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Thread: I got a free gem! Did this happen to anyone else?

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    I got a free gem! Did this happen to anyone else?

    I earned a free gem last night!

    A small (very small) consolation for the 200+ I've lost by accident in RS, BS, Fashion and Farm combined.

    Last night I had just finished the goal where you display the pearl necklaces and flower necklaces. All of a sudden, goal after goal kept coming up and I had to keep closing them. Then, I had a list of 88 goals, all of which I had already completed. I saw the one to finish by ordering 3 silk shirts, ordered the three silk shirts and earned the gem. Next I tried the one to complete by sending a gift...but I had already gifted all my neighbors. I did a few other easy ones for coins, but was not keeping track of my coin total. Then my boutique went "out of sync" and after that each time I clicked on a goal it would immediately flip closed. A few minutes later all the goals were gone except for Excuse Our Dust that I've had forever, and the Fashion Emergency Pt. 2 Expired. As of this morning my extra gem is still there.

    Did this happen to anyone else? It was last night around 9 or 9:30 PDT, on the Valentine's version.

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    I saw the goals on another game freak out this morning and all reappear, I tried to complete them as fast as i could a second time, im not sure if anything saved before mine also fixed itself after an out of sync error.

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