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Thread: Back-up Restaurant Story on Android

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    Back-up Restaurant Story on Android

    My phone's current ROM is becoming quite buggy and slowing down, so I need to reformat(to change ROMs) my phone. Is there any way I can backup my Restaurant? (I do have Root access.)


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    There are backup applications in the Android Market. You need Root access for the free ones, unless more apps have been added since the last time I checked.

    Your restaurant data is stored on the TL servers so I would think that you could uninstall RS, change ROMs, and then install RS. But I would wait for more people other than me to say this will work.

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    I think you would be able to. Just to be safe, write down your game version number, and how many gems you have. If after reinstalling, if your game does not come back up, email to do a transfer. Along with the info you wrote down, give them your RS name and ID (its your user name here).
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    What if I back up the /data/data/com.teamlava.restaurantstory folder before flashing the new rom? Could I just install restaurant story and copy the folder over? If not, I will try your suggestions! Thank you!!


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    When changing to a completely different device, you get all your RS data back once you log in on the new device with your curent Storm8 ID, so I don't think clearing your phone's memory and in essense making it new would be any different.

    Even if your data for some reason does not come back, it's all saved on TL's servers and support would be able to restore your game, so I wouldn't worry about manually backing up your data.

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    Well, thank you everyone for your help! Backing up /data/data/com.teamlava.restaurantstory worked perfectly just put the folder back and intalled the game from the market. It started from right where I left off.

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    Thanks for letting us know.. This should help others with the same problem..
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    Im gonna format my phone right now
    should I just format it and everyghing will be ok, or must I do sth first???

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