when goal reached - inventory does not count.
    - goal #7 requires Faerie Elixir(GH) freshly made - your inventory does not count
    - goal #8 unlocks Swampy Pond & goal #9 requires you to build it

    Level 23 Energy 40 XP 17,205
    Adventure: Feral Lands Adventure - Castle 1 Day Barracks 2 Days
    Building: Jousting Arena(3x3) - goal;
    Crafts added: Syrup; Ice Cream; Baked Butterfish, Catfish Soup, Mercury Feast; Troll Club, Sentry Horn.
    Farm Plots: 44
    - Dire Boar Traps - may now be purchase at the Market

    Questline: Troll Tribes Part 2 - update
    Must have completed Part 1 of the Troll Tribe Story
    - goal #1 requires you to buy the Dire Boar Trap at the Market (5 gems)
    - Not to worry, you get 8 gems returned when you complete this goal.
    - goal #6 requires you to Adventure: Feral Lands Adventure

    Questline: Jousting Arena (3x3)- update One Year Anniversary
    Quest only Build: #11 Jousting Arena unlocked (3x3)
    - goal # 13 need to be Lv.25 for Light Armor(MF)
    Arena can be upgraded to level 3 and changes appearance at each level!
    Level 2 upgrade>goal #20 Level 3 upgrade> goal #22

    The 2nd Anniversary Tournament starts when the last goal of the One Year Anniversary is completed.
    Tip: * 2nd Anniversary quest lines are not required (as yet) to advance storyline.
    Will most likely be required for a 3rd Anniversary celebration-Sept.2015
    Take your time - they will remain in your Kingdom Goal list until your ready.

    *2ndAnniversary Tournament Pt.1- update
    You must have completed the One Year Anniversary quest line(Jousting Arena)
    Quest only Adventure: Into the Wilderness- from Castle only
    Quest only Crafts: Rope; Yellowing Potion; Growth Potion;
    - goal #5 collect from Deep Mine for Mystery Fragment

    *2nd Anniversary Tournament Pt.2 - update
    - You must have completed 2nd Anniversary Tournament Part 1
    This quest line uses a lot of energy to fight & defeat a rainbow-colored array of monsters
    at the Jousting Arena: Green Fangbeast-15 strikes, Blue dire boar-30 strikes,
    Red Troll-60 strikes, Purple Golem-90 strikes
    Quest only Crafts: Dyed Scarf; Reinforced Armor & Sword
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    Level 24 Energy 40 XP 19,635
    Craft: Chocolate; Chocolate Cake;
    Crops: Cocoa
    Farm Plots: 45
    - as of Feb.2015 boar pelts drop from Dire Boars as well as Feral Lands Adventure

    Quests: Cocoa arrives with 3 quests CsG: pg.29 Post #290

    Questline: Troll Tribes Part 3 - update
    To start this quest you must have completed Troll Tribe Part 2
    Quest only Build: #6 Kaz's Abode
    - goal #5 Feral Lands Adventure
    - goal #7 requires A Level 3 Tavern
    - goal #9 Quest only Craft: Trollish Weapon Rack
    Tip from eepopp: For kingdom decorators, I highly recommend making a 2nd Rack while the first one is crafting since the crafting option disappears once you collect the Rack. As shipower mentioned, the rack costs 50 gems in Market-->Decorations-->Town, so you can save yourself 50 Gems by making a 2nd rack while you can in the Forge.

    Questline: Troll Tribes Part 4 - update
    Must have completed Troll Tribe Part 3
    Quest only Build: #12 Troll Vault
    - goal #6 When You Play A Game Of Thrones... Tap GO and start the Epic Battles.
    Tip: The Trolls or Troll Kings will not appear if there is another monster on the game board!
    Be prepared for a massive energy drain.
    Valzal-99 strikes; Yamike's Five-7 strikes each; Yamike-80 strikes; Anje-50 strikes.
    - goal # 7 must have Level 3 Jousting Arena
    - goal #10 - Feral Lands Adventure

