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Thread: Bakery story chnging devices

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    Bakery story chnging devices

    Does anyone know how to transfer game from one device to a new device. I own a Samsung Moment android, am on my 2nd phone, because the 1st one broke (port for charging phone) and it has started again. I lost my last gane under a different storm ID because I didn't know how to transfer. I just found out the problem I have is a manufacturing problem and will probably be given a new phone again, different model; I'd like to be able to continue this current game on new phone when I get a new one, it will be soon within the the next week.
    Storm ID: 777katwoman
    level: 37
    Bakery story

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    To transfer Android, I think you need to e-mail

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    Yeah, my wife is getting a mew android phone too Wants to transfer from Android to Android, and all TeamLava tells how to do is iOs to iOs. Come on ppl! More Android phones in the world than Apple. If my wife and I can't tranafer, then we will stop playing. No sense in leveling if it's all a waste. WTF!

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    Transferring games from iOS to iOS and Android to iOS
    Hello there!
    Again and again people ask how to do it, so I decided
    to make a manual. Actually I did it myself and it works perfect.

    1. download any Storm8 game, for example World War, Pets live,...
    2. play up to level 2 (takes 1 or 2 minutes)
    3. go to home screen and then to settings ( little wheel icon down right)
    4. it shows your Storm8 ID and you can enter any password ( but keep it in mind)
    5. download the game on your new device
    6. play up to level 2
    7. home screen and settings again
    8. choose transfer
    9. it ask you if this is your old or new device
    10. choose new device
    11. enter your password from step 4
    12. one second later, all TeamLava games have been transferred
    13. install your TeamLava games and enjoy

    This is tested from iOS<>iOS and Android<>iOS.
    I did it myself and for many of my friends with there new devices.

    I think it should work with Android<>Android, too !

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    This option is not available for Android users. I have tried on several android phones and the only options under settings are the music/sound levels and notification options.

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    I kno I need help with that too! Anyone kno's how to do it?....4 a android but i might get an iphone so...

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    This thread has several ways of transferring.
    Whenever you are having issues, try these two things first - restart your device,
    and delete and reinstall the app. Your progress is saved on TLs servers.
    Contact me by PM

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