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Thread: Is there a way to restore my farm -

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    Is there a way to restore my farm -

    my Ipod touch keep crashing when playing with farm story - it finally got to a point when I had to restore my ipod
    is there a way to get my farm back?

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    restoring previous game

    Yes you can. You'll need your UDID. To do that, connect your game to Itune and click on the serial # (under summary). Wait for a moment and the UDID will appear. You'll need th UDID on both new and old phones/Ipads. Once you have the #s, go to team and enter the level you were in then the UDIDs.

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    Angry getting your farm back

    that only works if the site doesn't tell you there is an error regardless of the fact that you have checked and triple checked that the information you are submitting is correct!

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    Unhappy Restore not an easy task

    I have both Udid but not transfering..I want my old farmstory back Doggy I paid for is on it :-(

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    Angry I Want My Old Farm Back Too

    I have tried as you have but have had NO luck. I have tried contacting TEAMLava But they are USELESS!!!! I guess we are out here on our own with problems but getting NO HELP from the people we expect to help us. I guess we can contact Apple and let them know they have allowed shoddy developers to transact business on their site. Maybe they can help us!

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    Angry Restoring Farms

    I just read a thread by "norman'' stating team lava wants constructive criticism - well, from where i sit, nothing is more constructive than this thread. We are stating our problem and thus far have gotten no responses from anyone in 'team lava' to help us. Obviously, we have the correct information that we need to transfer our accounts from one device to another, why is it not transferring? Why is it so complicated? Why do all other games transfer all the data without all of this hoop jumping?
    It is obvious we need help so someone from this "team lava'' help us!!! Don't ignore us!!! It will just validate the fact that you only care about the money we spent!

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    Omg I totally lost my farm

    I didn't know I hv to obtain the UDID from my old device now I hv switched to new device what can I do?? This is **** the other games just transfer automatically as these are all online games! Why must farm story n city story give us all this hassle. I hv spent time n money on the purchases for my farm decor!! Does anyone know how I can restore without the UDID of previous device?

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    Sparks (:

    Exclamation I can't believe this .... I really need my Restaurant back |:

    So , all y'all is talkinn bout is yourr farms and then i come and talk bout myy Restaurant (: But thaa bottom line is....My iPod blew up and wouldnt connect to iTunes...THERE WAS NO WAY OF ME GETTIN MY UDID.... But just to help some of you guys, There is a way of getting your OLD udid but unfortunately, I deleted the folder .... :'(

    You may be able to locate your old device?s UDID number in the following locations depending on your Operating System

    Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backups

    Windows XP: Browse to C:/Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/Apple Computer/Lockdown

    Windows Vista/Windows 7: Browse to C:/Users/Username/AppData/Apple Computer/Lockdown

    The file(s) found in that folder is titled with your UDID.

    Is there any way that i can find my OLD UDID without that ?

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    Did you guys make a Storm8 ID on the old files?

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    Is there a way i can get my purchased item. I just bought an item from the take outbox new item for 24gem.
    I cannot load it.i took it out from the storage then when i about to place it on my resto it stuck
    Looks like been loading forever. I Wantt my item back or give me back my Geeemmmmm...

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