    Level 25 Energy 40 XP 22,280
    Adventure: Traverse the Desert Sands -goal
    Building: Amphitheater (4x4)144,000coin. 300RP+. Reset: 8 hours;
    Craft: Royal Sundae, Sweet Feast; Light Armor, Silver Platter; Ornate Beam, Ornate Block;
    Farm Plots: 46
    - continue with the Jousting Arena quests
    - New Trade added to the Royal Exchange: Jeweler?s Trade

    Questline: Princess Sabina Faire - update
    CsG: pg.30 Post #291 to 296
    The goal A Mysterious Song triggers the expansion to the girl with Tangles Tresses
    Expand to the girlLv.25
    -goal #3 Longswords -MUST Forge 6 NEW for this task to complete the goal; you can use what is in your storage but you will still have to forge new ones
    - goal #6 Quest only Craft: Stout Axes - Magic Forge
    FYI: I split this quest line into 3 parts, mostly due to its length
    and the fact that it includes 2 KEY expansions.
    Lv.25 Part 1 Goals 1 - 10
    Lv.26 Part 2 Goals 11 - 17
    Lv.27 Part 3 Goals 18 - 27

    Quests: Breakfast of Champions - update
    Not required to advance storyline or game play.
    - 1st goal requires Silver Platter available at MF lv.25.
    - uses a lot of coin, jewels, rare golden eggs & gold nuggets.
    Take a look at the update thread before you start this quest line.
    Will stay on your Kingdom Goals until your ready to put a dent in your coins & inventory.
    FYI: I have another device at Lv.42 and this still remains on my Kingdom Goals list.

    Level 26 Energy 40 XP 25,143
    Farm Plots: 47
    Questline: Princess Sabina Faire Part 2
    - update
    Continuing quest line goals #11 - #17
    - goal #16 Magic Scissors, Quest only craft at Magic Forge
    - goal #17 unlocks Sabina to walk around the kingdom

    Questline: Troll Tribe Part 5 - update
    To start this quest you must complete Troll Tribe Part 4
    - goal #1 Quest only Build: Troll Castle - Troll Castle transforms with each upgrade
    - goal #3 Quest only Craft: Woven Cloth
    - goal #9 battle 5 Glimmer Trolls anywhere in kingdom.

    Level 27 Energy 40 XP 28,200
    Craft: Magic Cement;
    Farm Plots: 48
    Nature: Glimmer Rock Formation

    Princess Sabina Faire Part 3- update
    Continuing quest line: goals #18 - #27
    - goal #19 must craft new Light Armor - inventory does not count
    - goal #21 Quest line Build- Sabinas House (occasionally drops jewels)
    - goal #24 Expand to Forgotten Roost,
    - goal #26 add Incubate Egg to Magic Forge (Purple Egg - Manticore)
    Dragon Eggs (Orange) are rare drop from the Forgotten Roost
    and trigger another quest line The Dragon Egg

    Questline: The Glimmergate Part 1 - update
    Must be Level 27 and expanded to Forgotten Roost
    - goal #3 Expand to the Glimmergate
    - goal #4 requires the Royal Chateau - goal #4 Royal Exchange
    - goal #7 Adventure: Explore the Dark Caves
    Quest line Crafts: Enchanted Minerals- Iron, Mithril & Silver Bars; Key of Doors;

    Questline: the Faerie Respite - Faeries Part 1 - update
    For players Lv.27+ that have unlocked Sabina - goal #17 Love and Trust and unlocked Thurston- goal #9 Thurston Gets Dressed
    Quest Building:Faerie Respite 100,000 coins (3x3)
    Respite upgrades to Level 5 - will drop Faerie Murmurs, various Faerie items & other goodies
    - goal #7 Quest only Craft: Glimmerwood Treaty
    - goal #11 Quest only Build: Faerie Respite
    - goal #13 Adventure: Explore the Dark Caves - Faerimer Columns
    - goal #14 Adventure: Search the Ancient Vault - Lady Finverra Statue

