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Thread: Need help with level 42

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    Nov 2012
    Same I have been stuck on level 42 for about a week and just cannot get thru it have gotten close a few times but that is about it... And waiting for energy to recharge is painful

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    can't get past level 42 for 2 days already! So hard!

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    Well if it makes you guys feel any better, I've been stuck on it for 2 weeks. I play it through all 5 energies twice a day since it takes forEVER to get energy in this game. I always run out of time. I've had it where I managed to line up jewels to get diamonds three times and switched for the bombs and managed to wipe out a TON of jewels... And still didn't make it close to the "goal". I have to say, only starting with 11 gold and there being no chance to earn gold sucks. They want me to buy 15 more seconds for 33 gold??? This game seems a little like a rip off in my opinion.
    Bringing it back to level 42...To put it in perspective, my mom started playing jewel mania when I got stuck on level 42 and has now reached level 42 and is stuck with me. So frustrating.

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    I'm stuck here too...not enough time for 6 levels...closest I got to was 4

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    I was stuck there for a couple of weeks myself. I finally passed it. You just have to keep focusing on the lower jewels until you get lucky enough with getting bombs and diamonds enough to clear things out. You will never get it just matching up three jewels. It's just luck when it happens.

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    Yep stuck too, it's like a sudden fallen tree on the road after a nice fast drive. No way of simply getting by! Agree with lattelaugh I think it's total luck on the sequence and if it gives enough in the right order to pass.

    Its not down to skill or planning...

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    Angry I'm so blue with level 42

    Been stuck on level 42 forever. Only playing it to get the gems in Castle Story. I enjoyed the untimed levels but otherwise Hate This Game!

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    Stuck at 42 for 3 days. I've twice had just two squares to get rid of on the six row when time runs out. There's just not enough time and too much depends on luck rather than skill. I like the game, but this level just isn't much fun

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    Wait until level 49...road block again : )

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    This level sucks. Eight days

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