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Thread: What is the best store layout for Fashion Story

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    What is the best store layout for Fashion Story

    I recently started the game. I enjoy it and love seeing my store build and grow

    All I have figured out so far is have to have 2 clothes and racks per row like below. It gives more clothing and they walk around the rows.

    ____________ <clothes/racks


    I also figured that you can put $500 gold mirror on the walls, space to walk then have dressing room. For me I dont like that it can block my view to potential areas I can place clothing and save money on mirrors.

    Mirrors on wall > __ O__ O__O ___
    Space to walk
    Dressing room > D D D

    everything depends on your liking. What have you found out?

    Also, Ive seen some shops have lets say 5x5 area of stacked clothes. What are they trying to do?

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    Hey purpleblue,

    Every player have their own method when it comes to their boutique layout. I like your idea that you use the wall mirrors to save space and money, which is important for new players that are just starting out. Well what works for me is I like to have about 7-9 different catalogs of clothing out usually in the back and one side of my shop . I have about 5-7 changing rooms with full length mirrors next to each one that I place some in front and side of my shop. I have 4 registers in the middle and different floor deco through out, like my LTO and displays. Right now I'm in the process of ordering new catalogs, and I have to redecorate, but I never block my door. I have clothing that accessible for my customers to buy so I still make money while ordering my new catalogs. When players have areas of stacked clothing, they are probably stocking up on clothes. Like myself the back of my shop is blocked off and I'm ordering new catalogs.

    Hope that was useful.

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    Welcome to the game! Sounds like you're off to a good start! :-)

    Once you've been playing for a while and your shop is bigger, well stocked and making plenty of money, it becomes less important to have everything accessible to the customers. Some of us have areas blocked off or racks stacked so we can keep the items displayed without having to restock them. In Fashion Story, items are only purchased if the customers can get to the table or rack. That's different than in Bakery where items sell even if the food counters are blocked. I have two areas of my shop blocked because I want them to look a certain way all the time, and I don't want the racks to be empty, but the items displayed are not catalogs I'm currently trying to master so I don't want to have to work them into my ordering rotation.

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    thank you responding. Right now Im trying out to stock up on catalogs and see how that is and reorganize/ decor after my expansion.

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