    Level 28 Energy 40 XP 31,515
    Decorations: Magic Mirror;
    Farm Plots: 48

    Questline: The Dragon Egg - update
    FYI: if you buy the baby dragon at the market NO Goals appear.
    The Dragon Egg is a RARE drop from the Forgotten Roost
    As soon as the Dragon Egg drops from the Forgotten Roost the goals appear.
    - goal #8 need Large Diamond-Deep Mine; Golden Fleece-rare drop from Sheep/Stables; Burning Ember- from Adventure to the Desert Sands
    Tip: have patience, it is a very long wait to finally get all the materials required for the goals.
    Completed quest line adds new craft in the Magic Forge: Incubate Dragon Egg 2 days
    Collect another egg from the nest OR buy another dragon egg from the craft list.
    Adult Dragon drops- dragon scales required for Mythic Essence

    Questline: The Glimmergate Part 2 - update
    Must have completed The Glimmergate Part 1
    Quest only Adventure: Into the Glimmergate
    Quest only Crafts: Evil Queen Statue, Evil Queen Carriage;
    Night Glimmer Sword, Day Glimmer Sword;
    -goal #3-Unlocks the Glimmergate>tap the yellow arrow, then the green checkmark
    -Glimmer Golems appear after Glimmergate opened and appear when you collect from the Glimmer gate - defeated glimmer Golems drop glimmer fragments & shards.
    -goal #15 defeat the Evil Queen 99 strikes

    Level 29 Energy 40 XP 35,040
    Farm Plots: 50 (allowed to add 2 plots)
    Questline: The Glimmergate Part 3 - update
    Must have defeated Evil Greselda- goal #15 The Glimmergate Part 2
    Quest only Building: goal #6 Greselda?s Castle (3x3)
    Quest only Craft: Potion Shop - Emotion Potion, Anger Potion, Joy Potion, Sadness Potion.
    - goal #4 Glimmergate closed & Good Bye Glimmer Golems
    - goal #6 Fashion Police - Lady Greselda unlocked and now walks around the kingdom.

    Questline: Lady Greselda - update
    Lady Greselda must be walking in your kingdom-goal #6 Glimmergate Part 3
    Quest line Craft: Bunch of Flowers; Pillory Platform; Friendly Gallows, The Baron Scarecrow;
    - goal #5 upgrade to Level 5 - Theater, Jewellers & Conservatory
    - goal #10 Potion Shop Gossip -Unique Oil is an ASK neighbors request
    - #10 Also requires Royal Exchange> Trade with Belladonna (RE goal#7 Ivy's Sister)

    Questline: Adamant Alchemy - update
    Available to players that have built Greselda's Castle & have a Lv.5 Cottage
    - goal #1 Poison Apple - only seen in the congratulations, never found
    - goal #2 Red Fish - appears in ponds/wells only during this quest
    - goal #4 So Far Fetched - adds Mythic Essence to the Potion Shop craft list.
    Tip: You will need lots of Mythic Essence for Blythewood quest line, so craft when you have the resources to do so.
    - goal #6 Just Discovered Fire - adds Alchemy: Adamant to Magic Forge craft list.

    Level 30 Energy 40 XP 38,750
    Decoration: Bluebell Faerie Flower; Butterfly Faerie Flower; Faerie Harp;
    Hydrangea Garden; Faerie Path; Peony Fence; Floral Rainbow Arch;
    Rose Arch; Sunflower Arch; Greselda's Fountain;
    Farm Plots: 51
    Nature: Faerie Flowerbed
    Faerie Flowerbed, Rose Arch craft at Lv.33 Team Azalea or Lila goals.
    Butterfly Faerie Flower; Faerie Harp- Lv.33 Mad Tea Party Rewards

    Questline: The Blythewood Sapling Part 1 - update
    Must be Level 30+ unlocked Mythic Essence
    Completing goal 5 unlocks the sapling; goal 7 is when you plant it.
    Quest only Crafts: Letters to Agnes, Fine Parchment; Black Ink.
    Tip: if you have the time & resources
    - prepare additional black ink & fine parchment BEFORE you craft the Letters.
    Once letters completed , they auto complete the goal and no further letters, parchment or ink can be made.
    - goal #7 Quest only Build/Plant: Blythewood Sapling
    - goal #5 Quest only trade: Royal Exchange: Send Letter to Agnes (3 Days)
    By the time you have completed Part 1 the Blythewood Sapling is Level 2.

