So I've been working on something like this for myself for a while but figured it might actually be a good idea to have this posted publicly so everyone can fill in their data and view the results.

It's a Google Doc with a different spreadsheet for each dragon, where you can fill in the following information:

Dragon A type, Level, Colors
Dragon B type, Level, Colors
Date, Day of Week, Time of breeding
If you've bred these two dragons before
If you have bred them before, if you've gotten that specific dragon from that pairing before
Social Rating (number of "eggs")
Storm8 ID/Island Name (optional)

At the bottom of the spreadsheet you can see the different 'tabs' for the different Dragons. I put them alphabetically.

Obviously you can just fill out the information you have, but the more information the more helpful it might be for everyone

I know I've started recording the actual date/time of my breedings etc

But the most important really is the type and level of the dragons, so if you at least can fill that part out it would be awesome!

As for the colors, I have a sheet at the beginning with all the dragons and their colors for references. If you don't know how to change the background color of the cell to fill out that part just leave it blank and someone else (or myself) can fill that in.

If you guys can think of any other fields we should include, just let me know, or add them yourself if you know how to

Please don't edit these spreadsheets unless you know what you're doing!! If you want your data added to the spreadsheets but you're not confident you'll be able to do it yourself without messing it up, just post you're data in response to this thread, giving as much information about the results as possible, and when I have time I'll add it myself (or someone else who wants to can, if so inclined).

I hope this will end up being a help to people! I know it's helpful for me to read what other individuals have tried to get specific dragons, and this should be a simpler, more visual way of getting all that information out there