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Thread: Need help level 54

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    Need help level 54

    Can someone please help me? It seems impossible to get to the babies before they get sludged

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    Depending on the colour of bubbles you get, try to clear towards one of the lightning(?) bubbles that clears an entire line. When you get to the babies, try to aim for the lightning bubble again instead of the baby, it's above the baby so should free it too. Aim towards one lightning bubble, concentrate on this one so you will be quick enough to avoid sludge. Hope it helps.

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    And try and clear so you can then pop 4 or 5 at a time- this one I did a few times, always seemed to be one bubble short- but keep plugging away and you'll get it. Like z said- just try and clear bubbles towards the lightening ones- they pop everything below it.

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    I finished the game finally, and will TL release more island in it? I finished 10th island and looking for more T.T It's a fun game actually and I enjoy it~

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    ^ Oh sorry I posted my message above at wrong thread...>.< I open many tabs and mis-writing my comment above in this thread, it should be in other thread.. sorry once again and just ignore my post >.< cos I cant delete it..>.<

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    thanks for the advice, Ill give it a go!

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    Crud I'm still stuck on level 23!

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    Yes, concentrate on the lightning bubbles if you don't have the right colour ball to clear the babies. You need to be accurate and quick in order to clear a path before the babies get sludged.

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    Still stuck on level 54. Do power boosts help? And if so, which one? Thanx!

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    I run out of balls before I can get to the top.

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