    Questline: Greseldas Beautiful Dark Garden (aka Royal Maze) update
    Must be Level 27+ and completed 1. Fashion Police - #6 Glimmergate Pt.3 - Greselda walking .2. Potion Shop Gossip - #10 Lady Greselda
    Quest only Build: Royal Maze Garden -starts out from the Market as a Royal Maze Garden then turns into to Greselda's Dark Garden.
    Goal #5 If You Want to Be Happy - can be confusing so
    . BUILD a Greenhouse 50,000coin (2x2) - if you bought a greenhouse at level 20 - that part of the goal is checked. You can have a maximum of 2 Greenhouses.
    . GATHER Fertilizer & Seeds -current inventory does not count - MUST gather fresh fertilizer & seeds. GATHER all the Fertilizer & Seeds BEFORE crafting the Dark Plants (so those quests complete) check the goal to make sure it is checked off.
    then you can grow the dark plants to be used in goal #6
    . GROW Dark Plants -to grow the dark plants -you must first Create Dark Seeds and then Grow Dark Seeds
    - Dark Plants (will appear in your inventory but cannot be placed in the Kingdom)
    - goal #7 - Garden upgrades to Level 2
    -Optional goal #8 animated fountain - decoration only Not Required to complete quest line!
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    Level 31 Energy 40 XP 41,800

    Crops: Fellora Plant-2 Day Crop
    Farm Plots: 51

    Questline: The Blythewood Sapling Part 2 - update
    Players that completed The Blythewood Sapling Part 1
    and have Level 5 Faerie Respite will be able to start this quest
    Quest only Adventure: Deep Sea Adventure 4 hours.
    Quest only Crafts
    Magic Forge: Enchanted Silver Bar; Lapis Lazuli Trinket; Moonstone; Moonstone Trinket;
    Workshop: Letter to Agnes; Fine Parchment;
    Potion Shop: Black Ink; Potion of Gills
    Quest only Trade -Royal Exchange: Mail Agnes Materials - 2 Days
    & receive Life Trinkets from Agnes when collected
    - goal #1 check a Level 5 Library
    - goal #3 check a Level 5 Deep Mine(Lv.22)
    By the time you complete Part 2 the Blythewood Sapling has been upgraded to Level 3 and Old Thomas has discovered it is the Goddess Tree.

    Questline: Hello, Belladonna - update
    Must have Greselda's Garden upgraded Lv.2 to trigger this goal chain.
    1. Greselda's Dark Garden - goal #6 Coping Mechanism
    - goal #3 Gifts for Bella - 1st time use of new trade at Royal Exchange:
    added New Trade- Royal Exchange: Send Belladonna Plants
    - collect trade to receive1 Belladonna Inscription and 1 trade ticket and various items
    - goal #4 Wish You Were Here - completing this quest should trigger the Three Lessons for Ivy questline.
    Check you Kingdom Goal list if you do not get the pop up storyline dialog - wait. (Visit a neighbor or something - sometimes it takes a little while for TL servers to catch up). This is a good time to start that quest line - before you do the Sister, Sister
    - goal #5 Sister, Sister - requires 20 Belladonna Inscription
    long term goal could take months - you will not miss future quest lines.
    Tip: Do Not Give the 20 Inscriptions until you have them all. Check your inventory if you need to see how many you have done and that the trade did register the inscription.

    Questline: Three Lessons for Ivy - update
    To start this Quest you must complete #4 "Wish You Were Here"- Hello, Belladonna
    Quest only Crafts: Brews are in-goal register only - no pretty bottles for inventory
    - goal #1 A Little Persuasion needs 5 Belladonna Inscriptions - trade to use is Royal Exchange: Send Belladonna Plants
    Tips: You need ONLY to COLLECT the trade for it to register. Always confirm that the inscription has registered in the goal.
    Tip: from update thread: *Do Not Give the Inscriptions - save in your inventory. When quest completed they can become part of the 20 for the Sister, Sister goal. Thanks Shipower.
    - goal #10 You're Hot And You're Cold - is an OPTIONAL 2 day timed goal is not required to advance in game. Magic Fruit Tree: 120 Gems, Size 2x2, Tend 5 times to grow, 22Hrs to collect, drops Magic Fruit

