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Thread: City of the Week November 19th - November 26th

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    City of the Week November 19th - November 26th

    Welcome to City Story. Now that we have given a chance for players to get to know the game a bit, we want to start this fun event for all of you to enjoy.

    Some of you might have experienced this event for Farm Story already, but we encourage you all to participate in both. Share your city here for a chance to win!

    There will be TWO chances to win this week. Each winning player will be awarded with 50 BILLS each.

    In order to participate:

    1. Take a picture of your city using the Snap feature (the camera icon on the top right corner of your game).

    2. Select "Save to Photos."

    3. Post a picture of your city here on the forums.

    4. Include your ID in the post (for us to easily distribute the prizes to you right after the event). Posts without the ID will be disregarded.

    *Please note: If you are not willing to share your ID (the one you give to other players for them to add you as a neighbor) then please do not enter in this contest.

    How the winner will be chosen:

    This event is open to everyone. We will have a random number each week. The player who posted on that number will win. For example, if our number was 8, the eighth player to post a picture of their city will win! If the posts don't reach the number we are thinking of, the last player to post will win. Only posts with photos of cities will count.

    The prize will be distributed between noon - 1 p.m. PST after the event is over on Fridays unless it's a Holiday, then the prizes and winners will be chosen the following Monday.

    This will be a weekly event so even if you don't win this week, there will be another chance next week. Make sure to participate each week for chance to win some free Gems!

    After sharing your city here, we encourage you to share your city with your friends on Facebook as well!

    Build the city of your dreams in-game. Share your dream with others here.
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    City Story ID: zac3378

    Uploaded with

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    How do i upload a photo?

    My id is Kyle314

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    ID: iamkeikei

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    ^ Might I say that is one nice looking city. Almost exactly what I plan to do with mine, although I'll have Libery instead of Empire.

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    City: Sunville
    ID: row1234

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    Storm8ID: farmerrobbo

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    my strom8 ID - tonds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    How do i upload a photo?

    My id is Kyle314
    Same to me ><" but I've found this in other forum...... good luck

    Everyone seems to be having trouble on posting a picture for the contest or just posting a picture in general. Well, fear no more! I'll explain step by step on how to post your fabulous restaurant and show-off it to the world!
    *Note: This is for iPhone users only. The processed used is only ONE of the many ways of doing it.

    What you'll need:
    ?A picture of your restaurant saved to one of your iPhone's Photo Albums.
    ? App (doing it through Safari didn't seem to work for me).
    ?Be registered to Photobucket (Resgistering online worked best rather than through the app).

    How to do it:
    ?Once you've registered online, open the Photobucket App and login.
    ?After logging in, tap 'Upload Media' at the bottom then tap 'Choose Exsisting'.
    ?Tap on the picture of your liking and let it upload.
    ?Once that's done, head over to 'My Albums' and the picture will be there. Tap on it.
    ?Now, when you tap on a picture, there will be an information icon at the lower right. Tap on that to see your picture's links. For this forum, you'll need the IMG. Tap on that and it should be copied.
    ?Alright, you have the IMG link so head over to the contest post and reply to the thread. Now, you can paste the IMG to your reply and your picture should show up.

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    Paradise City


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