    Quests: Fellora Plants Part 1 -update
    First two quests, introducing the crop, are available at Lv.31 to everyone who has finished Lesson 3 - #9 Three Lessons for Ivy
    - new crop, Fellora Plants (2 Days) available to players level 31 and higher.
    Quests: Fellora Plants Part 2 - update
    Second two quests - For players who have completed
    Start of Something Beautiful - #7 Faerie Workshop
    - goal #3 Transformation Tonic added to Potion Shop
    - goal #4 adds transformation crafts Glimmer Shards, Glimmer Fragments to Faerie Workshop.

    Level 32 Energy 40 XP 45,900
    Farm Plots: 52

    Questline: The Blythewood Sapling Part 3 - update
    To start this quest you must have completed "Not All Faeries Are The Same!"
    The Blythewood Sapling Part 2 goal #14
    Quest only Trade: Royal Exchange: Mail Agnes Materials 2 Days
    Quest only Craft: #5 Underworld Enchantment - - although the Enchantment recipe remains in the Potion Shop, this is a 1x use potion, you will not be able to use a 2nd one
    - goal #4 Adventure: Travel to the Desert Sands
    - goal #6 Timed Quest for 8 Hours - go 4x on(2hours)Adventure to Mount Despair
    (You get 1 Garnet per adventure done within the 8hr time frame. If it looks like you got the garnet - check your goal, faerie magic can prevent it from registering. Yes, this is part of the game. You get 4 chances to get the Garnet before goal expires. After the 8 hours expires, the Garnet becomes a random drop)
    - goal #8 Goddess Tree upgraded to Lv.4
    - goal # 12 takes a long time to craft all the parts at the Magic Forge
    - goal #13 Goddess Tree final upgrade to Lv.5.

    Level 33 Energy 40 XP 50,200

    Questline: Team Azalea or Team Lila? Faeries Part 2 - update
    To start this quest you must have completed
    1. "Knock On Wood" - goal #14 Blythewood Pt.3 - AND
    2. "But We Just Met" - goal #10 Troll Tribe Pt.5
    -goal #4 Choose a team at the Greenhouse - the Rose Seal disappears from inventory after choice made.
    Quest only Craft: Faerie Flowerbed, Rose Arch - also available for gems at Market at Lv.30

    Questline: Mad Tea Party - Faeries Part 3 - update
    You need to complete "Lila's Master Plan" or "Surprise, Azalea!" Thread
    Quest only Build: Faerie Tea Party
    Tip: before you Choose - check the update for goal requirements of each.
    - goal #4 Choose -The Damp Cloth(comfort item) disappears from your inventory after you choose!
    Choose Azalea - takes you to the Greenhouse. Choose Lila - takes you to the Potion Shop.
    By the end of this quest line you will have been rewarded with: 1 Faerie Harp, 1 Butterfly Faerie Flower - these decorations also available at Market for gems at Level 30

    Level 34 Energy 40 XP 54,600
    Farm Plots: 53
    Kitchen - Smoked Fish Sandwich

    Questline: Plume Hive - Faeries Part 4 - update
    Must have "Azalea's Show of Gratitude" or "Lilia's Show of Gratitude" completed.
    Last goal of Mad Tea Party

    Check your Kingdom Goals Listing to access the 1st quest tap GO within the goal
    - goal #1- quest only Adventure: Into the Plume Hive -4hr disappears when quest completed.
    - goal #4 Unlocks - 1 Day Castle Adventure - Envoy to the Plume Hive
    - goal #5 Unlocks - 2 Day Barracks Adventure - Envoy to the Plume Hive

    Quests: The Faerie Skunkhouse (Optional ) update
    Quests available to players Lv.30+ who have completed
    1. No Place Like Home- #6 Plume Hive questline and
    2. Young, Wild, and Free - #10 Pet Skunkupine questline.
    Not required to advance storyline or game play.
    Quest only Crafts: Desmelling Potion; Chew Toys; Warm Milk;
    Do Not start & quest will remain on your Kingdom Goal list until you decide.
    *Goal #3 is timed 5 days - gives you a chance to think about it.
    Faerie Skunkhouse is a gem purchase
    *If you do not purchase Skunkhouse let Goal #3 expire.

    Level 35 Energy 40 XP 59,200
    Farm Plots: 53
    Questline: The Faerie Workshop - Faeries Part 5 - update
    Must have completed No Place like Home - #6 Plume Hive quest line
    - goal #1 _ Faerie Essence made at the Potion Shop then disappears
    (will only be available at the Faerie Workshop when built)
    - goals #3,4 add new to Kitchen: Candy Bonbons, Teacake;
    - goal #5 - Magic Forge: Jewelled Hairpins.
    - goal #6 adds new trade-Royal Exchange>Trade with the Faeries
    - goal #7 Quest only Build: Faerie Workshop 50,000coin (2x2)
    Crafts now available at the Faerie Workshop: Faerie Beams & Blocks, Faerie Paste, Faerie Essence. Still locked: Glimmer Shards & Glimmer Fragments - these will be unlocked when you complete Part 2 of the Fellora Plants quest.

    Level 36 Energy 40 XP 64,000
    Farm Plots: 54

    Questline: The Faerie Bridge - Faeries Part 6 - update
    Must have completed Start of Something Beautiful -goal #7 Faerie Workshop
    - goal #1 Preparation Potion added to Potion Shop craft list.
    Quest only Crafts: #2Spelled Stones; #4Enchanted Seeds; #8Alertness Potion;
    - goal #5 Adventure: Hunt the Roaming Bandits
    - goal #6 must craft New Sentry Horns - inventory does not count
    - goal #7 Quest line Buy - Faerie Bridge - ready to place, no build required.

    Level 37 Energy 40 XP 68,900
    Farm Plots: 54

    Questline: KAZ RETURNS - update
    You will need to have completed the Faerie Bridge
    Keeping the Greenhouse busy
    Quest only Crafts: Test Boar Tusks; Test Soil Samples; Test Glimmer Plants
    Tip: They discovered Feral Magic during the tests. So there's the hint that Feral Magic comes from "Test Soil Samples" and "Test Boar Tusks". But the drops are not guaranteed so you may need to go through the test a few times!
    - goal #2 requires Soil Samples from fresh harvest of Glimmer bulb (8hr)Crop.
    Tip: you may plant the glimmerbulbs in advance - wait for goal to appear before harvesting them
    - goal #5 Dire Glimmer Plants produced will appear in your inventory - GIVE will take items from your inventory
    - goal #6 Adventure: Envoy to the Plume Hive
    Tip: you may start the adventure anytime but do NOT collect until you reach this goal

    Level 38 Energy 40 XP 74,000
    Farm Plots: 55

    Questline: Troll Sparring Pit - update
    In order to access, you need to have completed #8 "Home At Last" Kaz Returns quest line

    You will be crafting Troll Training Dummies in this quest line.
    Tip: make sure you are crafting the right hide for each.
    Quest only Crafts:
    .Potion Shop: Tannin
    .Magic Forge: Troll Armor, Iron-Reinforced Hide
    .Workshop: Reinforced Dummy, Tanned Hide;
    Extra- Reinforced Dummy, Iron-Reinforced Hide;
    Super-Reinforced Training Dummy, Adamant-Reinforced Hide.
    - goal #1 Must craft 2 New Stone Benches - inventory does not count.
    - goal #7 Quest only Build: Troll Sparring Pit

    Level 39 Energy 40 XP 79,200
    Farm Plots:

    Level 40 Energy 40 XP 84,600
    Farm Plots:

    Questline: The Big News - update
    Must be Level 40+ have Thurston's Fort and Sabina's House.
    Building Special: Wedding Carriage - goal
    - goal # 3 Tip: Do Not PLACE the Wedding Carriage until you have checked your inventory for
    ALL the items needed for the Timed Royal Exchange Trade
    FYI: You will need a minimum of 80 Faerie Murmurs. 16 Faerie Glow. 24 Fellora Blossoms
    - goal #4 has a 3 hour Special Trade- Royal Exchange: Bargain With Other Shoppers
    Timed 24 hours - during these 24 hours, wedding supplies are easier to acquire-you do not have to complete this step to continue- yes, what you have collected will add to the count in your Parts needed. you will be able to get more later but the Trade changes to 6 hours.
    FYI- you will get a Trade Ticket for every Trade.
    - goal #8 Collect Alicorn Supplies from the Wedding Carriage
    - goal #9 Quest only Crafts: Wedding Cake & Cake Frosting

    Level 41 Energy 40 XP 90,100
    Farm Plots:

    Level 42 Energy 40 XP 95,700
    Farm Plots:

    Level 43 Energy 40 XP 101.400
    Farm Plots:

    Level 44 Energy 40 XP 107,200
    Farm Plots: 58

    Level 45 Energy 40 XP 113,100
    Farm Plots: 58

    Level 46 Energy 40 XP 119,100
    Farm Plots: 58

    Level 47 Energy 40 XP 125,300
    Farm Plots: 59

    Level 48 Energy 40 XP 131,600
    Farm Plots: 60 (maximum allowed as of March 2015)

    Level 49 Energy 40 XP 138,000
    Farm Plots: 60

    Level 50 Energy 40 XP 144,500
    Farm Plots: 60
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    Anyone having problems with the Skunk solvent goal? I have sent out request hours ago and not a single one has come back
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccflorida View Post
    Anyone having problems with the Skunk solvent goal? I have sent out request hours ago and not a single one has come back
    Requests often take a while to come back. First, your neighbor has to tap on the accept request button, which means people in a different time zone may not respond as quickly as you'd like. Second, I've found that even when they do respond to your request, it takes a bit of time for CS to register that you've received the items requested. You could try closing out the game and re-booting it to see if that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccflorida View Post
    Anyone having problems with the Skunk solvent goal? I have sent out request hours ago and not a single one has come back
    What triggers this goal? Thanks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by iLLUMI2012 View Post
    What triggers this goal? Thanks..
    You need to expand to the hairy princess , then she'll give you a quest . Keep doing what she asks and at some point you'll trigger the quest.

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    for iLLUMI2012
    just getting ready to post the Princess Sabina goals,
    it is on my list as Goal #10 Solvent Solution

    CHAIN 16: Princess Sabina Faire

    Goal List

    Chain 10: using the kitchen
    1. Cuckoo For Cocoa Crops
    2. Natural Chocolate
    3. Bake Me A Cake

    DETAILS Text : Post #290

    CHAIN 16 : Princess Sabina Faire

    1. Hungry For Freedom
    2. Discriminating Tastes
    3. Cutting Loose
    4. Chivalrous Methods
    5. My Hero
    6. Contrite Knight
    7. The Legend of Princess Faire
    8. Sabina s Tale PART 1

    9. Cutting It Close
    10. Solvent Solutions
    11. The Legend Continues
    12. Sabina s Tale, Part 2
    13. Still Caged
    14. Fate Of A Princess
    15. Sabina s Tale, Part 3
    16. The Magic Scissors

    17. Love And Trust
    18. Strictly Ornamental
    19. Overheated
    20. Heart of the Sands
    21. Sabinas House
    22. Wigging Out
    23. A Grateful Princess
    24. A Cry In The Night

    25. Sabina s Song
    26. A Mysterious Egg
    27. Little Manty

    DETAILS Text Pg. 1 : Post #291
    DETAILS Text Pg. 2 : Post #296
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    Some items MUST be Crafted when the GOAL Appears for them to count towards the goal.

    Many of the items to craft require level 25.

    New CROP with Goal
    COCOA: 3hrs. Cost.200 coins. Earns 350 coins

    1. Cuckoo For Cocoa Crops
    . Harvest 50 Cocoa Beans
    REWARDS: 1,200 coin 8xp
    * Unlocks Chocolate (Kitchen)

    2. Natural Chocolate
    . Make 5 Chocolate
    REWARDS: 1,400 coin 9xp
    * Unlocks Chocolate Cake (Kitchen)

    3. Bake Me A Cake
    non skunk version
    . Make 2 Cakes
    . Make 2 Ice Cream
    REWARDS: 1,600 coin 10xp
    * Unlocks Royal Sundae (Kitchen)

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